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Chemistry A

Assessments- 50%
Labs/Homework/Quizzes- 25%
Daily Work/Participation- 10%
Final- 15%

Monday, August 28th-Pass out books, Syllabus/Lab Rules, Sink Challenge, Unit 1 Vocab (quiz over words on Friday),,  Test Review, Computer Sign Out, Practice Element Quiz
-Bring in Signed Parent Slip

Tuesday, August 29th-  Sig Fig and Converting Practice (quiz on Friday)Ted Ed Metrics  Practice Molar Mass and Moles Practice 5 videos on Sig Figs:

Wednesday, August 30th-Finish Sig Fig and Converting Practice (quiz on Friday), Keep working on Molar Mass and Moles Practice,   CER Density, Laptops to look up booksMSDS Drawing/Questions homework due tomorrow.

Thursday, August, 31st-Continue on  Moles Practice, Density Lab, Determine Mass of Water,Vocab Quiz (also will include sig figs and metric conversions using your notes)

Friday, Sept. 1st-

Monday, Sept. 4th- Labor Day

Tuesday, Sept. 5th-Share weekends, Read,  Density of 10ml, 20ml, 30ml of water. Density of water.  MoleDensity Lab,  Moles Problems,

Wednesday, Sept. 6th- Review, Answers to Worksheets and review on the stream, Read Books, Work on Density Lab with Salt, Quantitative vs Qualitative

Thursday, Sept. 7th-Unit 1 Test, pass out Unit 2 vocab with quiz on Friday of next week, observation vs. inferences, Salt Lab

Friday, Sept. 8th-Salt Lab

Monday, Sept. 11th-Read, Switch to Sugar Lab
Tuesday, Sept. 12th-Read, Sugar Lab
Wednesday, Sept. 13th- Sugar Lab, Start graphing Unit 2 Test Review due next Wednesday,  Vocab Quiz, practice balancing equations
Thursday, Sept. 14th-practice balancing equations, moles problems
Friday, Sept. 15th-Bunsen Burner Day, Continue to practice Moles and Balancing Sheets, Vocab Quiz, Read

Monday, Sept. 18th-Continue working on mixture labStart Baking Soda and Vinegar Lab,Salt, Sand, and Iron Lab,continue baking soda and vinegar lab,Continue working on mixture lab
Tuesday, Sept. 19th-Continue working on mixture lab, reveiw, percent error and percent yield, Math Answers
Wednesday, Sept. 20th- Didn't get to-elements in a bag Density/Sand Lab,lab, Observation/Phlogiston Lab,Finish Baking Soda and Vinegar Lab,  Line-X Exothermic Video
Thursday, Sept. 21st-Moles Practice, Review
Friday, Sept. 22nd- Pep Assembly, Unit 2 Test,

Monday, Sept. 25th-(heat 1/2 day) Element Flashcards
Tuesday, Sept. 26th-(heat 1/2 day) Element Flashcards
Wednesday, Sept. 27th- 1/2 day PD Day, Bohr Models
Thursday, Sept. 28th- Element Flashcards, Borh Models
Friday, Sept. 29th- Lewis Structures, and Ions, Ion Song

Monday, Oct. 2nd- P/T Conferences, 5:30-8pm, Lewis Structures, Ions, and Ion Song
Tuesday, Oct. 3rd- Unit 3 Vocab Quiz, Sugar Lab Final
Wednesday, Oct. 4th- P/T Conferences 5:30-8pm, Basic Stoich, Average Atomic Mass
Thursday, Oct. 5th- Finish Average Atomic Mass, Stoich Practice, Periodic Table Notes
Friday, Oct. 6th- Quantum Numbers

Monday, Oct. 9th-   Test Review AnswersMeet the elements TMBG,Inside an atom Ted-Ed, Periodic Table Video, work on Periodic Table Notes, Basic Stoich
Tuesday, Oct. 10th- Practice Basic Stoich, Practice Quantum Numbers
Wednesday, Oct. 11th- PSAT/NMSQT Testing and PSC Lesson 3, Review
Thursday, Oct. 12th- Unit 3 Test
Friday, Oct. 13th- Intro to Ionic and Covalent Bonds, Read

