Water Rocket


 This water rocket and launcher can be powered by water alone, or add air to make it go even higher.  One nice feature is that you don't have to pre-fill the bottle with water, before you put it on the launcher.


 Pop Bottle
Schedule 40 PVC
1/2" diameter PVC Valves x 2
1/2" diameter PVC Tee
1/2" diameter PVC Elbow
1/2" diameter PVC glue-in to screw in adapters x 2
1/2" diameter male-to-male 1-inch long brass pipe
1/2" diameter brass female pipe to female garden house adapter
For Air Compressor Option:
    1/2" diameter male to 3/8" diameter female brass adapter
    3/8" diameter male to 1/4" diameter female brass adapter
    Standard 1/4" diameter male air compressor fitting.
For Tire Pump Option:
    1/2" diameter PVC male plug
    Bicycle Tire
O-ring that fits snugly on 1/2" PVC pipe
One nail
A few feet of rope
A can of PVC cement
A roll of teflon tape
A drill
A drill bit, the same diameter as your nail.