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How To Be Hot

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Beauty Mermaid on the new Ebook, How To Be Hot

How To Be Hot is the answer to many questions I've received since I've 
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In the entire series, The Ize Have It, Izeing to Improve Your Life, Ocean shares a wealth of life transforming information and easy tips to open up an entire new you on the vast subjects from clothing to presentation, from exercise to relaxation, and from forgiveness to expiation, from divorce to repatriation !

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This is from the Ebook, How To Be Hot

For the Hottest of the Hot Subjects,
For a hot section on sex, see Sensual Mermaid ! Yes, sex is a part of good health and beauty too!

Beauty is a strange and heady brew - an elusive elixir that is seemingly 
bestowed at random on various individuals of our specie.

Although all the members of other species are, to us, beautiful, we sort and 
discriminate among the members of our own specie rather ruthlessly.



Do you suppose the ants in a colony outside your home gather in little clusters 
and point at hot ants or not-so-hot ants, and whisper about whatever attribute 
or attire or style of walking and talking makes this one alluring and that 
one disgusting?
Perhaps not.

Perhaps our primate inborn pattern of combining into bands, into small groups 
and tribalizing ourselves whether we're still in the tribal mode societally 
or not, coupled with all the mind-cramping exposure to constant advertising 
of products that would enforce discrimination and categorization upon us are to blame.


Actually, beauty is as beauty does.


Actually, we all can be beautiful. Audrey Hepburn certainly was gorgeous, and she was as beautiful a person in her actions as she was in her appearance.

How can we all be beautiful?
Well, first we make ourselves beautiful inside.

Yes. Even though we're all anxious to make the outside sleek and inviting, 
to conjure up all those suitors and lucky happenstances we imagine happen 
only to the outwardly beautiful among us, let's first fix our souls.

Strange subject for a beauty article, you say?
Not at all.

Keep reading and you'll understand.

Compassion is the one attribute all religions agree on - the one component that can elevate a human being to godlike ecstasy, and that can bestow true enlightenment.

Compassion is not just hand-holding someone in your family through an injury, or saying - "God, help him", silently to a homeless man you notice wandering the cold streets.

It's not just opening your mouths in prayer once a week at church or 
mouthing memorized prayers at bedtime.

And it's not being a shoulder to cry on for your close pals.

Being compassionate is not related to the ease of association.

It's not confined by the boundaries of your life or your connections.

Compassion is not even a warm and fuzzy emotion, although it will lead to warmth and will melt off not only pounds from your rear end but will dissolve years of resentment and bad moods, will stream through you like a lightning and will transform and transcend you from an ordinary mortal to an exquisite being of beauty - yes, it will make you beautiful !