How to feminize my husband

Hmmm, good question. How to feminize your husband? Now do you realize one thing: men do not like to get feminized. Now this does not mean you can't feminize your husband, it all boils down to how much your husband loves you and cares about your needs. Most of the emails I received from my readers show that their husbands are too aggressive sexually, they hurry up during intercourse killing all the fun. How to stop that? The answer is pretty complicated. Because men are physiologically designed to have quick sex, there is no reason for this its just all boils down to Evolution theory. But with practice love and care your man can become just the way you want. Just follow these steps and keep repeating them each time you have intercourse.
  • Ask him to put his penis inside his pants, if he hurries it up
  • Say you want him to just lick your boobs for a while now
  • Then ask him to kiss all over your body. This should keep him busy and delay ejaculation
  • Ask for money. Asking for money during sex stimulates a man!
  • Say you love him very much. Say it in words and loud
  • Mess up his hair until he complains. At this point ask him to come again inside you.
  • Ask "are you in hurry honey?"
  • Crack a evil joke
  • Do or say anything that keeps him busy, stimulated and inside you
  • Try to have as much sex as possible in a day.
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