Environmental Science
Homework/Projects= 30%

Participation= 10%

Assessment= 50%

Final Exam= 10%

Monday, March 6th- Card, Sink Challenge, Chromebooks, Science Book Look Up, Species List (how many can you come up with?)

Tuesday, March 7th- Food Web

Wednesday, March 8th- Why are you taking this class?  Work on Food Web

Thursday, March 9th- Food Web

Friday, March 10th- 1/2 Day Food Web

Monday, March 13th- Snow Day

Tuesday, March 14th-Read, Brackets

Wednesday, March 15th- Read, Study Birds

Thursday, March 16th- Read, Go over Brackets, Study Birds, Introduce Isle Royale

Friday, March 17th-Read, Finish Going over Brackets, Study Birds, Introduce Elementary Book Project.

Monday, March 20th-
Tuesday, March 21st-
Wednesday, March 22nd-
Thursday, March 23rd-
Friday, March 24th-

Monday, March 27th-
Tuesday, March 28th-
Wednesday, March 29th-
Thursday, March 30th-
Friday, March 31st- Spring Break

Monday, April 3rd- Spring Break
Tuesday, April 4th- Spring Break
Wednesday, April 5th- Spring Break
Thursday, April 6th- Spring Break
Friday, April 7th- Spring Break

Monday, April 10th-
Tuesday, April 11th- Testing     
Wednesday, April 12th- Testing
Thursday, April 13th- Testing
Friday, April 14th-

Monday, April 17th- Impact Meeting
Tuesday, April 18th-
Wednesday, April 19th-Athlete Signing 1st Macro
Thursday, April 20th-
Friday, April 21st-

Monday, April 24th- Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:30-7:30
Tuesday, April 25th-
Wednesday, April 26- Interim Meeting at the end of 3rd Macro
Thursday, April 27th-
Friday, April 28th-

Monday, May 1st
Tuesday, May 2nd-
Wednesday, May 3rd-
Thursday, May 4th-
Friday, May 5th-

Monday, May 8th-
Tuesday, May 9th-
Wednesday, May 10th-
Thursday, May 11th-
Friday, May 12th-

Monday, May 15th-
Tuesday, May 16th-
Wednesday, May 17th- Senior Exams Hours 3, 4, 5
Thursday, May 18th- Senior Exams Hours 1, 2
Friday, May 19th-

Monday, May 22nd-
Tuesday, May 23rd-
Wednesday, May 24th-
Thursday, May 25th- Senior Assembly
Friday, May 26th- No School

Monday, May 29th- No School
Tuesday, May 30th-
Wednesday, May 31st-
Thursday, June 1st- 5th Macro Exams
Friday, June 2nd- 1st and 2nd Macro Exams

Monday, June 5th-3rd and 4th Macro Exams
Tuesday, June 6th- Interim
Wednesday, June 7th- Interim
Thursday, June 8th- Interim
Friday, June 9th- Interim

16 Environmental Science Class Review ‎[Form]‎

Homework/Projects= 30%

Participation= 10%

Assessment= 50%

Final Exam= 10%

Thursday, March 10th- Parent Note, syllabus, note cards, hand out books, prequiz,  sink challenge, outside,  Journal

Friday, March 11th- Outside

Monday, March 14th-Work on Food Web- needs to include 32 organisms labeled by name and type, 20 need to be organisms from Michigan (producer, carnivore, omnivore, decomposer, scavenger, etc. ), 

Tuesday, March 15th- Work on ID List

Wednesday, March 16th-Work on ID List

Thursday, March 17th- Work on ID List

Friday, March 18- Work on ID List, Work on Food Web, Introduce book project,

Tuesday, March 22nd- Review Macroinvertebrates, Outside to look at pond water

Wednesday, March 23rd- Review Macroinvertebrates, Earth Day Book Ideas, Yellowstone Video, Watershed Talk

