Create An App Without Programming Skills

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Create An App Without Coding

There are more than a couple of billion active Android mobile phone devices today (more than two times as many as iOS)!

Android is sizzling hot, with no indications of slowing down. Mobiroller enables anyone to build mobile applications and so link up with this vast and ever-increasing audience.

If You're A Growing Entrepreneur;

Join on Mobiroller Weblog. You will find 1000s of tips out there from ebooks to starter videos, to walk-throughs. Remember that the more apps you make, the additional income you possibly can make - and luckily, with Mobiroller, it's a piece of cake. Make the apps with mobiroller, upload these to Google Play, and watch the big money flow in.

If You're A Small Business Owner;

Creating a mobile application to market a small business, products or services is a no-brainer. It's a great means to keep in contact with existing consumers and to draw in new ones. You can use Mobiroller for making an app with that facilitates people find store locations, obtain guidance, share news flash about forthcoming events, voucher codes, plan upgrades, and so much more.

If You're A Designer, Guitarist, Or Entertainer;

You require an application. It can help you get the word out about your most recent recordings and performances. Mobiroller will let you create an app so people can pursue your schedule, switch through your image gallery, watch your hottest videos, get Tweets, and so even enjoy bonus tracks. An application can be described as a fast, advanced and cheap choice for advertising yourself. Rock and roll!

If You Are Part Of A Club, Institution, Local Community, Or Network.

Keeping yourself connected with your mates, family members and subscribers have never been more convenient. More or less everyone has a smart diaphone nowadays; hence working with an app to stay in contact is a beautiful choice. Using your app, you’re able to allow your audience to be aware of coming events, fundraiser drives, routine changes and news flash. You can incorporate real-time Twitter updates and Facebook pages.

The #1 App Maker Platform

Mobiroller Enables You To Make High-Quality Apps Yourself - Without The Need For Coding!

Mobiroller is smarter, faster and better.

Mobiroller builds real Java code for every application you make, compiling it on our cloud servers using Google's standard Android os SDK. You obtain a stand-alone, native Android app - with no compromises. In case you were starting to code your app from the beginning, you'd probably do it just like Mobiroller does. Unlike using weeks of time and lots of money, you can create your app without delay with Mobiroller.

How It Works...

Any Of Us Can Create An Android App Using Mobiroller!

You won't need virtually any coding skills whatsoever. You can build an Android app in some easy steps:

ü Start a  Mobiroller application builder task.

ü Fill in various necessary forms to include features and benefits, graphics, content, and everything makes your app different.

ü Press a button to create your app.

That's It.

The Mobiroller Servers Will Make Your App And Email It Straight To You.

Mobiroller Is Easy And Fast To Do. Zero Coding Or Programming Required.

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Surely you wonder why you want to create an app.  The Internet is becoming more and more mobile. The era of smartphones will give way to connected objects. Let me teach you how to create an app without knowing how to program so that you can keep your users loyal.

The advancement of mobile technologies is outperforming traditional connectivity from computers and laptops. This requires us to adapt our channels and content to this environment. One solution is mobile apps.


But to program an app, we need to have a high programming knowledge. However, in recent years platforms have emerged that allow you to develop apps without knowing how to program.

Not knowing how to create an app does not exempt you from knowing the platforms. You must know the market to which these types of applications are directed. Let's look at a summary of the most important systems.


Scheduling A Mobile App


Basically we found two platforms in the market, iOS and Android. Between the two monopolize more than 99% of the share of the world market.

If you want to program a mobile app, you must know the characteristics of each platform.

Create An Android App

Android is a mobile operating system, created by the company Android Inc. Google acquired this company in the year 2005. Until two years later, in 2007, it was not presented in partnership with the first version.

 Find Out More Info: Android App Creator Without Coding Free

The Most Important Features Of Android Are:


It is open source software. Anyone can access the source code and modify it according to their requirements.

It is based on Linux, an open source operating system for computers and laptops.

·         Native programming language, Java.

·         Google Play app catalog.

·         Support for many multimedia formats.

So how do you create an app for Android? We have no other programming in Java and have knowledge of Linux. Only then can we schedule a native app for Android.


Create An App For iOS


The Android competitor is iOS, from Apple. It was presented in 2007 next to the first iPhone in history.


The Most Important Features Of iOS Are:


It is proprietary software; it is not allowed to install on third-party hardware.

Ownership does not know the technical characteristics on which it is based.

It can be programmed in two programming languages ​​Objective C and its precursor Swift.

·         Apple Store Application Catalog.

·         Support for many multimedia formats.

If you need to know how to make an app for iOS, you have to put it in the hands of Apple. They are the only ones that offer all the tools, both hardware, and software, to create apps for this operating system.


Create An App For Both Platforms


We've already seen how to make an app for iOS or Android. The compatibility between the two platforms is zero. This requires that if you want to schedule an app for both systems, you have to make two apps.

However, there is a possibility not to repeat the job, to create a hybrid app. This technology is based on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript web standards to create cross-platform apps.

Web technologies are becoming a standard for many areas. No longer just the development of apps, technologies like the IOT (Internet of Things) is also nourished by them.

It is very simple; it installs a small web server in the device that allows running the hybrid app. It's called so because they are not native apps, nor web. It is a hybrid between the two.


The major drawback is the limitations concerning access to system resources.

So how do you make a mobile app? It will depend on which platform is targeted, the functionalities and the budget.


You Need A New Channel For You Blog How Can You Create An App?


The first thing is to define the objective. Creating an app to monetize is not the same as loyalty.

