Where to Acquire a Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phone

Straight Talk Wireless Prepaid Cell Phone phones are only available in in two places Walmart and the Straight Talk Website. You are only able to find a free Straight Talk Mobile Phone on the web at Straight Talk Online . Straight Talk Prepaid Phone are also available at almost every Walmart in the US

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???How to Get a Free Straight Talk Wireless Cellphone

At the Straight Talk Website you will be able to get a free phone with the purchase of a Prepaid Phone card. You can usually get a free phone when purchasing either the "All you need" plan or the "Unlimited" plan.

Free Straight Talk Phone Options

Often before certain Holidays like Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and the 4th of July Straight Talk will put several different phone and phone packages on sale.

Usually they will offer a nicer than usual phone free with the purchase of a phone card. I have seen the LG 100c Candy bar style, LG 220c Flip Phone, Samsung T255G Flip Phone, LG 290c Slider, , Samsung T404G Qwerty keyboard, Samsung R355c Qwerty Blackberry style, and the Samsung R451c Qwerty Keyboard Slider cellphone offered as free phones with the purchase of a Straight Talk Wireless prepaid card.

Word of Caution Pertaining to Refurbished Cell phones

From what I have seen there are a few more problems with reconditioned cell phones. Nonetheless I would not hesitate to obtain a refurbished Straight Talk Wireless Cellphone, so long as I wasn't spending over about $30 for it. I would buy two refurbished phones at a time because I always like having a spare charger and a spare battery. Spending a few dollars more up front can frequently save you a lot, .

Two Free Phones at a Time

I know that sounds funny to buy a free Straight Talk Prepaid mobile however you will have to buy a prepaid calling card in order to get the free phone. You will be able to make use of the prepaid card that is included with your free phone on any Straight Talk phone. There are numerous good reasons to purchase a pair of phones at once. To begin with in case you are obtaining the phones for free or only needing to buy an additional monthly card to obtain one, you aren't out much . It is very helpful to have an extra cell phone charger to take to the office or to leave in your travel bag. Furthermore It is equally handy to have a extra battery which is fully charged . Another advantage to buying two free phones at the same time is in case the initial phone you activate has a problem or is defective you won't need to wait for Straight Talk Wireless to send you a warranty phone. You will be able to just activate the spare you bought.

Having an Additional Battery for your Phone

If you purchase two free phones at the same time you might find it really handy to have a spare battery for your phone. It seems when you seriously need to have a phone in the worst way the battery will be dead. Also after around a year of use many batteries will not maintain a charge as long so you can just replace your heavily used battery with your backup battery.

How to get a Free Charger for your Phone

Yet again for anyone who is able to get a phone free with the purchase of a monthly card from Straight Talk Wireless it only makes sense to purchase a pair of phones and monthly cards when you purchase your phone.

Losing your Phone Charger

Have you ever left your charger in a hotel room or at your workplace and required a spare? Stopping by Radio Shack will most likely cost you twenty to thirty dollars.  If you purchase two free phones when you purchase your Straight Talk phone you will have a spare charger. The only way to get a Free Straight Talk phone is at the Straight Talk.com website. Check what they have now.

How Straight Talk Wireless Works

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How Walmart Straight Talk Pay as you go Wireless Works

The Straight Talk plans are built to compete with post paid mobile phone plans. A contract cellular plan will require you to sign a one year or two year post paid to get service. Straight Talk Wireless Prepay is prepaid so you have to pay for your service prior to using it and if you utilize all of your minutes or the time period expires you lose cell service. You will not have a termination fee and if you would like to start service just as before you may purchase a Straight Talk Wireless Prepaid cellular phone card and reactivate your mobile phone. Straight Talk Wireless is a partnership between Walmart, Tracfone wireless and Verizon. All phones are CDMA and work on the Verizon Wireless network.

Straight Talk Prepay has 2 programs the $30 per 30 days All You Need plan and the $45 per month Unlimited plan.

Straight Talk All You Need Plan This plan offers 1,000 minutes per thirty days, 1,000 texts per thirty days and 30 meg of data per thirty days. This Straight Talk Wireless Prepay program will cost $30 per month. Unlimited Plan This Straight Talk Prepay program gives unlimited calling, unlimited texts and unlimited data transfer for $45 per thirty days. You can purchase your Straight Talk Cell phone or cell service on-line at Straight Talk.com or at Walmart.

Straight Talk  Guaranty
Straight Talk Prepaid has a 30 day money back guaranty.  Simple, if you do not like your phone they will refund you the purchase price of the phone.  They will not refund minute cards or Unlimited calling cards only the purchase price of your phone.  In effect you get 30 days to try the phone, this is much more generous than many other companies which only offer 7 days or 14 days. Try a
Straight Talk
phone and if you don't like it get a refund direct from Straight Talk for 30 days.