Selecting The Best Materials For Bimini Tops

If you are looking for a Bimini top for your boat, you are likely to feel a bit confused by the many excellent choices you have in fabrics and colors. The main thing to remember when making your choice is that it's smart to do it once and do it right. If you are going to invest in a nice top for your boat, it just makes sense to get a high quality top made of a fabric that will protect you from the sun and elements and last a good long time.

In this article, we will discuss the qualities of some of the fabric choices available for the top construction. Read on to learn more. Even though most people focus on the sun protection offered by a top, it is also important to select a fabric that will give you some protection from precipitation. Your top doesn't necessarily have to be water-proof, but it should be water-resistant enough to prevent you from getting wet in a light drizzle or rain. It's important that this kind of top won't give you much protection in a heavy rain or when there's a lot of wind, no matter what it's made out of. Be that as it may, a water-resistant top will allow you to continue enjoying your day on the water, even with showers and drizzle.

Select a good, heavy fabric. It should have a weight of eight ounces. It is possible to get this sort of top in a lighter weight fabric. Polyester fabrics often have a weight of four-to-eight ounces. Nonetheless, you have to remember that the fabric takes a beating as you move along on the water. It's good to have a heavy, durable fabric that won't need to be replaced often.

Be sure to look for fabrics that are solution dyed. This is the equivalent of "dyed-in-the-wool". The material is dyed before it is woven into a fabric. Solution dyed choices are available in sturdy acrylic and polyester. A solution dyed fabric will maintain its vibrant color and resist fading longer. Polyester choices tend to be a little bit stronger, but acrylics hold their color better.

When making your choice, be sure to pay close attention to the warranty. Some types of fabric have no warranty. Others have a warranty ranging from three to ten years. Of course, even without a warranty, proper care will extend the life of your top and help you get the most value from your purchase.

Here are some of the top choices in fabrics for Bimini tops: Outdura and Sunbrella are superior quality choices. They are made of 100% marine quality acrylic that is solution dyed. This 9.25 ounce fabric repels water, resists mildew and offers excellent protection from the rays of the sun. In fact, it offers such good protection that the American Cancer Society endorses this fabric. It comes with a seven year warranty and is available seventeen dazzling colors.

Sun-DURA is also an excellent choice in a solution dyed marine grade polyester fabric. This seven ounce fabric is surprisingly tough and rugged. It resists wear and tear as well as mildew, fading and ultraviolet rays. Fabricated in the United States, this product repels water well, yet it also allows good air circulation. It comes in twelve colors and carries a seven year warranty. Performance Poly-Guard is an eight ounce marine grade polyester fabric that is very durable and strong. It resists mildew, ultraviolet rays and fading. It is breathable, yet repels water. Made in the USA, this fabric is available in three colors and carries a five year warranty.

Vinyl in a fourteen ounce weight offers excellent protection against rain with its all-weather, waterproofed finish. It is easy to clean and resists mildew, grease and dirt. Handling, folding and storing are also quite easy. This product comes in white only. It is made in the USA and carries a five year warranty.

Double Duck is a polyester and cotton blend. It is a tightly woven, durable eleven ounce fabric. It provides good protection from the sun, repels water and resists mildew. Made in the US, It is only available in gray, and it carries only a three year warranty.

No matter what fabric you select, you are sure to get good performance from your Bimini top for a significant period of time. Naturally, good care will extend the life of any fabric you choose. Refer to the information presented here when selecting just the right top for your boat.