How To Beat The Casinos



This website has been constructed to show you how and why the casino always wins, and how you can beat the casino! Hi my name is John Galvin and I am an online entrepreneur with many companies to my name.

I have been using this strategy I am about to tell you for many years now and have created a nice lifestyle for myself and family. Before I begin remember you will not become a Millionaire from this or any strategy you find on the internet, remember the Casino always wins, you just have to know how to look DUMB!!


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Looking Dumb!

The success of all Casinos (including Online) is getting “Stupid People To Spend Stupid Money!” contrary to common belief the success of the Casino is human greed, although human greed is in the end the Casino final weapon. We will discuss this later.

As I said the key is to get Stupid People To Spend Stupid Money. The Casino wants to draw you into gambling by using different methods to appeal to your greed.

Methods to appeal to your greed:
1.      Bonuses
a.      Ahhh the great bonus! Get 50% EXTRA NOW!!! When you spend €20 or more... what they fail to tell you is “...oh yes you need to lose approximately twice your money before you can withdraw...” I will explain this later in Bonus and how to beat it.
2.      The Last Euro/Dollar always wins:
a.      Yes when you are on your last Euro/Dollar or on your last bet, you will always win. You will not become a millionaire but enough to keep you gambling, beware this is a limited offer! But if you will always win on your last bet (LIMITED) does that not imply the Casino Games Are Fixed....
3.      Casino Games Are Fixed:

a.      Oh yes they are! I know there are Government Regulators to protect the customer against fraudulent Casinos etc etc... I will explain later in Casino Games Are Fixed and how to beat it, why they are fixed, how they are fixed. But for the moments remember; the Regulators of the Casinos are the same type of Regulators for our “banks” and look where that got us.

b.      As long as a Casino is paying taxes, providing support, providing help for addicted gamblers, and can prove it, the “Regulator” doesn’t give a dam!
4.      Big Winners:

a.      IT COULD BE YOU!!! but never is. I too used to see the scrolling text, in flash colours, telling me “Mary Wilson won 37,000$...” Have you ever notice the names, strange how these “Winners” are always happy house wives. You can picture these happy women on some quiet farm in South America living the dream... I have made ALLOT of money from Online Casino’s and my Name has never been shown!! I suppose “John Galvin won...” just does not have the homely ring they need!

Anyway I could go on for days on the different tactics used; but this is not why you are here right? You want to learn how to beat the casinos, for real, no gimmicks,  no upfront payment, no internet marketing scams, no “Give me $9.99 today and win $300 tonight” (I will show you a scam about this later), no scams, just the simple truth.

Well here it is, in order to beat the casino you must be dumb! By giving the casino the impression you are a first time gambler, a virgin, and the online casino will give all the winning it can in order to get you addicted.

And this is how you will do it....

How to Beat the Casino:

How to Beat the Casino Step 1: Learn the Casino Tactics

In order to beat the casino you must first understand how they are setup, how their tactics work and how they always win.

1.      Bonuses

a.      Yes as I explained earlier this is the core to all online gambling “Getting Stupid People To Spend Stupid Money”. Bonuses answer this question very quick, all online casinos offer you “400% Bonus, 80%Bonus with every 20 Euro/Dollar bet” etc etc. But what they fail to tell you is “you cannot win using bonus money”. You need to bet 400 times (for 400% bonus) your original bet in order to clam back the bet. Have a look at these screen captures...

b.       In the following example I have lodged €10 and got another €10 as a bonus plus I have won another €10.75. So all in all I am on a role. I decide to take out €20 as my winnings.... but watch what happens:



d.      For some “strange” reason I am unable to withdraw any money! But I have won!!! Hmmm “Stupid Money???”

e.      Support Answers...


g.      I ask some simple questions,

                                                              i.      Why I cannot withdraw?

1.      You cannot withdraw because €30.50 is your Bonus Balance...

h.      Wait one minute!!! Only €10 is my bonus not €30.50. The €30.50 total is made up of 1: Wager €10, 2: bonus €10 and 3: winnings! Of €10.50

i.        Finally I ask support what are the requirements to withdraw money,
                                                              i.      Support will email me with the required information, I will show you this email later.

j.        Over the next 3 pictures you will see how I continue to win, don’t worry I will tell you how to win to! , and when I got back my €10 wager and profit I withdrew and closed.




n.      Before we continue I want to point out the companies I shown in this website (although they trick you) do in fact payout, are good, safe companies to bet with. And I for one have made allot of money from Online Casinos and they have never banned me, black listed me, questioned my winnings or refuse to payout my winnings. But when you are using bonus like I have shown in the above example you need to note that following:

                                                              i.      Look at the last 3 pictures you will see how my winnings increased compared to my displayed winnings. This is how the casino gets you to bet more and more.