Thursday, March 24th-Review Macroinvertebrates, Story of Stuff, Book Ideas?,

Friday, March 25th- Round 1 Top Half Results, Round 1 Bottom Half Results  Round 2 MS EAB, Round 2 GM FS , Round 2 ES GM , Round 2 BS MS Final Four BS GM,  Final Four EAB FS  http://greatlakesecho.org/page/2/?s=Rachael+Gleason

Monday, March 28th-Land Ethic, Feral Pig,   Isle Royale


 Introduce Non-native projectFinish Species inventory list and share with Mr. Howell,  Share Book Project with Mr. Howell, Apple Planned Obsolescence

Tuesday, March 29th- Food Waste Nat. Geo.
Wednesday, March 30th-Jack Johnson Concert Rider
Thursday, March 31st-Outside hike
Friday, April 1st- No School

Monday, April 4th- No School
Tuesday, April 5th- No School
Wednesday, April 6th- No School
Thursday, April 7th- No School
Friday, April 8th- No School

Monday, April 11th- work on stories
Tuesday, April 12th- 11th Grade SAT 7:45- 11:45, Senior Picture 10am, work on stories
Wednesday, April 13th- 11th Grade Work Keys Test, outside macro
Thursday, April 14th- 11th Grade Work Keys Test, outside macro
Friday, April 15th- Work on stories

Monday, April 18th- Work on stories
Tuesday, April 19th- Work on stories
Wednesday, April 20th- Work on stories
Thursday, April 21st- Read stories to Emmons Lake
Friday, April 22nd- Read Stories to Cal El

Monday, April 25th- P/T Conferences 5:30-7:30, outside macroinvertebrates
Tuesday, April 26th- All school interim meeting 11:00-11:37, Isle Royale Videos 1, 2, 3, 4
Wednesday, April 27th- Reading, Go over Birds and Trees, Praying Mantis Eggs
Thursday, April 28th- Reading, go over birds, trees,
Friday, April 29th-Isle Royal Research and response

Tuesday, May 3rd-Read, contact a Lawmakes, Isle Royale Response
Wednesday, May 4th-Read, contact a Lawmakes, Isle Royale Response
Thursday, May 5th-Hike to Lakeside
Friday, May 6th- Hike to Lakeside

Monday, May 9th-King Corn
Tuesday, May 10th- King Corn
Wednesday, May 11th- Work on Lawmaker Project
Thursday, May 12th-Work on Lawmaker Project
Friday, May 13th- Work on Lawmaker

Monday, May 16th-Outside ID
Tuesday, May 17th-Outside ID
Wednesday, May 18th-Outside ID
Thursday, May 19th- Seniors Last Day, Pond ID
Friday, May 20th-20 Minutes of Science Reading, work on book project, work on lawmaker project, study ID species, research Natural Resources and Mining

Monday, May 23rd-
Tuesday, May 24th-
Wednesday, May 25th-
Thursday, May 26- Graduation
Friday, May 27th- No School

Monday, May 30th- No School
Tuesday, May 31st- Final Exam Review
Wednesday, June 1st-
Thursday, June 2nd- 5th Macro Exams
Friday, June 3rd- 1st & 2nd Macro Exams

Monday, June 6th- 3rd & 4th Macro Exams
Tuesday, June 7th- Interim
Wednesday, June 8th- Interim
Thursday, June 9th- Interim
Friday, June 10th- Interim

Homework/Projects= 30%

Participation= 10%

Assessment= 50%

Final Exam= 10%

Mammals Test                                            Mammals Pictures
Amphibians Test                                         Amphibians Pictures
Reptiles Test                                                Reptiles Pictures
Trees and Shrubs Test                                Trees and Shrurbs Test
Fish Test                                                    Fish Pictures

Macroinvertebrate Test                                Macroinvertebrate Pictures
Birds Test                                                    Birds Pictures

Environmental Science Class Review ‎[Form]‎

Thursday, March 5th-3rd Tri Starts Parent Note, syllabus, note cards, hand out books, prequiz,  sink challenge, 