Monday, Oct. 16th- Go over test, Trends of the Periodic Table Lab, flame test lab
Tuesday, Oct. 17th-PSC Day, Trends of the Periodic Table Lab, Practice Measuring Volume, Criss Cross and Naming Ionic
Wednesday, Oct. 18th- Trends of the Periodic Table Lab, Criss Cross and Naming Ionic, and Reaction Predictions, Naming Ionic Compounds WS 2, Read
Thursday, Oct. 19th- Finish Trends of the Periodic Table Lab, Ionic Song, Naming Covalent, Naming Rules/Practice,
Friday, Oct. 20th- Trends of the Periodic Table Lab, Density Test

Monday, Oct. 23rd-  Naming Ionic Practice, Naming CovalentNaming Ionic and Covalent, Stoich Practice 2
Tuesday, Oct. 24th-Continue practicing Naming Ionic Practice, Naming CovalentNaming Ionic and Covalent, Stoich Practice 2
Wednesday, Oct. 25th-Line-X Exothermic Video, Naming Ionic and Covalent Test
Thursday, Oct. 26th- Class Version of Test, Periodic Table Video, Read
Friday, Oct. 27th- Single Replacement Predictions with reactivity series, Periodic Table Video, Read

Monday, Oct. 30th- Review Single Replacement Predictions, work on Double Replacement Reactions, Periodic Table Video
Tuesday, Oct. 31st- 1/2 day PD day, Single Replacement Copper (II) chloride and Aluminum
Wednesday, Nov. 1st- Interim Meeting, Single Replacement Data Analysis, Double Replacement Practice
Thursday, Nov. 2nd-Double Replacement Predictions.  Limiting Reactants
Friday, Nov. 3rd- 

Monday, Nov.6th-Limiting Reactant, Double Replacement Practice, Stoich Practice
Tuesday, Nov. 7th-Reactions Review Assignment, Double Replacement Lab Test Practice
Wednesday, Nov. 8th- Gone 4th macro, Read, Video, Work on Final Exam Review
Thursday, Nov. 9th-Lab Test, Gone 4th macro, Read, Video, Work on Final Exam Review
Friday, Nov. 10th- 1/2 day records day, Review for Final, Percent Composition

Monday, Nov. 13th- Lab Test, Review for Final
Tuesday, Nov. 14th- Lab Test, Review for Final
Wednesday, Nov. 15th- 5th Macro Exam
Thursday, Nov. 16th- 1st and 2nd Macro Exam
Friday, Nov. 17th- 3rd and 4th Macro

Assessments- 50%
Labs/Homework/Quizzes- 25%
Daily Work/Participation- 10%
Final- 15%

Monday, Nov. 28th- Impact Meeting, Pass out books, Syllabus/Lab Rules, Sink Challenge, Unit 1 Vocab (quiz over words on Friday), Sig Fig and Converting Practice, Measuring Practice,  Test Review
-Bring in Signed Parent Slip
-Sign up for Class Remind Updates, text @43ghhb to the number 81010  
-Create a Khan Academy Account, join our class, and watch (if needed) 5 videos on Sig Figs

Tuesday, Nov. 29th- Laptops to look up books, Converting and Sig Figs, 

Wednesday, Nov. 30th-Read, Moles Problems MSDS Drawing/Questions, Determind Mass of Water,

Thursday, Dec. 1st- Continue on  MSDS Drawing/Questions, Moles Practice, Density Lab, 

Friday, Dec. 2nd- Density Lab, Molar Mass and Moles PracticeVocab Quiz,

Monday, Dec. 5th- Review, Answers to worksheets and review

Tuesday, Dec. 6th-Ted Ed Metrics Unit 1 Test

Wednesday, Dec. 7th-Read, pass out chromebooks for first time, pass out Unit 2 vocab with quiz on Tuesday,Start Baking Soda and Vinegar Lab,

Thursday, Dec. 8th-Read; continue baking soda and vinegar lab

Friday, Dec. 9th-Read, Finish Baking Soda and Vinegar Lab,  Line-X Exothermic Video

Monday, Dec. 12th- Snow Day

Tuesday, Dec. 13th-Read, Density/Sand Lab, Moles Practice

Wednesday, Dec. 14th-Read, Test Density Cylinders, Retest Density Cylinders after another try, Unit 2 Test Review due next Wednesday,  Vocab Quiz