                                                            ii.      The system is designed so that when you use bonus you must bet the bonus and wager in order to withdraw the wager for example:

1.      Bet €10

2.      Get 100% Bonus

3.      Total €20

4.      You need to bet at least €30 before you can withdraw

5.      In my pictures you see I have €37 yet I can only with draw €10.80

6.      Be careful it all depends on how much you lose

                                                          iii.      Early I explained that support where to email me back, well they did only after I lost all the money (Don’t worry I wanted to lose to prove a point) There is a screen capture of that email.


p.      As you can see the Casino always win. In the above email support are tell me I have no more wager requirements as I have lost all my money!!! But the problem is if I wager another €10 I get another bonus and I am back in the same mess again. The Casino always wins, follow my method and get out when you win. Also what is the point of the above email, it makes no sense!!!... Remember “...stupid people spending stupid money...” be careful.
q.      How to Beat the Bonus...

                                                              i.      Simple don’t accept them,

                                                            ii.      Bet with ‘!!!!SMALL!!!!!’ amounts (0.10 cent to €1.50 Max Bet)

                                                          iii.      Use the Demo Free Money to Practice and PLEASE PRACTICE MY METHOD,

                                                          iv.      NEVER BET MORE THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE

                                                            v.      FINALLY REMEMBER THE CASINO ALWAYS WINS!!! (Follow my method and get out quick)
2.      Last Euro/Dollar Bet Always Win:

a.      When you are on your last Dollar bet, you always win, but this is a limited offer.

b.      The Casino is trying to get you addicted, and if you are a new customer and just lost your first 20 Euro/Dollar wager, you can be assured the casino is going to let you win. But Why?

c.       The reason is simple; if someone loses their money within the first 15 minutes of playing they will leave with a hard lesson learned and never return. But if they lose their money after 15minutes of playing; they are more likely to bet more money.

d.      Remember when you are winning, it is not luck; the Casino is letting you win. There is nothing Random, all games are fixed
3.      Casino Games Are Fixed:

a.      I have argued with many people over this, but the answer is simple “CASINO GAMES ARE FIXED” and the Casino always wins (but there is a way to beat the casino, I will show you...). One argument that interested me the most was “...computers create the perfect random numbers, how could the games be fixed?”

b.      The answer is simple, it is because the computer can generate such wild random numbers that the games are fixed.

c.       Casino would never win if it depended on the computer random events. The events would be so wild you would win Millions, lose Millions and win again all on a 0.10cent bet!

d.      But Casino Software does depend on random events generated by your computer! Confused??? Let me explain

                                                              i.      User (you) place a bet

                                                            ii.      User Hits the Start Button (Go Button, Spin Button etc)

                                                          iii.      The computer generates a Random Event (Keeps Regulator Happy)

                                                          iv.      BUT! Software looks at the Random Result and asks “Is this result in the best interest of the.... CASINO!!!”

                                                            v.      If the result is not in the best interest of the Casino the software calls for another result, and another and another and an... well you get the idea.

                                                          vi.      It is the Casino who decides if you win or not, the computer just keeps the “Regulators” happy.
e.      Tactics Mappings:

                                                              i.      Tactics Mappings is a method by where computer programmers program software to track, learn, and record how a user is playing.

                                                            ii.      It is normally used in 3D Games, Fighting Games, Strategy games but now is been used in Online Casino Games.

                                                          iii.      In Online Casino Games, Tactics Mapping is used to look for when a user is using traditional Casino Games Cracking, such as “Card Reading” etc

                                                          iv.      Casinos use this type of programming to track how a user is playing, if there is a logic to the user methods orif they are winning too much (like me). But remember the 15 minute Rule!!! Although casino may detect you are using a method (Casino Crack) to win, it may not block you for 15 minutes in order to get you to bet more!. NEVER BET FOR LONGER THAN 15 MINTUES!!!! Look at the pictures in Section 1, and look at the time, I stop completely after 15 minutes, took my winnings and RAN!!!

