Perhaps Taurus is the most sensitive Zodiac sign. People who are under the aegis of Venus enjoy caressing their lovers but prefer to be caressed, tickled, stimulated during a very long lasting foreplay. They hate hurry as they want long, sensual and satisfying lovemaking.

One of the best qualities of Taurus is that these people are good spouses. Women born under this sign are very sincere and faithful wives, they can create atmosphere of peace and harmony in family. Most Tauruses need home and family where they can relax and restore their energy.

Wives of Tauruses often complain about their husbands, who are not quite active in bed. They choose passive role expecting the wife to be active. If the wife is not up to her husband's expectations he does not hesitate to find another woman.

Finances greatly influence sex drive of a Taurus -man. The more money he has, the more sexually active he becomes.

Women-Tauruses love luxury. Being under the aegis of Venus they should possess many beautiful, luxurious and expensive things: jewelry, cars, expensive clothings so that to please the goddess of love and beauty and to excite admiration of Mars.

Both men and women are insatiable. Having a very strong sex drive they often need more than one intercourse during a night. Tauruses prefer appearance of two signs that are under the aegis of Mercury: Virgin and Gemini who also can offer quite various sexual repertoire. Both men and women Tauruses have an attractive appearance and many stars were born under this sign.

Good qualities

Tauruses usually are very kind persons. Thanks to their power and ability to concentrate the energy on something most of them are successful people. They succeed in all issues that require time, patience and persistence.

Once they get married they rarely divorce. They are very faithful. A man will be happy if he marries a woman Taurus as she is a strong and a very smart woman who will always support her husband.

Venus is the goddess of love who makes young girls fall in love and young men to sing serenades by moonlight and it makes people who were born under the sign of Taurus are most appropriate for romance and marriage. They are very demanded!

Bad qualities

Contumacy and egoism – these begin the list of bad qualities of a Taurus, but the main disadvantage of Tauruses is self-indulgence. What to private life, they cannot combine sex and emotions. Men – Tauruses love being flattered by their partners so their lovers should always say nice words, even when they don't want to. Many Tauruses are real gluttons and they should not forget that too much eating results in obesity that makes them less sexually attractive.

Most appropriate partners

The choice of a partner depends on the age. Tauruses younger than 30 should pay their attention to Capricorns and Virgins, who like Taurus seek for fast romances when being young.

After 30 Tauruses experience spiritual growth and can find an appropriate partner among Gemini and Aries.

After 40, when Taurus has already achieved prosperity he is ready for deeper and more spiritual relationships. Now he can be compatible with Scorpio.