Custom Furniture Upholstery


We have a large selection of fabrics available for purchase, but feel free to bring in your own fabric. We price our labor independent of your fabric choice, so you have complete control over design.


With more than 30 years of experience, we have upholstered all types of furniture. From Antiques to Modern furniture. Accent pieces, Headboards, Window Seating , Upholstered Wall Coverings to comfy everyday chairs. We can make your vision a reality


You will have many options to fit your level of design. We can upholster "as is" or change to a new look. I will personally address any concerns or ideas you have about your furniture. We will work with you to achieve the desired results while keeping costs in the playing field. Creating a unique design that's you! We offer pickup and delivery service to your neighborhood at a reasonable cost. Call or email for pricing.


Once you recognize the level of professionalism and commitment we provide, Howell Upholstery will travel to your state and deliver that commitment to you. Whether you're a professional with a degree in Interior Design, or an inspired home owner with an eye for design, we are eager to work with you on your project.


     Email a picture of your project for a free estimate and yardage count.

123 McGriff Street
Fort Walton Beach Florida

Not only specializing in custom home furniture, but Upholstered Walls and Media Room Echo Proofing as well .  Its both unique and practical! 


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