Universal Basic Income For Everyone,
Universal Food Stamps For Everyone,
Universal Medicaid For Everyone,
Free University Education For Everyone,
End The Police State,
Build Worker Cooperatives
by Tom Minogue Hastings  ©  2017


Margaret Thatcher said "There Is No Alternative" to Neoliberal Austerity.    But the dear old Iron Lady got slightly confused.   Bless her heart.    What she meant:    

There Is No Alternative to Universal Basic Income For Everyone.

No point trying to bully the Precariat to accept jobs that do not exist:  
If you outsource all tolerable jobs, then we must have Universal Basic Income, or we burn down your nation.  
There Is No Alternative!

Neoliberal Austerity is an obsolete relic of the Industrial Revolution, when factory capitalists required an army of Broke Desperate Precariat begging for assembly line jobs.    

Victorians shouted that we must be tough on the poor, keep them starving, deny them welfare, to force them to accept lousy slave jobs to enrich capitalists.    

Recently a Texas Republican sounded like a Victorian Lord when asked his position on welfare and food stamps:   "As our Bible says, he who will not work shall not eat!"   

When I heard this Texas Republican, I thought of Landlords and Investors who do no work but get rich from Rent and Passive Income:    
I say we enforce Texas Tough Love:     Lock up Landlords and Investors who do no work and starve them.

Globalization and automation outsourced our manufacturing and service jobs:    
A computer clerk in Bangalore India can answer call center phones and do your local office work today.     Even clinic doctor visits are being automated by virtual video conferencing.   

Silicon Valley engineers get rich designing Killer Apps that kill jobs:    
Supermarket cashiers are replaced by self-serve scanners.
Your garbage cans are now picked up by robot arms.     
Your internet connection is managed by some invisible techie a thousand miles away.      Your local AM radio news, sports, weather and traffic is read by presenters a thousand miles away.

On NPR and Pacifica Radio stations, from KQED to KPFA, I hear tech executives daily, many giving their own TED talks, worshipped as Nouveau Rich Winners of this Globalization Game:     

Elon Musk and other techies warn that we aint seen nothing yet:    A
ny job that can be outsourced and automated shall be, and that means all jobs.      

When a worried NPR host asked how workers will cope, one executive laughed: "Americans will have to disappear from the labor market over the next few decades, as there's nothing they can do to prevent automation:   There Is No Alternative!"  

Elon Musk on Need for Universal Basic Income

I love supermarket self-serve scanners.     Love fast wireless.    Love watching Curiosity on Mars.   Love watching a robot arm pick up garbage cans.     
Love watching a Caterpillar hydraulic shovel build a stone wall:    One driver with a joystick gingerly lays two-ton boulders in a perfect row, doing the job of a dozen construction workers with amazing dexterity, efficiency, grace and beauty.   

There Is No Alternative to Technology and Progress:    Robots not only replace jobs, but do the jobs better, with awesome efficiency, grace and beauty.    So the arrogant millionaire software executive is right:    Our jobs are gone forever.     
Good riddance!   

Do you want to stand at a cash register all day scanning items of rude ugly customers, wearing gloves so you don't catch diseases, bagging heavy gallons nonstop, begging for your bathroom break, just to hand your pay to your landlord?    

Do you really want to sit in a call center trying to not lose your temper, listening to shrieking enraged customers all day, just to hand your pay to your landlord?    

We are forced to work awful jobs we hate just to hand our pay to our landlord:     All these Service Jobs are intolerably tedious.    

When Bill Moyers asked Joseph Campbell why he preached "Follow Your Bliss," Campbell reminded us of BABBITT by Sinclair Lewis, the unhappy conformist who grows old then regretfully admits on the last page:   "I've never done a thing I wanted to do in all my life!"   

Community Colleges now crank out armies of Medical Assistants and Auto Mechanics, but we sure don't need 300 million Medical Assistants and Auto Mechanics.   

What will the Precariat 99% do for a living?   Are we supposed to commit suicide?   

Technological innovation always outpaces regulations.     Technology disrupts existing structure, driving obsolete workers to bankruptcy, even suicide.     

Recall the legend of John Henry, who tried to hammer railroad tracks faster than a steam engine, until his heart burst!   

When British Victorians built railways across India, they disrupted local markets, as distant producers could suddenly rail cheaper goods and crops to local towns, undercutting locals, driving some to suicide.    

India's infamous farmer suicides got their start in the Victorian Era, caused by railroads.   Yet these same railroads modernized India:   There Is No Alternative.    