Friday, March 6th- Work on Food Web- needs to include 24 organisms labeled by name and type (producer, carnivore, omnivore, decomposer, scavenger, etc. )

Monday, March 9th- Work on book project, Work on ID List

Tuesday, March 10th- Work on book project, Work on ID List

Wednesday, March 11th- Work on food web

Thursday, March 12th- Work on book project, Work on ID List

Friday, March, 13th- Outside to work on real ID

Monday, March, 16th-Outside to work on real ID

Tuesday, March 17th- Homework due before class starts, Go over homework, Test on Unit 1, read books

Wednesday, March 18th-Go over test, Introduce Non-native projectFinish Species inventory list and share with Mr. Howell, March Madness Bracket, Invasive Fighters Background,  Share Book Project with Mr. Howell, 

Thursday, March 19th-Read, Pick Non-native Species, Share books to the class that each student is reading,

Friday, March 20th- Food Web Due, Continue sharing books,  Story of Stuff

Monday, March 23rd-Work on Non-native project, check food webs, and brackets

Tuesday, March 24th-Work on Non-native project,  Story of Stuff

Wednesday, March 25th-Unit 2 Test, read

Thursday, March 26th- Work on Non-native project,

Friday, March 27th-Story of Bottled Water, Science Reading

Monday, March 30th- Cadillac vs Ford Commercial, Nissan Leaf Commercial,

Tuesday, March 31st- Reading

Wednesday, April 1st- Outside

Thursday, April 2nd- Outside

Friday, April 3rd- No School

Monday, April 6th- No School

Tuesday, April 7th- No School

Wednesday, April 8th- No School

Thursday, April 9th- No School

Friday, April 10th- No School

Monday, April 13th- Gas Prices, Urban Sprawl(M-6) article

Tuesday, April 14th- M-Step ELA, Green Fire

Wednesday, April 15th- Contact a Professional

Thursday, April 16th- M-Step Sci

Friday, April 17th- Unit 4 Test

Monday, April 20th- Parent Teacher Conferences  

Tuesday, April 21st- M-Step Math

Wednesday, April 22nd- Earth Day

Thursday, April 23rd-Climate Change article 1 and article 2

Friday, April 24th-

Monday, April 27th-

Tuesday, April 28th-

Wednesday, April 29th-Unit 5 Test

Thursday, April 30th-

Fridary, May 1st- Book Project Due

Monday, May 4th-

Tuesday, May 5th-

Wednesday, May 6th-

Thursday, May 7th-

Friday, May 8th-

Monday, May 11th- Unit 6 Test

Tuesday, May 12th-

Wednesday, May 13th- Senior Exams 3rd, 4th, and 5th Macro

Thursday, May 14th- Senior Exams 1st and 2nd Macro

Friday, May 15th-

Monday, May 18th-

Tuesday, May 19th-

Wednesday, May 20th-

Thursday, May 21st- Unit 7 Test

Friday, May 22nd- No School

Monday, May 25th- No School

Tuesday, May 26th- 

Wednesday, May 27th- Review

Thursday, May 28th-Exams

Friday, May 29th- Exams

Monday, June 1st- Exam

Tuesday, June 2nd- Interim

Wednesday, June 3rd- Interim

Thursday, June 4th- Interim

Friday, June 5th- Interim

Environmental Science Class Review

Homework/Projects= 30%

Tests= 30%

Quizzes= 20%

Employability= 10%

Final Exam= 10%

51 instructional days, 3 exam day

Friday, March 7th- syllabus, sink challenge, "What is environmental science?" ,  "Why did you take this class?"

Monday, March 10th-Food Web- 40

Tuesday, March 11th-Power Outage

Wednesday, March 12th-Food Web 40 

Monday, March 17th-Science Research Ideas Brainstorm,  Science Reading

Tuesday, March 18th- Unit 1 Test

Wednesday, March 19th- Graphing Assignments

Thursday, March 20th-  ID List

Friday, March 21st-Non-native project.

