How To Make A Bimini Top

Or are you looking for a T-Top?

Hi Boating and Fishing Enthusiast,

Do you want to build a Bimini and save money because you made it yourself?

It is so nice to have shade from the blistering sun on a hot day, or cover from the icy rain on a cold day, I know.

As you have found our page, you are probably wanting to make your own Top. Well, we can show you how to do just that and save you hundreds of dollars by making it yourself.

Our DIY manual comes with a complete step-by-step manual and 6 videos that also explain everything. Make a bimini, without the fluff and rubbish, that's what this e-book/e-manual will help you with the real answers you want to know.

Here's a sneak peak of what you will get......

And, we include a simple calculator where all you need to do, is to type in your basic boat sizes and it will show how long to cut your tube and where you need to bend them.

E.g. This is a bimini I made from my garage - one of many, with simple tools :

Our do-it-yourself Manual covers every aspect of how to make your own Bimini Top, so there is no guessing or having to make it up as you go along. We include 6 videos for those who need to see it done, not just read how it's done:

"How To Build Bimini Tops" Step-by-step Manual & Videos :-

• choosing the best aluminum tube

• what fittings to get

• and where to get them

• how to measure your boat

• a calculator to work out how long to cut it

• and where exactly to bend it

• how to bend it easily (at home)

• where to get the fabric for the cover, and

• and what type of material is best

• how to sew it (step by step)

• how to fit the bimini top to your boat

• how to make up a protective boot bag for your bimini when it's closed up etc....

As you can see, that's why I say this is a step-by-step no-waffle manual. Even a novice can do it with these steps laid out, with drawings, photos and of-course the videos, for those, like me who see it better, rather than just reading it.

PLEASE NOTE: Before you purchase this DIY manual package, do keep in mind that you will need to use an industrial sewing machine to sew acrylic canvas/vinyl.Just in case you do not know anyone who has one you can use If not, it's not a problem, we list places you can get it done and about how much you should have to pay, so you are not paying too much.

CORRECTION : Sewing - One clever buyer came up with an idea for making the cover so that you do not need to do any fancy sewing. (Thanks Frank)

And that's just some of what you'll find out in : "How To Build Bimini Tops"

That's why you should own this book today (in fact, you can be reading it in as little as 5 minutes from now, day or night!)

This is another of the bimini tops I have made from my garage :

Now what's a manual with videos package like this worth?

To learn this by yourself would probably take 1 year and cost heaps (I know, that's what it cost me!). Everything you need is explained in PLAIN English and it's systematically laid out.. Which means it's dead-easy to read and understand.

Which is why "How To Build Bimini Tops" is such a bargain at $27 USD That's right, it's only a tiny fraction of what it is worth or what it cost me to learn.

Why am I making it so cheap and affordable? Very simply because my costs to deliver it to you are very low. This is an e-book(electronic book) that you can download to your computer in a no time at all. Which also means that you could be reading it in about 5 minutes from now.

So I figure I'll be able to offer this great resource of how-to information and I will make my investment back over time. However, it's a great bargain for you. We also have a 'no obligation' return policy - if you are not happy with your "How to Build Bimini Tops" eBook, for any reason at all, simply request your money back within 30 days.

You only need your a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. It's completely secure. Your credit card info is sent directly to your bank and no one else but your bank can access your private information.

$27 is only a drop in the sea compared to what you will learn with this ebook. And don't worry, if for any particular reason you are not happy with the information, you have a risk-free guarantee to protect your money.


Hey, you're my customer. And if you're not satisfied, it can look bad on me. So if for some reason you're not satisfied with what you get from "How To Build Bimini Tops" I really do not expect ... or in fact, want ... to keep your money. Just simply send off an email to me at :

and I will be very happy to refund your payment in full (in fact, you know what? I'd be embarrassed to keep it).

I can't be any fairer than that, don't you agree? BUT, let me add what I will also do to make this an even better investment. I'm going to add a free bonus.

Simply grab a copy of "How To Build Bimini Tops" and here's what I'll throw in: FREE BONUS : A Guide To Saltwater Fishing This great resource 160 page bonus is like a saltwater fishing encyclopedia.

Take a look at the chapter headings:

For just $27 USD, you're getting the information you need ...


Neil Baulch

If you have any problem with the download just email me at :

This is another bimini top I have made from my garage fitted to a ski boat:

Would you like to see our promotional video?

Let's take another look at what you get for just $27 USD :- "How To Build Bimini Tops" Manual.

Plus 6 Videos:

And Bonus : A Guide to Saltwater Fishing, (160 pages)

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Maybe a bimini top does not suit your situation.

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Background of the Bimini Top

Just a little info about bimini tops for those that do not know what they are. These boat tops first appeared at Bimini Bay - Bimini is part of the Bahamas, closest to the mainland of the USA, about 53 miles/81 kilometres east of Miami and is a very popular holiday and fishing resort, also known as the Fishing Capital of the Bahamas.

Their popularity soon spread worldwide for not only protection from the sun, but also a practical way to shelter from the rain in cold climates. There are used by fishermen, boating enthusiasts, water skiers, duck hunters and pleasure craft in the tourism industry all around the globe.

They are a very practical device, in that they can be made very lightweight, but strong, and have the ability to fold-up for traveling and storage. There have been some mishaps where the bimini has not been closed while being towed on the freeway at high speeds and the wind has ripped them off the boat.

Some are enclosed at the front and sides which makes them much less prone to wind resistance.

Generally, there are three frames on a standard size top, though four is now more common as boaters find more uses for them and require something a little bigger. The frames are usually made of aluminium, although the more expensive ones can be made of 316 stainless steel (marine grade).

Once you have determined where you want to fit the top to your boat, you measure what size you will require. Using a calculator that we supply, you insert your basic sizes and you are provided with the cut length sizes for all 3 bows.

After these are all cut, the supplied measurements for the bending points are marked on the bows and bent on your bending block. To the 3 bows are fitted the tube ends, knuckles and deck mounts so that you can assemble the frame and begin making the canvas or vinyl cover for it.

Once the material is neatly, temporarily fixed to the frame and marked for cutting, it is removed trimmed to size and sewn together. Then the 3 bows are threaded through the one each of the 3 pockets and screwed together. You are now ready to fit the bimini to your boat.

The cover is usually made of a good quality acrylic or vinyl, in order to withstand the damaging of direct sunlight heat and UV, and come in a wide range of colours to suit anyone, even the weird & wacky.

The top's versatility is seen when it is not hot or raining and it can be closed and folded down against the side deck out of the way, in order to enjoy blue skies and the warming sunlight. Hmm, maybe even get a tan.

The top will last very well if it is cared for. It is good to wash it down with fresh water after use, particularly if you get fish guts on it while fishing, and to keep it covered while being stowed in the shed or backyard.

Dust and direct sunlight over a prolonged period will certainly shorten it life, which is why in our Manual

, we show you how to make a bootbag to zip over it while not in use. Even the wife or girlfriend will want to go fishing with you if you put a bimini on your boat. Just make sure you ask her which colour she likes before you start :)