                                                            v.      ALSO NEVER BET MORE THAN YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE!!!!

                                                          vi.      FINALLY THE 15 MINUTE RULE IS A LIMITED RULE, I will explain all the rules and how to win later.
f.        15 Minute Rule And Never Win More Than 300 In Any Currency:

                                                              i.      This rule applies to both to new and existing customers

                                                            ii.      For New Customers The 15 minute Rule Implies:

1.      To Get The Customer Betting

2.      Betting Is Easy

3.      Get The Customer Addicted

4.      Winning is Easy

5.      Support Will Contact you

6.      Put A Happy Face on the Casino!

7.      Collect Data (Tactics)
                                                          iii.      For Existing Customers The 15 Minute Rule Implies


2.      Will only work if you have ALWAYS left a game/casino within 15 minutes

3.      Get The Customer Addicted!

4.      Get the customer to Win,

5.      Get the Customer to Bet More and Win More!!

6.      Collect Data Tactics
                                                          iv.      After 15 minutes the following occurs:

1.      Casino has now collected enough data to see how you are betting

2.      It knows your tactics

3.      It knows the speed of which you bet and can calculate a rate for which to let you win more before it... Destroys you

4.       Once The Casino Knows your Tactics, it will force you to lose

5.      Once you start losing, you cannot stop. LEAVE

6.      The Casino will let you win every so often, but the Casino will take all your wagers within a few bets.

7.      The Casino knows how to win,

8.      Casino has control of your software and your money!

9.      Once you pass the 15 minute mark, GET OUT NOW!

10.  Most likely it is too late and you will lose your money, if this happens, DO NOT BET AGAIN! Get a coffee, watch TV, play with kids, but most important WALK AWAY for at least 48 Hours before trying again.
                                                            v.      Never win More than 300 Euro/Dollar/Lira etc

1.      In order to hit 300 Euro in 15 minutes you must win nonstop.

2.      If you win 300 Euro the Casino will have enough Data to imply ‘iv.’ And the casino will destroy you within minutes, take your winnings and laugh!

3.      Once you hit 300 Euros STOP, STOP, STOP!!!!!!
4.      Big Winners:

a.      IT COULD BE YOU!!! But never is. I too used to see the scrolling text, in flash colours, telling me “Mary Wilson won 37,000$...” Have you ever notice the names, strange how these “Winners” are always happy house wives. You can picture these happy women on some quiet farm in South America living the dream... I have made ALLOT of money from Online Casino’s and my Name has never been shown!! I suppose “John Galvin won...” just does not have the homely ring they need

b.      Remember you will NEVER be a Millionaire from any system you find on the internet including Online Casinos.

c.       Yes I have made allot of money from Online Casinos, but I am not a Millionaire from it. I have other online companies that give me the life I want





                                                             v. J

d.      But you can use my method to help paying with bills, to get that car you always wanted, go on holidays, to pay off debt (Please read my Debt Management and How I got out of debt if you are in debt, BETTING WILL NOT SOLVE YOUR DEBT PROBLEM, I have better ways to deal with debt, trust me, do not bet)

e.       Finally remember the Casino lies to you, it is a business, and it is designed to make profit. No “Business” can survive handing out Millions in winnings everyday when only 1000’s are betting everyday!

f.        There are no big winners, there never was and never will be.
5.      Demo Game Play:
a.      The demo game play is great as it gives you the change to practice without risk, BUT REMEMBER:

                                                              i.      The Casino wants you to bet

                                                            ii.      The Casino wants you to become addicted

                                                          iii.      The same software, same rules, but the 15 minute rule is extended

                                                           iv.      The Casino gives you €6000 Demo (Stupid) Money
1.      If you lose who cares

                                                             v.      In the Demo you will WIN WIN WIN

                                                           vi.      Never believe you have won anything in the Demo
1.      Never think “I won 1000’s in the Demo, this is simple...”
                                                         vii.      DO NOT FORGET “Stupid People to Spend Stupid Money”. NEVER PLAY DEMO FOR MORE THAN 15 MINUTES. Casino will still collect data in the demo!
6.      Stupid People to Spend Stupid  Money

a.      Read Back Over What I Just Said... “Stupid People...”

b.      Stupid People:

                                                              i.      Look at section 1 picture; see how they restrict you from YOUR money!!!

                                                            ii.      Look at the support email in Section 1o.

                                                          iii.      €30.50 is your “BONUS” Money... How??????

