How to deal with your husband

How to deal with your husband is one of the most popular questions asked by married women. In fact this is a very common problem among women who are newly wed or have been wed for a very long time. To understand how to deal you have to understand more about the workings of a man's mind. See, your husband is a man after all and minds of men work differently than that of women.

To begin we classify all men into two broad classes: The Provider Man and The Thinker Man.
Understanding these two categories is your base of the success you are going to have with men in the future.
For those of you who have cheating husbands check out our section on how to deal with cheating husbands and how to confront cheating husbands.
For those you for whom retaining your husband is mission critical we have a upcoming ebook release scheduled for later this month titled Husband--- Advanced Techniques.
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