Water Heater


Please note that this is not one of my standard "how to" videos.  I just show you how I installed my tankless water heater.  It will hopefully give you some ideas about installing your own, but you must carefully read and follow all instructions that come with your water heater, to ensure a safe installation.  

Do not use flex gas line.  It starves the heater of gas.  Solid 3/4" pipe is best.

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I spent $700 for this heater, but got $200 back on my federal taxes
and $150 credit from my gas company, for installing a high efficiency
appliance.  There was also a $100 state tax credit, but the state ran
out of money before I applied.

Here is the EnergyGuide tag:

After flex gas line was replaced with 1 inch solid line.


Over time, like any water heater, minerals will build up inside.  You can pump vinegar through it, once a year to keep it clean.  See Video:  Flush a Heater