by John R. Howley


Having reached the end of it's life cycle, a robot follows it's last programed task-the migration to the great buriel grounds of  the planet Aura. Here, all Artificial Intelligent Devices  wil go through their termination processe, adding themselves to the piles of junk that were once  useful machines to human kind.

From afar,  Aura seems of no particular notice A Gaseous cloud covers it's surface most of the time. However,  On closer inspection, one would see  what appears to be mountains; closer yet, one would notice that  these are in reality  huge piles of the dead and discarded soldiers of the electronic needs of man, stacked and piled willy-nilly as they died. 

Now of one such particular Droid that ended up here our story is interested in, for this Droid had a wish. Against all logic, it had somehow been programmed by someone to override it's initial commands .  It would not die as commanded-not until it was able to relate it's wish to tell a story that it had concealed in the depths of it's motherboard. 

Listen to an excerpt from THE DYING WISH OF A DROID. click here.