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Know? Side effects of collagen

Collagen to the skin very well, can make the skin flexible, you can also like the breast, but the strong dependence of this thing, if, once interrupted, there will be no effect. And if you really want to add collagen, must be taken by mouth and used that in the skin, the effect is very small, because the absorption of this thing is difficult. As for brands, I think all the same. I wish you more and more beautiful.

I also heard some rumors that eating collagen will be lobular hyperplasia, also said that eating collagen, so please have side effects on renal, collagen is no side effects, unless it is added hormones, may have been taking collagen production allergic reactions like, This is indeed the normal, not hundred percent for all products. Then recommend something, Canami pure collagen powder, natural, and I ate a month or no side effects, does make the skin changed for the better.

Collagen is not a drug!
Collagen protein is the most abundant protein, is from the pig skin, skin, bones ... ... in a natural food extract.
Collagen and skin
75% of the skin dermis composed of collagen, the fibrous collagen network structure formed, providing the skin tone and elasticity; the same time, the collagen in the dermis or the epidermis and epidermal subsidiary organs (hair) and nutritional supply station, transport water for the skin.
Collagen an important role for the skin were 100 visible, skin growth, repair and nutrition are inseparable from the collagen. Collagen cells to become full, so filling your skin to maintain skin elasticity and moisture, keeping skin smooth and delicate. Two key anti-wrinkle skin healthy and moisturizing with collagen protein.
Collagen and hair

Healthy hair lies the basis of scalp hair, subcutaneous tissue nutrition, in the dermis, collagen is the epidermis and epidermal appendages of nutrition supply station, skin hair and nails main appendage. Lack of collagen, hair drying bifurcation, nails easily broken, dark dull.
Collagen and bone

Bone in 70% -80% organic matter is collagen, bone formation, the first to be adequate synthesis of collagen fibers to form the skeleton of the framework. Therefore, it is known as the bone collagen in the bones.
Collagen fibers with strong toughness and flexibility, if we compare a long bone into a concrete pillar, then the collagen fibers is that the steel framework of columns, and the lack of collagen, the building used as low-grade steel, the risk of fracture become weak.
Collagen protein and muscle
Collagen, muscle tissue, although not a major component materials, but the collagen protein and muscle growth are closely related. For young people in the growth stage, collagen protein supplement can promote the growth hormone secretion and muscle growth. For adults who want to keep in shape, build muscle need solid fit and added collagen. 123

Collagen and breast
The role of collagen on the breast already well known. The breast tissue mainly by connective tissue and fat composition, and upright breasts largely dependent on the supporting connective tissue, collagen is the main component of connective tissue, "in the connective tissue and collagen and proteoglycans often interwoven into network structure, have a certain mechanical strength, is supporting the body curve, reflecting the material basis of upright posture. "
Collagen and Weight Loss

To lose weight need to burn fat (catabolism), and hydrolyzed collagen catabolic process that can increase and extend, burn more fat to achieve the purpose of weight loss. And collagen on the cell's repair function will consume a lot of heat, this ability will consume a lot of heat, this function must be carried out during sleep, so taking the hydrolysis of collagen, sleep can lose weight, easy weight loss dreams into reality .

Collagen is a good thing, however, can not eat every day, the president said to eat more acne.
Preferably more exercise after eating, that would be more easily absorbed and does not allow excess collagen deposition.
A bit like the right amount of fill. Pure does not affect the kidneys, if there is a hormone or other ingredients added, then you never know
Cause hyperplasia is added hormones. .
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