Chandelier Lift

Chandelier Lifts lower high chandeliers, so light bulbs can be changed.  They cost over $1,000 to purchase and install.  This video shows how to build and install your own for under $150.  The alternative, a 15-ft A-frame ladder, costs over $500, and is not nearly as fun to show your friends. 

 Part Two adds three new features


Major Parts

440lb Winch  
Harbor Freight Part # 40765-1VGA  
$75 on Sale

30ft Extension Cord Reel - Designers Edge E215
Around $45

Parts (Click to Enlarge)

Cable Holding Chandelier (Click to Enlarge)

Limit Switch (Click to Enlarge)

Whole Project Complete (Click to Enlarge)

Question about strength of wire loop

Several people have asked about the strength of my wire wrapped cable loop.  If you are just starting this project, it is easier to use a standard cable clamp, as shown below.

A few people were worried that my wire wrapped loop might not hold.  Here is me, at 185 pounds, standing on a pipe, hanging from this wire wrapped loop.  It is more than adequate for a 50 pound chandelier.


Here is Stephen's version of the project.  Nicely done!