But what is the point of all this automation?   Why automate all Public Service Announcements with lousy incoherent voicebots that put accents on wrong syllables?   Why not use recordings of cute girls?    Every voicebot you hear kills the job of an adorable girl with a cute voice!   

Inevitable Automation of our Service Sector:
Robert Duvall talks to Jesus chatbot in THX1138 by George Lucas

Universal Basic Income For Everyone

Universal Basic Income, welfare checks given without needs or asset tests, ends poverty, builds community and economic growth. 

British Economist Dr. Guy Standing proves in several pilots:     Giving everyone Basic Income eliminates poverty and creates an economic boom as folks use their checks to start their own business.     

Across India, Africa and Finland, Basic Income proved successful in every village:   After the 18-month pilot program ceased issuing welfare checks, recipients continued to keep out of poverty:     All they needed was enough funds to start their own business.  

Just as SNAP is essential revenue to supermarkets and farmers, Universal Basic Income checks are essential revenue to your local economy.

Dr. Guy Standing asks us to stop making folks "sweat" for their welfare checks:     Get rid of long lines and long applications and case workers harassing applicants:    Just give everyone enough to survive, without any needs or asset tests.   

In America, this means handing every adult a check for $1,000 per month, without any means or asset tests.     

Once we no longer worry about survival, we are free to enjoy free university education and start our own business to finally contribute to our community and our economy.  

Dr. Guy Standing, Universal Basic Income Now
Guy Standing, Why Rentier Parasites Win as You Lose
British Economist Dr. Guy Standing, 

Elon Musk on Need for Universal Basic Income
Dr. Robert Reich on Universal Basic Income
Basic Income Earth Network

Greek Minister Economist Yanis Varoufakis:


Yanis Varoufakis, 



Economist Dr. David Harvey, 
Economist Dr. David Harvey, GENTRIFICATION
Economist Dr. David Harvey,  END OF CAPITALISM

Economist Dr. Michael Hudson, 
Dr. Michael Hudson y Chris Hedges, PARASITES

American Wealth Inequality Perception v Reality

Turn Broke Folk Into Customers

Universal Basic Income, Universal SNAP Food Stamps, Universal Medicaid share one goal:   To turn Broke Folk into Customers 
who generate billions in revenue, economic activity and Gross Domestic Product

Precisely for that reason, Chicago School of Economics Neoliberal Milton Friedman and other Rightwing Neoliberals advocate Universal Basic Income, to turn Broke Folk into Customers.

Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford famously insisted that his line workers get a generous 100% raise in 1914 to $5 per 8-hour day, not to be a nice guy, but to create consumers for his cars:       Ford's plan worked brilliantly, as countless Ford Motor workers generated millions in revenue by buying the same cars they made.   

Even Rightwing Nutters know on a deep primitive level that any economy depends upon the public being able to afford to buy stuff:   If you wage Class War that renders workers broke, you cause deflation and destroy your economy.  

Economist Dr. Michael Hudson, 

Dr. Michael Hudson interviewed by Chris Hedges, PARASITES KILLING THE HOST

Universal Food Stamps For Everyone

Universal SNAP EBT Food Stamps for Everyone ensures revenue to supermarkets and farmers:    
Over 50 million Americans, over 15% of the population, now rely on Food Stamps and would be driven to shoplifting without SNAP.   

SNAP EBT Food Stamps must be given to everyone without time limits, $200 per month, with COLA increases tied to inflation.     

Get rid of ABAWD limits:    If you are labeled Able Bodied Adult Without Dependents, ages 18-49, you can be denied.   Now that our jobs are outsourced, half our population is unemployable.    So now we need food stamps without time limits or restrictions. 

Never confuse Food Stamps with food banks: Food banks suffer year-old cans of Spam, pigs feet, stale bread, stale bagels, stale donuts.     Produce is rotten, yellow, inedible, as food banks only get fruit and vegetables rejected by supermarkets.

Food Stamps give you freedom to walk into any supermarket to buy any food, fresh fruit, fresh bread and cheese, fresh milk and orange juice.     No one should go hungry in the richest nation.

Get your USDA SNAP EBT Food Stamps

Universal Medicaid For Everyone

Universal Medicaid must be free and given to everyone of all ages, funded by payroll tax.   Replace for-profit insurance with Medicaid.     All other advanced nations offer free healthcare and medicine funded by tax.        
All other advanced nations enjoy Single Payer Universal National Health Service.   American must catch up with the world.