Monday, March 24th- Work on ID List

Tuesday, March 25th- Unit 2 Homework due, Work on ID List

Wednesday, March 26th- Unit 2 Test, Science Reading

Thursday, March 27th-Share books that you will be reading, Story of Stuff Watch

Friday, March 28th- Discuss Story of Stuff,  Story of Water

Monday, March 31st- Continue going over Story of Water, Cadillac Commercial vs Ford Commercial

Tuesday, April 1st- Notes taking time, M-6/Urban Sprawl/ Gas Prices

Wednesday, April 2nd-

Thursday, April 3rd-Metals reading,

Friday, April 4th- Spring Break

Monday, April 7th- Spring Break

Tuesday, April 8th- Spring Break

Wednesday, April 9th- Spring Break

Thursday, April 10th- Spring Break

Friday, April 11th- Spring break

Monday, April 14th-Corn Ideas, Earth Day Ideas

Tuesday, April 15th-  Contact a Scientist

Wednesday, April 16th- Contact a Scientist

Thursday, April 17th-  Contact a Scientist,  IPCC Report,  Book Review #1 due, Unit 4 Homework due

Friday, April 18th- Unit 4 Test

Monday, April 21st- Parent/Teacher Conferences, Outside Hike

Tuesday, April 22nd-Book Review #2 due, Outside Trash Pick-up

Wednesday, April 23rd- Plant Corn Seeds, Outside to return pond water jars

Thursday, April 24th- Water Corn, Write up Lab Report for Corn, Start  The Green Fire.  Food Inc. permission slips.

Friday, April 25th- Pond Water Collection

Monday, April 28th-Book review #3 due,

Tuesday, April 29th-Quiz on Birds, corn

Wednesday, April 30th- Unit 5 Homework Due, Macroinvertebrates in the pond

Thursday, May 1st-Unit 5 Test, corn, Yellowstone Video

Friday, May 2nd-Book review #4 due, Contact a Lawmaker,

Monday, May 5th- Macroinvertebrate collection

Tuesday, May 6th-Contact a Lawmaker,

Wednesday, May 7th-Outside Hike,Quiz on Macroinvertebrates

Thursday, May 8th-Contact a Lawmaker

Friday, May 9th-Contact a Lawmaker

Monday, May 12th-Unit 6 Homework Due,Book review #5 due,

Tuesday, May 13th- Academic Awards Night, Quiz on Mammals, Unit 6 Test

Wednesday, May 14th- Senior Exams, Quiz on trees and plants, 

Thursday, May 15th- Seniors Last Day

Friday, May 16th- Work on the IPCC Report. Some of you started this, but many did not get a chance to finish.  Really take some time to go over all of the data from the NASA website.  Work on current events sharing project.  Current Events/News Sharing

Monday, May 19th-

Tuesday, May 20th-Toothpicks

Wednesday, May 21st-Unit 7 Homework DueToothpicks

Thursday, May 22nd- Graduation, Unit 7 Test

Friday, May 23rd-

Monday, May 26th-No School

Tuesday, May 27th-Quiz on Snakes and Salamanders

Wednesday, May 28th-Review

Thursday, May 29th- Finals

Friday, May 30th- Finals

Monday, June 2nd- Finals

Tuesday, June 3rd- Interim

Wednesday, June 4th- Interim

Thursday, June 5th- Interim

Friday, June 6th- Interim

56 school days, 3 exam day and 4 interim days


Friday, March 8th- Sink Challenge, Write paper on 1. Why should we take care of the planet, and 2. What do you want to learn about.

Monday, March 11th-    Non-native project.  Pick out non-native species, watch examples of non-native projects

Tuesday, March 12th- Non-native project.

