Why a Bimini Top and How It Works

If you are looking for a new bimini top for your boat, good for you! But have you considered making your own?
These tops are one of the best ways to provide your boat with protection from the sun's harsh rays as well as from the damaging effects of rain and hail. They are especially helpful in protecting seat cushions, covers and other equipment on your boat.

These boat tops are made with metal frames and strong canvas covers which are usually mounted on the boat's deck with hinges. The hinges are attached evenly on both sides, thus providing necessary balance to compensate for the new weight being added on top. The hinges allow you to keep the top in its upright position or to lower it easily. When the top is not in use, the top should be folded down so it is out of the way.

Even more important than protecting your boat, however, is the fact your new boat top will protect you and your passengers! How? By giving you all some very welcome shelter from the hot sun. It will also protect you from any sudden rainstorms that may come along while you are out on the water. Because they are so easy to raise and lower, folks with these types of tops on their boats often wonder how they ever managed before they had them!

Just as boats come in different sizes, so do Bimini tops. Before you go shopping for a new top, it is important to know your boat's dimensions. When shopping for a top, the width is the most important dimension since it must fit the width of your boat. The length of the top can vary. The most common lengths are four, six, eight and ten feet. You want your Bimini to cover as much of your boat as possible. Pontoon boats usually require Biminis in lengths of either eight or ten feet in order to be adequately covered.

Of course if you have a smaller fishing or sports boat, your topwill be smaller. As a general rule of thumb your boat must be at least six feet in length to use this kind of top.

When shopping for a boat top, remember to consider head space. The taller the top, the more comfortable the space under it. Naturally you want to make sure the  you buy fits your boat and is compatible with it. Both the manufacturers and dealers will be able to provide you with this information. Before you go shopping for one, spend a little time online doing some homework. There are lots of manufacturers producing marine tops --- but not all of them make products that are standard. It is important to buy from a manufacturer you can trust. You may spend a little more, but in the long run it will save you both money and grief.

When you buy a cheap product, that is exactly what you get. The easiest way to find the right solution, is to take the information on your boat (the manufacturer, model, year, and size) to a reputable dealer. The dealer will then be able to direct you to one that will fit your boat.

While it is not common, sometimes a Bimini will have to be custom made. This won't necessarily make it more expensive, but you may have to wait for it to be manufactured to your specific dimensions. There are many boat cover and tops manufactured in the United States which are made using American marine canvas which is extremely sturdy and will last a long time, even when exposed to sun and rain.

If you do not live in an area that has many boat dealers, a top can also be purchased online from very reputable companies. Often this is the least expensive way to shop. Are you considering a new Bimini top for your boat? If you are, you are making a sound decision. Just make sure you have all the information in hand before you go out shopping. Hopefully, the points above will help you in making your purchase.