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This fireplace was built in about 3 months, working only nights and weekends.  The 5-part video series shows all the steps, in detail.  There are also build pictures further down and dimensions, materials, and comments at the bottom of the page.

Build Pictures

The Goal - A mocked up image of what we eventually wanted.

The Hole - Dig down 3 feet to get below the frost line and put in 4 inches of concrete.

Foundation Building - Lay in concrete blocks.  Cut slot for sprinkler system pipe.

Foundation Finished - Taller part is for hearth.

First 6 Brick Courses - Also firebox foundation added.

11 Courses - Fireplace and grill bays start forming.

19 Courses (Back View)

19 Courses (Front View)

Grill Installed

Firebox Built

Brick Arch and First Flue Tube

Mantle Platform Complete, and Second Flue Tube

Chimney Complete

Acid Wash Complete and Mantle Added

Done!  Tile Decoration Added and Made Chimney Taller

After 3 years:

Inside After 3 Years

-A few people have been asking for dimensions. Here they are in inches. The fireplace is 52 wide by 27 deep and 46 up to the mantle. The mantle juts back 8. The chimney slope starts 16 above the mantle and continues up 20. The top straight part of the chimney is 28 in tall. The fireplace opening is 29 wide by 29 height in the center, and 18 inches deep. The grill side is 58 wide by 35 tall by 26 deep. The grill is 27 wide and centered. The brick area in front of the whole thing is 12 deep.  The overall fireplace is 9 feet tall.
-I don't remember exact cost. It was 150 concrete blocks, 1,300 house bricks, 50 firebricks, 75 bags or mortar, and 3 ceramic flu pipes. A hardware store should be able to give your a cost estimate on that stuff. Add 10% for the stuff I forgot, and you should be pretty close.
-This project took me about three months.  I could only work nights and weekends on it, though.
-This was my first time laying bricks
-Before I started this project, I searched for hours and only found videos that glossed over the details. Those are great for a quick overview, but not if you want to build your own fireplace.  This video series is more like an hour-long TV show on the subject.

-Good luck with your fireplace. -Lou