Different Types of Bimini Tops

 A Bimini top is an open canopy structure that could be fitted over the cockpit of a boat. The top is made of vinyl or other fabric material and offers protection from the scorching heat of the sun. It also helps to protect passengers from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The  base is manufactured mostly of stainless steel metal frames that supports the top. The Bimini top will help to cover the passengers from a slight drizzle, but it will not be of much use during a windy rain.

The main goal of the top is to provide shade to the passengers of the boat. The first of this type of top was invented in the Bahamian Islands. The sun shines strongly on the Island of Bimini throughout the year. The now popular boat top was invented in this Island for the sole purpose of acting as a sunshade for the boat. It will allow air to flow through the sides of the boat.

The polyester acrylic type of Bimini top is the most expensive out of all. It is best to protect the passengers from hot sun. They are also fade-resistant and durable than most of the other Bimini tops on the market. Cotton Bimini tops are not durable like polyester acrylic and it tends to leak at times. There are a variety of colors available when it comes to Bimini tops. There are neutral as well as bright colors to choose from. Grays, black, white and many other colors are available so that you can choose the best color to match your boat.

The metal frame and other accessories that support the top are always colored in silver. The boat owner should take the exact measurements before choosing the appropriate top for his boat. The width of your top should exactly match the boat's measurements whereas the height could be adjusted as per the preference of the boat owner. Some boat owners will love the tall canopy so that people can stand under it while others may want a shorter version of it.

The lower height Bimini's are used for ski and power boats. The medium height ones are great for fishing and sport boats. The taller, are great for bigger boats with decks.

Bimini's are available in 2,3 and 4 bow styles. The bows are the parts of the frame that goes from side to side over the width of the boat. All the Bimini tops are divided into 2, 3 or 4 main bows. The 2-bow tops are the smallest type of Bimini tops manufactured today. They are used for the shorter type of fishing and sport boats. The V-hull fishing boats and inflatables are among the most popular boats that use this type of top. The 2-bow Bimini top is usually averaging 42-inches in height with a canvass of 5 feet 6 inches long. The 3-bow Bimini tops are the most common in the market currently. They are ideal for the bigger version of V-hull fishing boats, ski boats, performance boats and most of the center consoles. The length of most 3-bow Bimini's are 6 feet. The height would vary as 35, 36, 37, 48, 54 and 60 inches. The 4-bow tops are the largest in the market. They are reserved for larger type of boats such as Pontoons or deck boats. They come in different heights such as 36, 48, 54 and 60 inches. This top will have a width of 8-feet, 9-feet or 10-feet. The aforementioned are some of the main types of Bimini's available today.