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How to Lie to Children:
Just act normally!

See Internet Coup in a Google Search/ I do the Immortality pages! (there)

Acting normally and being is the best way to destroy your children and having it go essentially undiscovered
 because this is what all "good" parents are doing. Billions of them!

How to Lie to Children
We inherited the opportunity to accelerate the evolution of

survival aptitude in physicality, the aptitudes of creating eternal

physical immortality.

 Virtuebios: Intention Relevance Feedback System Interneted

Evolving Education Immortality System Posted By: FBI CIA NSA

Arpa Darpa Epca Virtuebios: epca Enduring Personalized

Cognitive Assistant Date: Tuesday, 25 February 2003, at 3:17

p.m. FBI CIA NSA Arpa Darpa Epca Virtuebios "Enduring

Personalized Cognitive Assistant," or Epca Emails are:

rbrachman@darpa.mil zlemnios@darpa.mil Director and Deputy

director of the Information Processing Technology Office B25

FBI CIA NSA Arpa Darpa Epca Virtuebios Epca Virtuebios Epca

Virtuebios Epca Virtuebios [Robert Ray Hedges, Destinial

Engineer] [Director: Ronald Brachman rbrachman@darpa.mil]

Information Processing Technology Office [Deputy Director:

Zachary Lemnios email: zlemnios@darpa.mil Arpa Darpa Epca

Virtuebios Epca Virtuebios Epca Virtuebios Epca Virtuebios

Robert Ray Hedges Ronald Brachman Information Processing

Technology Office Destinial Engineer Zachary Lemnios The

DOD, a longtime supporter and user of artificial-

intelligence systems[less vaguely stated as Survival

Aptitude Amplification and socialisations systems], aims to

build what it is calling an "enduring personalized cognitive

assistant," or Epca. Robert Ray Hedges, who is currently

taking over the internet, calls it the VirtueBios. This is

an Electrical/Electronic Replacement for "Big Brother"

Divinity Amplification, Clarification, an internationalised

intention relevance coordination system He (Robert) has 7

years internet experience in this context as of February

25th 2003 Sedona Az. usa CEO of Mortality Resolution

International aka Children's Immortalisation Network

originally known as the International Physical Immortality

Project He has the number one site in google/yahoo as

"Physical Immortality", "Psychic Police" "Most Important

Website" "Right use of Will" perspicacious Robert Ray Hedges

is taking over the internet

http://www.istopdeath.com/mysites and is hardrivec@yahoo.com

Currently in all cultures, all parents, are creating

1,000,000 children every 3.52 days to kill. The Internet is

the exact device needed by humanity to terminate this

massively cruel form of ignorant 100% child endangerment and

destruction. The scientific community has amassed enough

information to conclude [and now make it not only official

but mandatory] that evolving scientists of both sexes (many

people) are becoming/have become, together, THE REAL SAVIOR,

predicted by that humanity to be returning "SOON" . That



(as it turns out), came as several hundred thousand

scientists or, saying it more specifically, those intentions

of all those persons who began to extend the human life span

in either quality and/or quantity of experience. I

respectfully request that you prepare yourselves, freedumb

is about to die. Immortality/Immortalisation aptitude

internationalised/socialised is freedumbs replacement

activity. Children will/are organising this force,

coordinatedly over the internet to remind all adults that

breeding to let die or KILL has been/IS BEING terminated.

Editor/authors note: Aug 13, 2007. This essence remains

essentially unchanged, I add here that dna created all human

intent/intention, and dna is a pre-contexted essence already

clearly inferential in the sum of fossil evidence

implication....identified accurately but losely by Darwin

and Wallace. Freedom represents psychical defiance and

obliviousness in the face of mortality resolution

responsibility both to ourselves from ourselves and

additionally to our children who we create 100% without any

significant presevation intention present read [kill them]

therefore. A Goody.... Why not use your intent to live

indefinitely? So many children are modeling their terminal

psychological personality model from your own generic mortal

terminal behavioral priority..... I"ll bet that you never

considered that your unresolved death wish might end up

subverting many children's life force potential! (because

they are using adults as thier role models), now did You?

and In My Own Words: Children's Immortality Education

University of the Internet is wideopen to evolving our

synergistic respect for life using improved diet, better

emotional energy, clarity of thought and mandatory

immortality aptitude practices brought public to build real

character in all the dying humans that we have been

pretending to care about! Interests istopdeath; you can to.