Universal Medicaid improves our health and ensures revenue to hospitals and clinics that now depend on Medicaid.     

Single Payer National Health Services of Britain, Canada, Australia and Scandi Nations are so essential and popular, it is political suicide for candidates to even mention cutbacks.     

Republicans proved unable to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act Obamacare that funds Medicaid Expansion:    Medicaid simply saves too many voter lives to ever be killed.   

Republican calls for "Tough Love" Neoliberal Austerity are absurdly inappropriate for medical care:     
When states deny Medicaid Expansion and Preventative Care, states are forced to pay billions more to reimburse hospitals for unpaid ER bills.

American Broke Folk already use a Nuclear Option known as the Emergency Room:   

President Ronald Reagan signed the Emergency Medical Treatment Act of 1986 that forces all hospital ER's to provide medical treatment to all folks even if they are broke, unemployed, homeless or illegal.   

Reagan's Law forced many hospital ER's to close bankrupt, as it never mandated funding: States have been begging for federal matching funds to help pay all these unpaid ER bills of Broke Folk. 

Since 1986, the fed and states reimbursed hospitals billions in unpaid medical bills of Broke Folk who get all their medical care in Emergency Rooms, by far the most expensive form of medical care.   

If republicans had any brains, they would happily advocate Medicaid Expansion and Preventative Care to save a fortune in reimbursing hospitals for unpaid ER bills.   

Universal Medicaid must be free and given to everyone of all ages, funded by payroll tax.   Replace for-profit insurance with Medicaid.     All other advanced nations offer free healthcare and medicine funded by tax.        
All other advanced nations enjoy Single Payer Universal National Health Service.   American must catch up with the world.


University of Utah Salt Lake City
University of Arizona Tucson

University of Washington Seattle

Free University Education for Everyone

University Education must be free and funded by tax:     No student should pay back any student loan.     Public universities must be funded solely by tax so that research and resources are devoted to our Public Interest and Common Good. 

American university education failed:     Tuition skyrocketed above inflation.     The Pell Grant is not enough.     Students can only hope for a ruinous loan they cannot pay back, slave chains of life-long debt.

Many Americans stumble into a Community College Vocational Certificate or two-year Associates Degree that costs only a few thousand dollars.    Yet many cannot find Iraq on a map or name the Vice President.    Many never master critical thinking, and remain ignorant of history and science.   

Knowledge is power:    If you have no university education, if you are illiterate and get all your news from pop media, your ignorance will always keep you powerless.

As Locals are denied Higher Education, America is denied Critical Thinkers and the Next Wave of Tech Innovation.     Asian and Indian grads will return to their nations to ride this Next Wave.      And this same wave will drown Americans who stand around awaiting orders from their Foreign Boss.    

As America stagnates, universities in other nations are developing essential medicine, pandemic vaccines, green energy, solar panels, building our bright future.    

America must catch up with the world.

End The Police State

American Universal Basic Income and Universal Medicaid and Free University Education require Opportunity Cost:             We can fund Military Spending, or fund Human Services, but not both. 

The Nordic Model is funded by a Permanent Peace Dividend, and cannot be funded if a nation wastes half its revenue on a bloated military:      
Nordic Model nations spend relatively nothing on their military, and since World War II, never go to war.      

Nordic nations are strong advocates of the United Nations, playing active roles as UN Peacekeepers.      It is time to expand and support UN Peacekeepers, as we gut the Pentagon.  

The Pentagon now steals 60%, over $600 billion from America's $1 trillion Discretionary Budget:      America wastes billions more on warfare than the next dozen nations combined.      America keeps over 700 bases in 120 nations.      America maintains 6,000 Nuclear Weapons.      No other nation wastes over half its budget on their military.    No other nation stockpiles so many nukes.    

Gut the Military:      
Defund the Pentagon.
Dismantle Nuclear Weapons.   
  Shut down overseas bases.    
 Shut down the School of the Americas.    Shut down Guantanamo Prison.    Ban military contracts.    Ban mercenaries.    Ban overseas weapons sales. Convict war criminals.

We can fund bloated police departments and prisons, or fund Free University Education for Everyone, but not both:    

The cause of an exploding prison population is the building of prisons:     To eliminate the Crap Class, stop creating the Crap Class:   Give everyone Free University Education and ambition to be a senator, and suddenly no one will want to play the role of parolee.