Wednesday, March 13th- Graphing assignment

Thursday, March 14th- Non-native project

Monday, March 18th- Go over homework Unit 1 Homework Due,   Invasive Fighter ProfilesGreat Lakes Terrestrial Terror Smackdown Bracket ,

Tuesday, March 19th- Unit 1 Test

Wednesday, March 20st-Where does electricity come from? Story of Stuff Video and 1 page summary/response to video

Thursday, March 21nd- Book Review Project   

Friday, March 22rd-Go over brackets, Calculate the cost on electrical appliances

Monday, March 25th- Continue on Calculate the Cost of electrical appliances.

Tuesday, March 26th- more on calculate the cost

Wednesday, March 27th- Unit 2 Homework due,Go over Homework,Story of Water 1/2 page write-up, Share Books, Brainstorm Earth Week Ideas,

Thursday, March 28th- Unit 2 Test,

Friday, March 29th- First Day of Spring Break

Monday, April 1st-Spring Break

Tuesday, April 2nd-Spring Break

Wednesday, April 3rd-Spring Break

Thursday, April 4th-Spring Break

Friday, April 5th-Spring Break

Monday, April 8th-  Work on Earth Day Ideas,

Tuesday, April 9th- Aldo Leopold Movie

Wednesday, April 10th- Finish Aldo Leopold Movie

Thursday, April 11th- Rare Earth Metals Article 1Article 2Rare Earth Article 3,  Science Reading,

Friday, April 12th- Meerkat and Lion Habitat, Go over ID List

Monday, April 15th- Nature Hike

Tuesday, April 16th-  Start Presenting Non-native projects

Wednesday, April 17th- Present Non-Natives,, Earth Day Work, Collect Pond Water

Thursday, April 18th-Flood Day 

Friday, April 19th- Make Earth Day Video

Monday, April 22nd-Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:30-7:30, Earth Day-Outside, Unit 4 Homework Due

Tuesday, April 23rd- Unit 4 Test

Wednesday, April 24th- Presentations

Thursday, April 25th-Go to Library to work on ID List

Friday, April 26th- Outside

Monday, April 29th-Outside

Tuesday, April 30th- Urban Sprawl Article, Praying Mantis Egg Search.

Wednesday, May 1st- King Corn

Thursday, May 2nd-Unit 5 Homework Due, Outside

Friday, May 3rd- Unit 5 Test, Finish King Corn

Monday, May 6th- Outside to collect Macroinvertebrates, Population Study

Tuesday, May 7th- Finish Population Study

Wednesday, May 8th- Outside

Thursday, May 9th- Laptops to work on ID List, outsidePopulation Lab,

Friday, May 10th- Book Project Due, Senior Exam Review

Monday, May 13th-   Class Evaluation, Food Inc.Garlic Mustard Pull, Food Inc.Eat Garlic Mustard Pesto, Macroinvertebrate Quiz,

Tuesday, May 14th-Unit 6 Homework Due, 3 Mile Island Video,

Wednesday, May 15th- Unit 6 Test, Contact a scientist due

Thursday, May 16th- Seniors Final Exam

Friday, May 17th- Contact a Scientist

Monday, May 20th-Contact a Scientist

Tuesday, May 21st-

Wednesday, May 22nd-

Thursday, May 23rd- Graduation

Friday, May 24th- No School

Monday, May 27th- No School

Tuesday, May 28th- Unit 7 Homework Due

Wednesday, May 29th-Unit 7 Test

Thursday, May 30th- Exams

Friday, May 31st- Exams

Monday, June 3rd- Exams

Tuesday, June 4th- Interim

Wednesday, June 5th- Interim

Thursday, June 6th- Interim

Friday, June 7th- Interim

Friday, March 9th- Sink Challenge, Write paper on 1. Why should we take care of the planet, and 2. What do you want to learn about.

