How Long To Cook 18 Pound Turkey

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how long to cook 18 pound turkey
how long to cook 18 pound turkey - Nesco 4808-14-30
Nesco 4808-14-30 Classic Roaster Oven, 18-Quart, Non-stick Cookwell, Ivory
Nesco 4808-14-30 Classic Roaster Oven, 18-Quart, Non-stick Cookwell, Ivory
Since 1932 the Nesco brand name has been synonymous with Roaster Ovens. With a Nesco Roaster Oven you can roast, bake, cook, steam, slow cook and serve. Other than broiling, the Nesco Roaster Oven can do anything a normal oven can do but better and with less energy usage and less heat generated in the kitchen. The Roaster Oven is portable so you can make great tasting meals wherever you go. The exclusive "Circle of Heat" heating element wraps around for moist, even cooking. The automatic temperature control maintains even cooking temperatures from 200 degrees to 450 degrees. Removable steel rack has easy lift out handles and the design allows for better baking and fat-free roasting. The 18 qt size is designed to hold up to a 22 lb Turkey so it large enough for family gatherings and other social events. Non-stick removable cookwell. New Ivory Color. Recipe guide and use / care included.

Perfect for big families and occasions when kitchen oven space isn't sufficient, this portable 1,425-watt roaster oven roasts, cooks, bakes, steams, and slow cooks any food imaginable--from 200 to 450 degrees F. It's big enough for roasting a 22-pound turkey, cooking 18 quarts of chili for the soccer team, baking two loaves of bread, steaming lots of vegetables or several lobsters, and slow cooking a beef stew. Measuring 22-1/2 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 12 inches high overall, the roaster has a removable nonstick cooking pan that is 17-1/4 inches long, 11-1/2 inches wide, and 5-1/4 inches deep. An additional 2 to 3 inches of depth is provided by a domed, vented lid. Included is a nonstick roasting rack (with handles) that also lifts casserole dishes and baking pans and sheets off the bottom. A wraparound heating element ensures even, moist heat. A cooking-time guide and recipes accompany the roaster, which carries a one-year warranty against defects. It's even attractive enough to take to the table for serving. --Fred Brack

turkey day
turkey day
while hiking, i spotted a flock of turkeys, on flew up on a branch!
how long to cook 18 pound turkey