How to Conceive A Girl | This is how to Have a Baby Girl

how to conceive a girl
A few females understandably want to know how to conceive a girl either because they already had a boy (or boys) so they want to have a baby girl to balance the equation or they simply wanted a baby girl because of their personal reasons. Have you been trying to conceive a girl and have been getting it wrong at every attempt? Well this article will surely help you to achieve you goal of getting pregnant with a baby girl

To be sincere with you, I know how you feel right now. It is not that difficult to conceive a girl naturally if you have the right kind of knowledge. Some people believe they cannot achieve this unless they undergo In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). IVF may be working at the moment but its not cheap (It cost thousands of dollars). However you can have a baby of your dream naturally if you follow these practicable steps

This Is How to Conceive A Girl

I will give you tips that will help you have a baby girl in form of advises which are stated below:

1)   First thing first, know your ovulation period and generally menstrual cycle. It is definitely a must for you to know this if you really desire to conceive a girl. When do you ovulate? For most females it is hard to really figure this out but its simple, just follow me. First of all you need to know the length of your cycle to be able to determine your ovulation period

conceive a girl now

If you do not know the length of your cycle just be patient and use your calendar to discover it. Mark the day you first see your period in the month to the last day before another one. Be patient about it, do it for like 4-5 months to be sure enough. After you are sure of the length of your cycle, subtract 14 from it.

For example:

 If you have a 28-day cycle (which is the average for most female) you will ovulate around day 14, and

If you have a 31-day cycle you will ovulate around day 17

Then How Does It Make Me Conceive A Baby Girl?

Male has XY chromosomes sperm. The X-chromosome from the male sperm cell makes you conceive a girl while the Y-chromosome also from the male sperm cell makes you have a boy. The X-chromosome sperm is bigger, stronger but sluggish in movement while the Y-chromosome sperm is smaller, weaker but faster in movement.

This is how to conceive a girl, make sure you have sexual intercourse consistently with your partner up to 3 days before you ovulate. Do not have sexual intercourse with him again whenever is 3 days to your ovulation period. What this does is to make the Y-chromosome sperm that makes a baby boy to be weakened since it is weaker than the X-chromosome.  Sperm cells can still survive for 3-4 days inside the woman. This will make the Y-chromosome which is weaker to be reduced significantly before you ovulate leaving predominantly only the X-chromosome sperm for fertilization with the egg. This will ensure that you conceive a girl.

conceiving a girl

2)   How To Conceive A Girl With Right Diets

It is a known fact that X-chromosome sperm thrive in an acidic environment while Y-chromosome sperm performs best in an environment that is alkaline in nature. What you do in order to have a baby girl is to eat foods that will increase the level of acid in your vagina before you ovulate. This will increase the acidic level of your vagina which either neutralizes or inhibits the Y-chromosome sperm that makes a baby boy.

The following are foods that can help you in order get pregnant with a girl:

get pregnant with a baby girl

A)   Chicken,

B)   Turkey,

C)   Rice,

D)   Raspberries,

E)   Green beans,

F)   Cherries, etc

3)   How To Conceive A Girl With Sexual Positions

If you want to have a baby girl, the proper positions involve much shallow penetration. The man should orgasm as far away from the neck of the cervix as possible. A prominent sexual position that supports shallow penetration is the missionary position where the man is on top of the woman. This will help you to conceive a girl

You need to be patient with yourself. This is how to conceive a girl 

how to get pregnant with a girl

Ray Smith