When Angels came

all music and art © 2008 J R Howley

With little time to live, an old man returns to the fields of his youth where he often saw angels. With him is his robot companion who reads a poem the old man wrote for the occasion.

Click Here for the audio poem. (Text of the Poem below)

O how lovely are the fields!

They are green once again.

I Tell you, Angels have been there

I have seen them once

When I was very young.

It was early in the morning

Just before Dawn.

The flew fast;

Down they swept, great balls of light-

You should have seen them,

Many of them.

And they played and then they smiled at me.

I was very happy

Then sad to see them go.

I never saw them again, ever.

I have come back to see if they still care.

Maybe in my youth I was pure-

Maybe that's why I saw them

Perhaps they still come even now.