                                                           iv.      Look at Mary Wilson

                                                             v.      15 Minutes Rule, WIN WIN WIN

                                                           vi.      Think about the “Regulator”!!!

                                                         vii.      Think How can they give away Millions of Dollars when only 1000’s are betting with 0.10 cent to 1 Euro/Dollar (Average bet 0.40, Online Survey) 

                                                       viii.      Do not under estimate the power of Tactics Mapping Programming, NASA use this form of programming for their Satiates, Mars Rovers etc

                                                           ix.      The Casino ALWAYS WINS!!!!

                                                             x.      Think... “Am I Stupid???”
c.       Stupid Money:

                                                              i.      Demo Money is always some crazy figure, €6000, €2400. Remember this is not real money, and when you win in the Demo the casino is letting you win

                                                            ii.      Bonuses, the Casino takes your Wager, and gives you a bonus. The Bonus money is not real.

                                                          iii.      You can win Millions!!! But this is not possible, not enough people betting

                                                          iv.      Mary Wilson Won 37000$
7.      Conclusion
a.      Casino always wins...

Step 2: Learn the NEVER rules:

1.      Rules:

a.      There are always rules, and these rules must not be broken.
                                                              i.      NEVER BET MORE THAN YOU ARE WILLING TO LOSE!!!
1.      I cannot stress this rule enough

                                                            ii.      Never bet with someone else Money.

                                                          iii.      Never bet for more than 15 minutes
1.      See Section1o pictures, look at my times

                                                          iv.      Never win more than 300 Euro/Dollar/etc

                                                            v.      Never bet big!
1.      Used 0.10cent to 1.50 bets, these bets are small, but you will in time have many games opened to make big money
                                                          vi.      Never take bonus
1.      Only if you understand fully how the system works
                                                        vii.      If you start to lose continuously STOP, walk away, enjoy life and come back in 24 to 48 hours to COLLECT what money is left.
1.      Look at the pictures again in section1o; I left once I got my €10 wager back and my €2.10 profit. I know the profit is small but I was trying to give examples for this report, and taking screen captures, talking to support.... etc etc the 15 minutes pass to quick
                                                      viii.      NEVER bet between 16.00 and 18.00 in anytime zone
1.      I did not get to explain this, but there is a real reason to why you should not bet between these times. YOU WILL LOSE! It is to do with when the casino looks at their winning verse loses and the system tries to balance/reduce loses it is very complex. DO NOT BET

                                                           ix.       NEVER believe the casino, YOU WILL NEVER BE A MILLONARE from any online betting, casino system but you can make very good money.

                                                             x.      ONLY USE THE COMPANIES LINKS I HAVE SHOWN HERE, NEVER USE OTHER

1.      These are legal companies, with real offices, real support, and real money and will pay you your winnings without question.

2.      These companies have never block me, black listed me, refused payment or band me.

3.      Although these companies will try to trick you (it is their business) they back down to any query by your credit card company, and have full support.
2.      Step 3: How To Beat The Casino Getting Started:
a.      Finally... the steps you need to beat the online casinos.
                                                              i.      Steps:
1.      Click any of the casino links shown on this page to download the required software.
2.      Sign up for a NEW account.
a.      Do not use an Existing or Old Account as the Casino would of collected all the data it needed for it to win by now
3.      Start with small money.


b.      Depending on your payment type the minimum bet will change, this is normal and the casinos are not trying to trick you. It is to do with bank charges.

4.      If you UNDERSTAND fully how bonus work then accept bonus, if not then forget bonus

                                                                                                                                      i.      Casino Will Still Collect DATA!

6.      Open The Game European Roulette

7.      Select “0.10 to 1.50 MAX” bets

8.      Get a pen and paper
3.      How To Beat The Casino: Game Play
a.      Ok now that you understand the rules, under the casino tactics and understand fully that the casino always wins... you are ready to beat them

                                                              i.      First open your Casino Software

                                                            ii.      Select European Roulette

                                                          iii.      Select Single Player

                                                           iv.      Select 0.10 to 1.50 bets

                                                             v.      Place .10 cent on Red

                                                           vi.      Hit Spin

1.      If you win Great

2.      If you lose, just place .20 cent on red
                                                         vii.      When you lose always double your Bet, therefore when you win again you will get back your loses: : 1st Lose 20c, 2nd 40c, 3rd 80c, 4 1.60c, 5 3.20, keep bets small, so you do not run out of money. the chances of 5 Black/Red in a row are huge. If it happens, then the Casino knows what you are doing. GET OUT NOW!!!.        

