How to please my husband sexually

In 3 steps. 

  • Learn about male sex physiology (really simple!)
  • Rehearse
  • Apply

Learn about male sex physiology.
The male sex organs have one main function, ejaculation. Ejaculation is coming out of semen (sperms). In order for a man to ejaculate semen, he needs semen to form in his testicles. Semen forms involuntarily (i.e. without the man's control) and at different rates in different men. This depends upon a man's hormone levels and the food he eats during that particular day. Certain food and drink produce more semen, certain foods inhibit formation. After one ejaculation a man can't have sex anymore until again semen is formed. This takes at least 1 - 2 hours and even 3- 5 hours for some males. 
Please note: Muscle weight and height are false indicators of a man's sexual vigor. This means some shorter men with little muscle mass can be the most sexually enjoyable guys around.

How to please him: As you can see a man has no control on the formation of semen so its basic instinct for a man to get maximum pleasure during ejaculation. Also most men prefer to have sex only when the testicle is full with semen rather than half full-- this gives more pleasure to a man. That's why when he is feeling sexy, he turns a demanding person. Secret tips to please him

  • Dress like a queen. Wear clean sexy clothes (preferably silk/satin), with properly combed hair, and make up
  • Apply mascara to eyes, gloss to lips, wear a necklace and earring. Yes all these at home.
  • Allow him to soil your clothes with his pre cum. A fluid that comes out before ejaculation. If you do not know what is this pre cum ask him. It will stimulate him
  • Kiss him on his manhood and beard.
  • Give your everything to him.

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