Remodel a Bathroom


I found a secret shower-sized alcove in the concrete behind my basement bathroom wall.  How can you NOT put in a shower?

Toilet Water Connection:
I never showed this in the video.  To connect the toilet in the new location, I ran half inch CPVC water piping from the plumbing area (utility room), through the wall and terminated it, in the bathroom, with a toilet shut off valve.  I then connected it to the toilet with a standard toilet hookup line.  I prefer the steel braided ones.  They are a little more expensive, but well worth it.  The plain plastic/rubber ones can spontaneously split open when they get older, and flood your basement, if you don't catch them in time. 

Rough Estimate of Time:
I enjoy these kinds of projects, so I don't really track my time.  It took me longer, since I was setting up the tripod and camera and videoing each step.  Without that, I would guess this was roughly an 80 hour job.

Rough estimate of cost: 
400 solid color tiles at $1 each = $400, 
Six mosaic tiles at $5 each = $30, 
Grout $40, 
Plumbing $50, 
Electrical $40, 
Towel and Toilet paper holders $60, 
Granite Sink and Top on clearance $200, 
Shower door reused from upstairs bathroom $0.  
Total $820.  

It will cost you less or more, of course, based on what you include in your bathroom project.