Monday, March 12th-    Non-native project.  Pick out non-native species, watch examples of non-native projects

Tuesday, March 13th- Non-native project  in media center

Wednesday, March 14th-  Rare Earth Metals Article 1, Article 2, Nature Hike

Thursday, March 15th- Rare Earth Article 3, Return Bio A pond water jars and observe ponds

Friday, March 16th-Invasive Fighter Profiles

Great Lakes Terrestrial Terror Smackdown Bracket 

Invasive / Non-native Project  in media centerNon-native Brackets, Unit 1 Homework Due

Monday, March 19th- Go over homework, Introduce Book Review Project, Nature Observations outside

Tuesday, March 20th- Unit 1 Test

Wednesday, March 21st- Book Review Project

Thursday, March 22nd- 3 Mile Island Video    

Friday, March 23rd- Story of Stuff Video and 1 page summary/response to video

Monday, March 26th- Bottom of the Ocean Article, Brainstorm Earth Week Ideas

Tuesday, March 27th- Unit 2 Homework due, Story of Water 1/2 page write-up, Share Books, Brainstorm Earth Week Ideas

Wednesday, March 28th- Go over Homework, Praying Mantis Egg Search

Thursday, March 29th- Unit 2 Test

Friday, March 30th- First Day of Spring Break

Monday, April 2nd-Spring Break

Tuesday, April 3rd-Spring Break

Wednesday, April 4th-Spring Break

Thursday, April 5th-Spring Break

Friday, April 6th-Spring Break

Monday, April 9th- Start Presenting Non-native projects

Tuesday, April 10th- Non-native presentations, Science Reading

Wednesday, April 11th- Searching for Garlic Mustard, articles on cherry crop in NW Michigan, and Cane Toads

Thursday, April 12th- Outside Hike    

Friday, April 13th- Garlic Mustard Pull

Monday, April 16th- Eat Garlic Mustard Pesto

Tuesday, April 17th- Earth Day Work

Wednesday, April 18th- Unit 4 Homework Due, Earth Day Work

Thursday, April 19th- Earth Day Work

Friday, April 20th- Earth Day Work

Monday, April 23rd-Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:30-7:30, Unit 4 Test, King Corn

Tuesday, April 24th- King Corn

Wednesday, April 25th-Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:30-7:30, Outside

Thursday, April 26th- Food Inc.

Friday, April 27th- Food Inc.

Monday, April 30-Unit 5 Homework Due

Tuesday, May 1st- Urban Sprawl Article

Wednesday, May 2nd- Unit 5 Test

Thursday, May 3rd- Population Lab

Friday, May 4th- Population Lab

Monday, May 7th- Contact a Scientist

Tuesday, May 8th-   Contact a Scientist

Wednesday, May 9th- Outside

Thursday, May 10th- Macroinvertebrate Quiz, outside

Friday, May 11th- Book Project Due, Senior Exam Review

Monday, May 14th- Unit 6 Homework Due,   Class Evaluation

Tuesday, May 15th-

Wednesday, May 16th- Unit 6 Test, Contact a scientist due

Thursday, May 17th- Seniors Final Exam

Friday, May 18th-

Monday, May 21st-

Tuesday, May 22nd-

Wednesday, May 23rd-

Thursday, May 24th- Graduation

Friday, May 25th- No School

Monday, May 28th- No School

Tuesday, May 29th- Unit 7 Homework Due

Wednesday, May 30th-Unit 7 Test

Thursday, May 31st- Exams

Friday, June 1st- Exams

Monday, June 4th- Exams

Tuesday, June 5th- Interim

Wednesday, June 6th- Interim

Thursday, June 7th- Interim

Friday, June 8th- Interim

Friday, March 4th- Syllabus, What do you want to learn about, Why should we take care of the planet.

Monday, March 7th-  Pick out non-native species, watch examples of non-native projects

Tuesday, March 8th- Invasive / Non-native Project  in media center

Wednesday, March 9th-

Invasive Fighter Profiles,

Great Lakes Terrestrial Terror Smackdown Bracket (you must open with preview, make entries, save to the desktop, attach it to an email and include me on the CC portion of the email)

Invasive / Non-native Project  in media center

Thursday, March 10th- Story of Stuff

Friday, March 11th-Continue talking about the story of stuff, ACT practice, Study Unit 1, Unit 1 Homework Due, assign story of stuff 1 page write up

