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A wonderful flirting technique...

Here's the great news and the terrible news. The bad news is, a lot more than not, it is in fact your fault that you aren't getting what you're after. Now you can't go home and say that you're cursed or something and can't get with a gorgeous female. Your time for excuses are over. The very good lowdown is, you can actually DO somehting to alter the outcomes you've been end up with- but you're going to have to man up and do things outside your comfort zone. Ready? Here's why she is most most likely not going for you. She's not or engaged becuase if she's the hottest in her group- everyone understands it- and one of the ways she maintains her hot-ness, and social standing is her ability to blow you off becuase she understands you want her. You're asking her to possibly give up her status with no payoff. Why would she do that? She knows that if she were to respond to you that she could lose face and standing with her friends. This is why she maintains her status of remaining unattainable to you. It is safe and familiar for her. Before continuing, I want to clarify the defintion of flirting technique and say what it is and what it really is not.

Flirting technique is not having another person do some thing they do not wish to be accomplishing. That's sleazy and in my opinion really bad karma to boot. Now that that's out of the way...

The Flirting Technique That Can Alter Everything!

You possibly can transform this flirting dynamic by employing a easy technique! It truly is known as the deflection flirting technique. With it, you alter the course of the whole interaction quickly and effectively.

Here's how you do it: Don't come up and pay attention to her- start a conversation with a single of her close friends. Here you turn the tables. She now wants to interact with you or her position will be jeopardized. (Why is he not attempting to get my attention? I'm the hottest... right?) You in fact begin to challenge her standing if she doesn't do anything- there is now a risk not staying perceived as the hottest girl anymore. Her inaction will now be the threat to her social standing that the action would have been in the prior scenerio!

She will probably look to get your interest so you'll be into her- becuase she doesn't want to be outdone by any of her less hot friends.. She wants what her friends have. And this is who you wanted to begin with! Be aware though, that if you are doing this in an overt way, if you are coming across as pushy and manipulative, more than likely you will be shot down. Be playful. That will make this and any other #technique# truely effective.

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