Thursday, Dec. 15th- Snow Day

Friday, Dec. 16th-Read; Salt, Sand, and Iron Lab,.Bunsen Burner Day,

Monday, Dec. 19th- Continue working on mixture lab

Tuesday, Dec. 20th-Continue working on mixture lab

Wednesday, Dec. 21st-Continue working on mixture lab, reveiw, percent error and percent yield, Math Answers

Thursday, Dec. 22nd- Unit 2 Test,  Didn't get to-elements in a bag lab, Observation/Phlogiston Lab,

Christmas Break

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd-Balancing Equation Worksheet 1 and 2,  NexGen Sand,Salt,Iron Write Up

Wednesday, Jan. 4th-Table Fill-In

Thursday, Jan. 5th- Table Fill-In; Start Bohr Models, NexGen Sand,Salt,Iron

Friday, Jan. 6th- Table Fill-In, Bohr Models, NexGen Sand,Salt,Iron

Monday, Jan. 9th- Staff Meeting Atom/Molecule/reactants/ products, Unit 3 vocab (quiz on Tuesday), Ions/Lewis Worksheet, Ion Song

Tuesday, Jan. 10th-Snow Day

Wednesday, Jan. 11th-Quantum Numbers,  Ions vs. Isotopes, Average Atomic Mass

Thursday, Jan. 12th- Snow Day 

Friday, Jan. 13th- Vocab Quiz

Monday, Jan. 16th- P/T Conferences, Quantum Numbers and Basic Stoich

Tuesday, Jan. 17th- Snow Day

Wednesday, Jan. 18th- P/T Conferences, Basic Stoich

Thursday, Jan. 19th- Test Review Answers

Friday, Jan. 20th-Test

Monday, Jan. 23rd- Go over test, Ionic Song, Classifying Ionic or Covalent, Basic Naming Ionic.

Wednesday, Jan. 25th- 1/2 Day, Element Quiz, Naming Ionic Practice, Naming CovalentNaming Ionic and Covalent
Thursday, Jan. 26th- Practice Stoich and Naming
Friday, Jan. 27th- Pep Assembly, Practice Stoich and Naming

Monday, Jan. 30th- Impact Meeting, Practice Stoich and Naming
Tuesday, Jan. 31st- Practice Stoich
Wednesday, Feb. 1st- Test over Naming
Thursday, Feb. 2nd- Review Test and Practice Naming Again
Friday, Feb. 3rd- Types of Reactions, Heating Baking Soda Exploration

Monday, Feb. 6th- 8th Grade Parent Night, Heating Baking Soda Exploration
Tuesday, Feb. 7th-
Wednesday, Feb. 8th-
Thursday, Feb. 9th-
Friday, Feb. 10th-MSU

Monday, Feb. 13th-VanAndel
Tuesday, Feb. 14th-
Wednesday, Feb. 15th- 1/2 Day
Thursday, Feb. 16th-
Friday, Feb. 17th-

Monday, Feb. 20th-
Tuesday, Feb. 21st-Practice for Final Exam
Wednesday, Feb. 22nd-Practice for Final Exam
Thursday, Feb. 23rd- Practice for Final Exam
Friday, Feb. 24th-No School

Monday, Feb. 27th-Impact Meeting
Tuesday, Feb. 28th-
Wednesday, March. 1st- 5th Macro Exam
Thursday, March 2nd- 1st and 2nd Macro Exam
Friday, March 3rd- 3rd and 4th Macro Exam

Chem A Class Evaluation ‎[Chem A Class Review]‎

Assessments- 50%
Labs/Homework/Quizzes- 25%
Daily Work/Participation- 10%
Final- 15%

60 days, 3 exam days

Monday, Nov. 30- Pass out books, Syllabus/Lab Rules/Info Card, Sink Challenge, Pass out Unit 1 Notes outline- due Wednesday, pass out vocab- (quiz on Friday), Pass Out test review due on Tuesday, Table of Contents, Sig Fig and Converting Practice

Tuesday, Dec. 1st- Converting and sig figs, Baking Soda and Vinegar Lab,

Wednesday, Dec. 2nd- Finish Baking Soda and Vinegar Lab, Pass out MSDS Drawing/QuestionsGo over Notes, Graphing Assignment (due Friday)

Thursday, Dec. 3rd- Go over Moles, Go over moles, reactants, products, law of cons. of mass, and stoich within the BS and Vinegar Lab,  Learn to use Bunsen Burners. 