Monday, March 14th- Environmental Book List

Tuesday, March 15th-Unit 1 Test

Wednesday, March 16th- Earth Day Ideas in the Media Center

Thursday, March 17th- Three Mile Island Video

Friday, March 18th- Story of Stuff Write Up due, share books that you are reading, walk in the Prairie

Monday, March 21st- walk through the woods

Tuesday, March 22nd- Science Reading Day

Wednesday, March 23rd- Computer Lab, to go over non-native, nuclear power

Thursday, March 24th-Unit 2 Homework Due, Story of Water, and one page review on the video (this needs to be turned in)

Friday, March 25th- Earth Day Ideas

Monday, March 28th-Unit 2 Test,

Tuesday, March 29th- present non-natives

Wednesday, March 30- present non-natives

Thursday, March 31st- present non-natives, go outside

Friday, April 1st- Spring Break

Monday, April 4th- Spring Break

Tuesday, April 5th- Spring Break

Wednesday, April 6th- Spring Break

Thursday, April 7th- Spring Break

Friday, April 8th- Spring Break

Monday, April 11th- Earth Day preparation    

Tuesday, April 12th- Earth Day preparation

Wednesday, April 13th- Earth Day preparation

Thursday, April 14th- Earth Day preparation

Friday, April 15th- Earth Day preparation

Monday, April 18th- Parent Teacher Conferences 5:30-7:30, Unit 4 Homework Due

Tuesday, April 19th- Unit 4 Test

Wednesday, April 20- Parent Teacher Conferences 5:30-7:30, go over Urban Sprawl, read articles.  Homework: 1 page on how Urban Sprawl has helped Caledonia.  1 page on how Urban Sprawl is bad evironmentally (write down two websites as references)

Thursday, April 21st- Read Books

Friday, April 22nd- Hang pledge wall, watch Earth Day Videos

Monday, April 25th- Assembly

Tuesday, April 26th- Senior Meeting, The oil we eat article.

Wednesday, April 27th- Start King Corn

Thursday, April 28th-Unit 5 Homework Due, King Corn

Friday, April 29th-Unit 5 Test

Monday, May 2nd-Finish King Corn

Tuesday, May 3rd-Outside Clean Up

Wednesday, May 4th- Start Food Inc.

Thursday, May 5th- Garlic Mustard Pull

Friday, May 6th- Food Inc.

Monday, May 9th-

Tuesday, May 10th-

Wednesday, May 11th- contact a scientist, book review

Thursday, May 12th-Unit 6 Homework Due

Friday, May 13th-Unit 6 Test

Monday, May 16th- Seniors Final Exam Review

Tuesday, May 17th-

Wednesday, May 18th-

Thursday, May 19th-Unit 7 Homework Due

Friday, May 20th- All School Interim Meeting from 11:00-11:37

Monday, May 23rd-Unit 7 Test

Tuesday, May 24th-

Wednesday, May 25th-

Thursday, May 26th- Graduation

Friday, May 27th- No School

Monday, May 30th- No School

Tuesday, May 31st-

Wednesday, June 1st-

Thursday, June 2nd- Exams

Friday, June 3rd- Exams

Monday, June 6th- Exams, Interim Meetings

Tuesday, June 7th- Interim

Wednesday, June 8th- Interim

Thursday, June 9th- Interim

Friday, June 10th- Interim


Thursday, March 18th- Go over syllabus, broom game, environment report, What is environmental science, Why did I take this course, What do I hope to learn. Ch 1-3 homework due Wednesday, March 24th.

Friday, March 19th- introduce non-native project, Environment Report Journal

Monday, March 22nd- Non-native project library, Flame Retardent Journal

Tuesday, March 23rd- Non-native project

Wednesday, March 24th- Unit 1 Homework due, Non-native project, Urban Sprawl/Farmland Preservation Journal

Thursday, March 25th- Go over homework, outside journaling, Earth Day Project

Friday, March 26th- Unit 1 Test, Science Reading

Monday, March 29th- Earth Day Project, Story of Stuff, Unit 2 Homework Assigned

Tuesday, March 30th- Earth Day Project,What can we do to conserve energy/resources at the school? (brainstorm list),

Wednesday, March 31st- Outside

Thursday, April 1st- Fresh Movie Science Reading/Science Journaling, Story of Water, more brainstorming on Earth Week.

