Tips On Buying A Boat Bimini Top For Fun In The Sun

 A Bimini Top is designed to protect your boat and all your belongings from the hot summer sun while you're having fun out on the water. Imagine 90° sunlight hitting a vinyl cushion for a few minutes before you sit on it, it could possibly burn your skin. The same sunlight is not good for you, your boat cushions, or anything else that you have sitting around exposed.

The boat top is made from a folding metal frame that is usually connected on the deck with some strong metal hinges in order to accommodate it being folded down in out-of-the-way. Then covered with a canvas that stretches tightly across the frame. Your Bimini usually comes with a storage boot that will zipper around the top in order to protect it when it's not in use and folded down.

Now let's take a look at some of the different materials available and their advantages and disadvantages. When looking at all the different boat top options it's easy to become confused as there are quite a few. Many of the different materials are considered water resistant rather than waterproof, however in the case of a Top, water resistant is usually quite sufficient as the boat itself is not damaged by slight amounts of water. Basically water resistance means that the material repels water and nearly all the water will roll off to the side, however if the center of your top is bowed in so that the water sits for a long period of time, it will leak. These tops are not made to be a long-term protective winter cover for your boat, they are designed to be protection from the sun or the occasional downpour while you are enjoying your boat on the water.

If you need enough room to stand under a cover, take a look at the fishing boat targa top instead. Another consideration is the weight of the material used in the construction.

A heavier material will not flap in the wind at higher speeds as much as a lighter material will. If your boat tends to exceed 20 mph or more, then you should go with the higher weight material, approximately 9 ounces, as this will offer more comfort and longevity.
Lighter materials tend to range in weight from 4 to 8 ounces and are typically made from polyester. Obviously the lighter materials are less expensive, but many times the advantages of the heavier materials far outweigh their higher cost.

Finally, we should take a look at the warrantees of the different types of tops available, there can be quite a range from three years for polyester tops and nearly 10 years for solution dyed acrylic tops. It should be pointed out at this time, that how you take care of your top can be way more important than the material it's made from or the warranty involved. If you keep your boat covered and out of the sun when not in use many tops will give a 10 year lifetime or more, however, being left in the sun day after day, even the best tops will disintegrate due to the elements.

Now that you know little bit about Bimini Tops, it's time to get online and start looking at the different images to see which one you like the best, then read the stats to see what the materials are available and the prices as well.