Links / References

Hadoop / EC2
 HDP Forum: HDP Installation on Amazon EC2 link
 Auto-deploy Hadoop cluster with HDP link
 HUG UK: Hadoop Users Group. Presentations on Hadoop by Doug Cutting, and more link
 Apache Hadoop Wiki - Amazon EC2 Guide link
 Amazon Guide - Getting Started with EC2 link
 Michael Noll - Installing Hadoop on Ubuntu link
 Normans Oven - Installing Hadoop link
 Apache Hadoop Cluster Setup link
 Google Sites - Distributed Computing Researchlink 
 Amazon EC2 Pricing link

 How to create an Amazon elastic compute cloud EC2 machine image (AMI) link
 How to disable SELinux link
 ThoughtPolice UK: Access to VMware ISO images for operating systems like CentOS link
 CentOS 5 base repository file for yum link
 How to disable SSH host key checking link

Other / Interesting

 Kaggle - site dedicated to data science link
 Factual - site dedicated to data link
 Putty tools website link