Friday, Dec. 4th- Observation/Phlogiston Lab, Vocab Quiz, more practice with Moles

Monday, Dec. 7th-Work on Magesium Lab from Friday, Work on MSDS Drawing/QuestionsWork on Review,

Tuesday, Dec. 8th-Unit 1 Test,

Wednesday, Dec. 9th-pass out Unit 2 vocab with quiz on Tuesday, Meet the elements TMBG, Unit 2 Test Review due next Friday, Density Practice

Thursday, Dec. 10th-More density practice, water vs. pop vs. diet pop, Density Song, Matter Notes, Book Questions

Friday, Dec. 11th- Sugar Water/Apple Juice Lab data

Tuesday, Dec. 15th-Unit 2 Vocab Quiz

Wednesday, Dec. 16th- Mixture Separation Lab

Thursday, Dec. 17th- Mixure Separation Lab

Friday, Dec. 18th-Unit 2 Test

Monday, Jan. 4th- Finish Lab, Unit 3 Vocab, go over Unit 2 Test, 

Tuesday, Jan. 5th- Subatomic Particles Notes, Table Fill in for atoms, Table fill in for atoms and ions.  Ion Song. More Table Fill In; Bohr Models, Isotopes, Calculating Average Atomic Mass, Lewis Structures and Ions

Wednesday, Jan. 6th- More Table Fill In, Quantum Numbers

Thursday, Jan. 7th- Quantum Numbers 

Friday, Jan. 8th- Beanium Lab

Monday, Jan. 11th- Snow Day
Tuesday, Jan. 12th-Snow Day
Wednesday, Jan. 13th-Hunting the elements, first 36:00, Hand out Unit 3 ReviewUnit 3 Review Key work on review(due the day of the test,
Thursday, Jan. 14th- Test Half Life, Calculating Average Atomic Mass,
Friday, Jan. 15th- Unit 3 Test

Monday, Jan. 18th- No School
Tuesday, Jan. 19th-Periodic Trends Notes    
Wednesday, Jan. 20th- Criss-crossing and Naming Ionic
Thursday, Jan. 21st- Naming Ionic, Ionic Song
Friday, Jan. 22nd- Covalent naming

Monday, Jan. 25th-Review    
Tuesday, Jan. 26th-Naming Race
Wednesday, Jan 27th- Snow Day
Thursday, Jan. 28th-Unit 4 Periodic Table Trends, Criss Crossing, and Ionic/Covalent Naming Test
Friday, Jan. 29th-Continue Taking Test,  Introduce Molecular and Empirical Formulas

Monday, Feb. 1st- Go over tests, Empirical and Molecular Formula Notes/Problems, Go over Types of Reactions
Tuesday, Feb. 2nd- Review Empirical and Molecular Formulas, Hydrated Compounds Calculations, Hydrated Lab
Wednesday, Feb. 3rd- Continue on Hydrated Lab, Review, practice moles and balancing equations.
Thursday, Feb. 4th- Test over Empirical, Molecular, and Hydrated Formulas
Friday, Feb. 5th-

Monday, Feb. 8th-
Tuesday, Feb. 9th-
Wednesday, Feb. 10th-
Thursday, Feb. 11th-
Friday, Feb. 12th-

Monday, Feb. 15th-
Tuesday, Feb 16th-
Wednesday, Feb 17th-
Thursday, Feb. 18th-
Friday, Feb. 19th- No School

Monday, Feb. 22nd-
Tuesday, Feb. 23rd-
Wednesday, Feb. 24th-
Thursday, Feb. 25th-
Friday, Feb. 26th-

Monday, Feb. 29th-
Tuesday, March 1st-
Wednesday, March 2nd-
Thursday, March 3rd-
Friday, March 4th-

Monday, March 7th-Exams
Tuesday, March 8th-Exams
Wednesday, March 9th- Exams