Weaponized Cops are a menace to society, a waste of your tax dollars:     Confiscate cop guns.     Cops are too stupid to be trusted with loaded guns.     Weaponized Pigs in black flak jackets harass pedestrians on every sidewalk.     Obese Securitas goons bully students on every campus.      Illiterate mall cops bully shoppers in every mall.      

Cops, guards and soldiers get paid for doing nothing, unambitious illiterate trash too dumb to get university education for any real profession.    Black Lives Matter.     Blue Lives Do Not Matter:       All cops who kill must do life in prison.

Ban "Stop and Frisk" and other cop patrols:     Cops must stay in stations to respond to phone calls as needed, just like firefighters.   

Have you ever seen a firefighter blocking a sidewalk stopping pedestrians to ask if they've seen any fires?     Absurd.    So why do we tolerate weaponized pigs blocking sidewalks trying to provoke violence, bullying pedestrians for no reason at intersections, on campus, in malls?      Did someone call 911?   No?     Then get the hell out of my way pig.  

Gut these bloated Police Departments:       Fire cops.    Gut prisons.    Shut down private prisons.    Fire guards.    Gut NSA, TSA and Homeland Security.      

Gut this bloated unnecessary despicable Police State:     Use the billions we save to fund Universal Basic Income, Universal Medicaid and Free University Education for Everyone. 

Economist Dr. David Harvey,   
Margaret Thatcher said "TINA," There Is No Alternative to capitalism.      After what we’ve been through since 2008, the idea that there is no alternative should be thrown aside.     But there seems to be a bankruptcy of ideas….   This austerity mantra is all over the world now, but it doesn’t work….  

When Bill Clinton was elected President, he burst out at his advisers saying, “Do you mean to tell me that all my policies have to be geared to the ideas of a bunch of fucking bond traders?”    Yes!    

Look what Clinton did:    He promised Universal Healthcare, but gave us WTO, NAFTA, ended welfare.    That was the moment when political power was no longer able to dominate financial power.    So the austerity thing is a political decision being driven by Class Power:     This is what Occupy Wall Street kids are saying…. 
Look, 100 students at CUNY got 300 riot cops on them, pushing them around.     This is serious.    A major threat to Class Power, just to talk about Class Inequality.     

Wall Street owns both parties and dominates everything, so we live in a Class Dominated society in which the only thing you are not allowed to talk about is Class Domination....
And we might move into a completely fictitious world in which we have Virtual Capital, where maybe 50 families accumulate 80% of global wealth and power, which is not impossible, given current dynamics:    

A few years ago India had 25 billionaires, now it has 69.     The amount of billionaires in China is catching up….     So we’re looking at a polarized society in which the rich will live in their ghettos while everyone else must scramble for their scraps....   

Class Inequality and Ecological Degradation must be stopped, and the way to do it is to end capitalism.

Economist Dr. Richard D. Wolff, 
A corporation has a tiny minority of people at the top, executives and the board of directors, who make all the decisions.     Workers are forced to live with their decisions, yet have no voice in such decisions.     I say it is time to bring democracy to the workplace.      

Workers must control the workplace:      If workers made the decisions, do you really think they would vote to outsource their own jobs to China?     Of course not.     Would workers vote to pollute their own air and water and poison their own kids just to make an extra nickel in profit?     Of course not.
The wealth gap between rich and poor is the result of a board of directors dividing up the profits and keeping the lion’s share for themselves.    

If you don’t want inequality, don’t unequally redistribute it in the first place:     Workers must equitably distribute all profit equally to all workers.     After all, profit is merely surplus value of labor, and it belongs to all workers.   

Now do you think workers would vote to unequally redistribute profits?    Of course not. They would vote for equitable distribution. 
So to change inequality in our nation, we must change the organization of the workplace.      Until you do that, you’re not serious.      You won’t solve any problems by redistributing:     Even if you have progressive income tax, the rich will always figure out a way to hide their fortune in overseas tax shelters.     So the solution is to equitably distribute profits in the first place....

When workers make the decisions, you stop outsourcing jobs, you stop the wealth gap, you stop inequality.     

Workers must form worker-run cooperatives.   Then we can buy goods and services only from worker-run cooperatives, and that would end global sweatshop slavery….

College students are not happy with answers from professors.      Students are challenging them.      A tension is growing.     Students are chained to student debt they cannot possibly pay back….       This system no longer works for them, and they know it.  

Economist Dr. Richard D. Wolff:


American Wealth Inequality Perception v Reality

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