                                                       viii.      There is great probably maths behind this theory, but the simple way to win is to bet SMALL, and when you lose, double your bet.

                                                           ix.      NEVER change colour

                                                             x.      Only bet for 15 minutes and no more (16 minutes and it is too late)

                                                           xi.      Now the above is available all over the internet, but you will be a long time before you make big money. What all these scam sites forget to tell you is the following.

                                                         xii.      When you make 2 EURO/Dollar profit do this:
1.      Bet 1 Euro/Dollar

a.      If you win great, bet again another 1 Dollar

b.      If you lose, stop, bet 0.10cent and keep going till you hit another 2 Euro/Dollar
2.      When you make €10 profit
a.      Bet 5 Euro/Dollar
                                                                                                                                      i.      If you win Great, another 5 Euro/Dollar until you lose
                                                                                                                                    ii.      If you lose, bet 1 Euro

1.      If you win keep betting 1 EURO for another 10 Euro/Dollar. Then 5 dollar etc

2.      If you lose bet 0.10 cent and double your bet until you win another €2 profit
3.      Keep going until 14 minutes have passed or you have hit 300 Euro/Dollar then STOP STOP STOP STOP. NO MORE THAN 15 MINUTES

                                                       xiii.      Cash out your Winnings and run!

                                                       xiv.      Come back in 24 hours or more

                                                         xv.      NEVER RETURN BEFORE 24 HOURS YOU WILL LOSE!

How To Win 200 Dollar Euro In 5 Minutes

 Remember to double your bet when you lose: 1st lose 20c, 2nd lose 40c, 3rd lose 80c, 4 lose 1.60c. This way you will always win back what you have lose. Also you do not have to double your bet when you win. That is my own system for making money faster, it is up to you if you want to try it.
4.      Why does your method work?

a.      It all about acting dumb and afraid.

b.      The system is designed to get you addicted, you play the game of an addicted player by betting big after you won some money
                                                              i.      i.e. after winning 2 Euro/Dollar on 0.10 cent bets you bet 1 Euro/Dollar.
c.       But is when you lose you beat the system. The system is expecting you to be addicted (0.10 cent, doubling bets etc) and is expecting you to bet another 1 euro or to double your bet to 2 Euro/Dollar but you don’t...
d.      You become afraid (a lesson learned) and bet less (Drop to 0.10)
e.      The rule “Last Bet Never Loses” kicks in and system tries to draw you back into the game by letting you win.
f.        BE WARNED, if you lose and drop your bet, i.e. you where on 1 euro bets and drop to 0.10cent bets, NEVER jump back to 1 EURO bets until you hit the targets again. The reason is simple; you will be playing into the hands of the casinos, that’s what they want you to do.

                                                              i.      For Example if you have 10 Euro Wager and have won 2 euro on .10 cent bet, total 12 euro. Place a 1 euro bet, if you lose start again with 0.10 cent until you hit 13 euro (2 euro more profit).



5.      Betting Table:

                  Bet (Euro/Dollar)

     Change To Next Level Bet @



                 2 Profit

                 Double Bet when you lose (0.10, 0.20, 0.40, 0.80 etc) until you hit 2 Eur/Dol Profit


                  10 Profit

                 Never Double Bet, drop to 0.10 on first lose, get another 2 profit


                30 Profit

                    Never Double Bet, Drop to €1 bet on first lose, another 10 profit


               70 Profit

                  Never Double bet, Drop To 5 Euro on first lose, another 30 profit


                250 to 300

                 STOP. Leave, come back in 24 hours

6.      And that’s it:

a.      Yes that is it, that’s how to win. All website that offer you “Give me $9.99 today and win $300 tonight” are going to tell you the very same as I did.

b.      There is a formula to this method, here it is...

                                                              i.      I am not going to explain it!

c.       Finally when you win, please donate money to me! I am not going to lie to you; this is how I make money. I shown you how to make good easy cash, please donate a little of your winnings to the man who work it all out, who took the risk of using real money to prove my method, (see videos). I think this information is worth 10 dollars, donate to me what you think it is worth to you. I am honest, upfront, and have not hidden anything from you, please be honest with me.

d.      I wish you the best of luck...