Spring Break

Monday, April 12th- You need to make a food web that includes at least 20 different organisms. You need to draw a picture of each organism and each needs to be labeled whether it is a herbivore, omnivore, carnivore, decomposer, scanvenger, parasite, or producer. Link organisms by drawing arrows in the direction that energy flows and also include color.

Tuesday, April 13th- Work on Food Web

Wednesday, April 14th- Unit 2 Homework due, do filming for Earth Week Video, Make posters for Earth Week

Thursday, April 15- Burn Prairie

Friday, April 16th- Unit 2 Test

Monday, April 19th- Water Day(Blue)- Conserve Water, reusable water bottles- Non native presentations, HW for Unit 3 and Unit 4 assigned.

Tuesday, April 20th- Electricity Day(Yellow/Orange)- Half your lights off for the day- Non native presentations, science reading

Wednesday, April 21st- Air Day(White)- Car pool, walk, bike to work day- Non-native presentations, Start reading- "The oil we eat."

Thursday, April 22nd- EARTH DAY(Green)- Sign Earth Day pledge- go over first set of questions from "The oil we eat.", clean up outside

Friday, April 23rd- Read next section of, "The oil we eat" Environment Report on corn syrup and sucrose. Don't forget, Unit 4 homework due on Monday, and Unit 3 homework due on Thursday of next week.

Monday, April 26th- Parent/Teacher Conferences Unit 4 Homework due- The oil we eat, part 3 and 4.

Tuesday, April 27th- Populations- for first day of mark and recapture lab

Wednesday, April 28th- Parent/Teacher Conferences Unit 4 Test, Day 1 of Mark and Recapture Lab

Thursday, April 29th- Populations- 2nd day of mark and recapture

Friday, April 30th- 3 mile island

Monday, May 3rd- Finish Population Lab, finish "The Oil We Eat", Computers,

Tuesday, May 4th- King Corn,

Wednesday, May 5th- King Corn,

Thursday, May 6th- Food Inc.,

Friday, May 7th- Unit 5 Homework due, Food Inc.

Monday, May 10th- Yeast Lab, King Corn and Food Inc. Pros and Cons and Monsanto due Monday, May 17th,

Tuesday, May 11th- Go over Homework, Unit 5 Test, Science Reading

Wednesday, May 12th- Pond Water Collection, yeast lab

Thursday, May 13th- Contact a Scientist, Contact a Scientist,

Friday, May 14th- Contact a Scientist, Yeast Lab

Monday, May 17th- Contact a Scientist

Tuesday, May 18th-

Wednesday, May 19th- Unit 6 Homework due, Seniors Final

Thursday, May 20th- Planting Seeds

Friday, May 21st- Unit 6 Test

Monday, May 24th- Pond Water Collection

Tuesday, May 25th- Pond Water Collection

Wednesday, May 26th- Contact a scientist, macroinvertebrate pictures assignment

Thursday, May 27th- Senior Assembly, Pond Water Collection

Friday, May 28th- No School

Monday, May 31st- No School

Tuesday, June 1st- Pond Water Collection

Wednesday, June 2nd- Finish Contact Scientists, macroinvertebrate pictures assignment, Mineral Extraction Research, Unit 7 Homework

Thursday, June 3rd- Unit 7 Homework due,

Friday, June 4th- species diversity lab

Monday, June 7th- Unit 7 Test

Tuesday, June 8th- Review Guide

Wednesday, June 9th- Exams

Thursday, June 10th- Exams

Friday, June 11th- Exams

steel wool lab, research energies, calculate the cost,lawmakers