Pottery Wheel

How To Make a $50 Pottery Wheel                            More...
You can use a ceiling fan motor and a plastic bucket to make a pretty decent pottery wheel for under $50.

Safety Suggestions

As this wheel has water and electricity, it would be a good idea to plugged it into a GFI outlet. Also, please drill a hole in the side of the bucket, three inches from the bottom, as an overflow, if water ever builds up to that point.  Most likely it will dry out between uses.
I can't figure out my wiring!
Before you start, make SURE you take good pictures of your fan's wiring.  It can be tough to get all the wires hooked back up correctly.  If you are having trouble, here are some cieling fan wiring diagrams: http://www.hurontel.on.ca/~taitg/pages/cfan.html  You can search the internet for others.  Also, here is how mine was wired.

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