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home page: how to birdwatch, everything you need to know

About me: a very brief biography

Events: listing of my upcoming events

Site map: you're already here!

Links: all the websites & contact info mentioned on my pages

Books & birding: reviews of books - CDs - DVDs - software

        uk wildlife field guides: identification guides for birds & more
        where to watch birds: books to help you decide where to go
        homework :books, dvds, cds & software to help you learn

Seasons: advice on what to see & where to go birding through the year - not yet published
        winter: January to March & September to December
        spring: April to May
        summer: June to August
        autumn: September to October 

Getting Started: learn about the basics & start on your journey here
        how to figure out where to go: including web & other resources
        keeping records: what & how to record, why keep lists?
        what kit you will need: some tips to help you choose

                field guide: how to choose & use a bird identification book
                clothing: do you really need to wear camouflage gear?
                binoculars: what to buy & how to choose what's best for you
                accessories: some of the other stuff I drag around with me

           how to recognise birds: a few small steps towards identifying birds   

                   Plumage : a bit about those all important feathers
                   Size and shape : a few pointers for you to look out for
                   Flight : introducing you to the concept of 'jizz'
                   Habitat : a whistlestop tour of the habitats of these islands
                   Timing:  not yet published
                   when and how many? the range & abundance of birds
                   Sounds: not yet published

Coming soon - a family by family guide to British birds