If your goal is to develop an app as a product, I advise you to put yourself in the hands of experts to develop and promote the mobile app.

If you have a smartphone, you can right of entry any of the two stores on these platforms, Google Play or Apple Store. You'll see thousands of apps of all kinds.

Apps for productivity, sports, health, medicine and of course, games. It is a very competitive, saturated market and requires a good development and marketing strategy. But if your goal is to create a tool for your user community, things change.

In this case, you can make an app without knowing how to program, always depending on the features you want to incorporate.

Before deciding and knowing how to develop an app, you should keep in mind the following.


What Does An App Develop For Your Users?


The rise of mobile technologies is the order of the day. I recommend that you take a look at the report of The Information Society in the USA, presented by the Telephonic Foundation.

Two aspects of this report should be highlighted. The first is that there is a trend towards the rise of the use of smartphones to connect to the Internet to the detriment of computers.

The second important fact is that electronic commerce is increasingly mobile. For the first time in two countries, Japan and North Korea, in the year 2015, the share of e-commerce with the mobile exceeds 50%. Spain has 36% and growing.


T is about opening a new channel of communication with the users and clients of your business or blog. Use an app as an audience loyalty tool.

Advantages Of Developing An App For Your Blog Or Business


1. Be The First In Your Industry To Make An App


Most SMBs and blogs do not have mobile apps. Being the first will help you to differentiate yourself from your competition.


2. All Content In One Place


The same thing happens to you what happens to me. I have a podcast, a YouTube channel, a list, the blog, etc ... If I had a mobile app (I'm thinking about it), I would have all the centralized content in one place for my users, video, podcast, articles, etc.

This does not mean that we do not have those channels open; all we have to do is publish also in our app.


3. Notifications Anytime, Anywhere


To me may forget the wallet at home, but the mobile never. It can be said that it is almost an extension of our bodies. Developing an app will allow you to stay in touch with your users wherever they are and at any time.


4. Sell ​​Products And Services


Perhaps it is one of the most important characteristics. You can show information about your products and services with photos and multimedia content. But in addition, they will be able to buy them.


5. You Can Lead The Future


You've already seen the trend, every time you take more weight what mobile Why wait to develop an app? Thanks to the platforms that we will see a little later, you will be able to create an app without knowing how to program.


6. All Your Social Networks In One Place


All your social networks in one app. You can integrate Twitter, Facebook, Linked or any social network.


7. No Competition Within Your App


Articles and multimedia files will have no competition. You do not need SEO or SEM positioning; only you can publish within your app.

Create An App Without Programming Skills


Ok, so far we have seen the two most important mobile platforms, how to make an app programming, advantages of having an app for loyalty but how to make an app without knowing how to program?


I'm going to present you App building platforms that will help you develop your app without having to touch any code. First of all, it is important that you know the process that usually follows practically all the platforms.


Step 1: Creating An App With An Editor

Through a control panel, you will have access to several components that you will drag and drop into the editor. You will apply functionality and design to each one of them.


Step 2: Preview Your App

Before taking the final step to publish your app to iOS and Android stores, you should check that everything works correctly. These applications usually have an emulator for different devices.


Step 3: Publish To The Apple Store And Google Play

For your users and followers to have access to the app, you must upload it to these platforms. This is the only way to make it accessible to your community.


On almost all platforms, they offer different levels of subscription. Usually, the most basic subscription generates a hybrid app. If you want a native app for iOS and another for Android, you should hire those services.


Advantages Of Having An App Through An App Building Platform


1. You Do Not Need To Program


As we have seen before, developing an app for different platforms can be a very complex task. Even if you use hybrid apps, the complexity is maximum. With these platforms, you can create an app without knowing how to program.


2. One App For All Platforms


These apps are multi-platform, i.e. you make a single app, and it is valid for different platforms. If a new one arises in the future, the application itself will be in charge of generating the necessary code.


3. Evolution Of Your App Doing Nothing


Due to the constant evolution of the applications and platforms where you have your app, you can have improvements and new features without doing anything.


4. Customizing Your App


In the design phase, you can choose the colors of your corporate image and your logo. Do not worry without future changes; you just have to enter and exit the app.


5. Forget The Paperwork With The Google And Apple Market Places


They will put your app developed in the Marketplaces themselves so that your users and clients can download it. Forget about that hellish task that is publishing on these platforms. Even some will help you in the promotion.


Platforms To Create An App Without Knowing Anything About Code


We will see different platforms that are in the market today. You must choose the one that best fits your needs both economically and requirements.


Create a free app, not recommended. It is preferable to pay and that the platform is responsible for managing and maintaining the application.

How To Create An App With MobiRoller App Maker 

In 3 Steps

How To Create An App - Step 1 - Create

How To Create An App - Step 2 - Test

How To Create An App - Step 3 - Publish

Mobiroller allows you to develop your iPhone and iPad app. The possibility of unlimited upgrades and different premium plans. Variety of templates by category. It allows you to create a free app without publishing. Mobiroller is one of the simplest and most complete platforms on the market. You can create an app for iPhone and Android, or hire a pro to create an app.




All these platforms we have seen will help you to create an app without knowing how to program. It can be a good tool in your marketing strategy.

It's important to analyze your users and know what system they use, iOS or Android. You should also target yourself, monetize, or build loyalty.

If your option is going to be monetizing, get in the hands of experts, it is a very competitive market, and you will need help.

But if your option is to hold your audience develop an app with minimal functionality and grow it according to the demand of your users.

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