Biology B

Homework and Labs - 30%

Tests - 30%

Quizzes - 20%

Final - 20% 

Monday, March 6th- Making a Monster Labhand out Genetics Vocab Vocab Assigned (1-10 Quiz on Friday)

Tuesday, March 7th-Pass out books, Look Up Books, Finish Making a Monster Lab, Assign reading quiz on next Tuesday over Chapter 9.  Mitosis Notes with blanks, 

Wednesday, March 8th-Share a Mitosis Video, Finish Mitosis Notes, Mitosis Flip Book,

Thursday, March 9th- Read, Mitosis Flip Books

Friday, March 10th- 1/2 Day, Meiosis Notes , with blanks,  

Monday, March 13th-  Mitosis/Meiosis Review Read, Vocab Quiz over 1-10

Tuesday, March 14th-Karyotype Assignment, 

Wednesday, March 15th- Karyotype assignment, 

Thursday, March 16th-  Karyotype assignment,

Friday, March 17th- Vocab Quiz over 11-20 , Mitosis/Meiosis Practice Quiz,  


Monday, March 20th- Read, DNA and RNA Noteswith blanks

Wednesday, March 22nd-Clone Age,Chromosomal Mutations, Protein Synthesis Worksheet x 2,

Thursday, March 23rd-Genetics Big Quiz Review due Thursday, Protein Synthesis Lab,Intro to genetics worksheet 
Friday, March 24th-Cell Size/Diffusion Lab,

Monday, March 27th- DNA/RNA Practice, Protein Synthesis Practice

Tuesday, March 28th- DNA/RNA Practice, Protein Synthesis Practice

Wednesday, March 29th-Review

Thursday, March 30th-Genetics Big Quiz

Friday, March 31st- Spring Break

Monday, April 3rd- Spring Break
Tuesday, April 4th- Spring Break
Wednesday, April 5th- Spring Break
Thursday, April 6th- Spring Break
Friday, April 7th- Spring Break


Monday, April 10th- Practice Re-test

Tuesday, April 11th- Watson Movie, Genetics NotesGenetics Notes with blanksPunnet Practice/Incomplete Dominance/Sex-Linked Traits, Genetics Problems,  Applied Genetics, Monohybrid Crosses,Testing, Finish Watson Movie, finish applied genetics worksheet, Nature vs. Nuture assignment (due Wednesday), Your Pedigree(due Monday)     

Wednesday, April 12th- Testing Practice Genetics Matching  / More Genetics Practice Problems

Thursday, April 13th- Testing, Keep working on More Genetics Practice Problems,   Genetics Review

Friday, April 14th-Finish Review

Monday, April 17th- Impact MeetingGenetics Test,      Predicting Inheritance

Tuesday, April 18th-Lorenzo's Oil

Wednesday, April 19th-Athlete Signing 1st MacroLorenzo's Oil

Thursday, April 20th-Lorenzo's Oil

Friday, April 21st-Work on Genetics Disorder Presentation

Monday, April 24th- Parent/Teacher Conferences 5:30-7:30Work on Genetics Disorder Presentation

Tuesday, April 25th-Darwin's Dangerous Idea Video

Wednesday, April 26- Interim Meeting at the end of 3rd MacroDarwin's Dangerous Idea Video

Thursday, April 27th-Work on Genetics Disorder Presentation

Friday, April 28th-

Tuesday, April 26th-

Wednesday, April 27th-

Thursday, April 28th-

Monday, May 1st
Tuesday, May 2nd-
Wednesday, May 3rd-
Thursday, May 4th-
Friday, May 5th-

Monday, May 8th-
Tuesday, May 9th-
Wednesday, May 10th-
Thursday, May 11th-
Friday, May 12th-

Monday, May 15th-
Tuesday, May 16th-
Wednesday, May 17th- Senior Exams Hours 3, 4, 5
Thursday, May 18th- Senior Exams Hours 1, 2
Friday, May 19th-

Monday, May 22nd-
Tuesday, May 23rd-
Wednesday, May 24th-
Thursday, May 25th- Senior Assembly
Friday, May 26th- No School

Monday, May 29th- No School
Tuesday, May 30th-
Wednesday, May 31st-
Thursday, June 1st- 5th Macro Exams
Friday, June 2nd- 1st and 2nd Macro Exams

Monday, June 5th-3rd and 4th Macro Exams
Tuesday, June 6th- Interim
Wednesday, June 7th- Interim
Thursday, June 8th- Interim
Friday, June 9th- Interim

to do-

Bio B Class Review

56 school days, 3 exam day and 4 interim days

Employability - 10%

Homework and Labs - 25%

Tests - 30%

Quizzes - 20%

Final - 15%

Friday, March 4th- Syllabus, Class Expectations, Assign reading quiz on next Wednesday over 111-116

Monday, March 7th- Making a Baby Lab

Tuesday, March 8th- Mitosis Notes , with blanks, Mitosis Flip Book,

Wednesday, March 9th- , hand out Genetics Vocab , finish flip book, take reading quiz over 111-116, count stages of mitosis

Thursday, March 10th- Meiosis Notes , with blanks,  

Friday, March 11th- Practice ACT, go over Mitosis/Meiosis Review, start Karyotype Assignment, 

Monday, March 14th- Finish Karyotype assignment, Mitosis/Meiosis Homework, due Wednesday

Tuesday, March 15th- DNA and RNA Notes, with blanks,  Mitosis Slides,

Wednesday, March 16th-  Mitosis/Meiosis Practice Quiz, Genetic Squares, Genetics Notes, Genetics Notes with blanks,

Thursday, March 17th- Vocab Quiz over words 1-10, Clone Age, Intro to genetics worksheet

Friday, March 18th- Intro to genetics worksheetDNA/RNA Worksheet, Protein Synthesis Notes

Monday, March 21st- Chromosomal Mutations, Protein Synthesis Worksheet x 2,

Tuesday, March 22nd-  Genetics Big Quiz Review due Thursday, Protein Synthesis Lab,

Wednesday, March 23rd-  Cell Size/Diffusion Lab,

Thursday, March 24th-   Review

Friday, March 25th- Genetics Big Quiz

Monday, March 28th- Monohybrid Crosses, DNA/RNA Practice, Read 174-182 (reading quiz over this on Thursday, you may use a half page of notes), work on page 182 1,2, 4-6 due Thursday.

Tuesday, March 29th- Punnet Practice/Incomplete Dominance/Sex-Linked Traits, Genetics Problems,  Applied Genetics

Wednesday, March 30- Continued

Thursday, March 31st- Watson Movie

Friday, April 1st- Spring Break

Monday, April 4th- Spring Break

Tuesday, April 5th- Spring Break

Wednesday, April 6th- Spring Break

Thursday, April 7th- Spring Break

Friday, April 8th- Spring Break

Monday, April 11th- Finish Watson Movie, finish applied genetics worksheet, Nature vs. Nuture assignment (due Wednesday), Your Pedigree(due Monday)

Tuesday, April 12th- Practice Genetics Matching  / More Genetics Practice Problems

Wednesday, April 13th- Keep working on More Genetics Practice Problems,   Genetics Review,

Thursday, April 14th- Finish Review

Friday, April 15th- Genetics Test,      Predicting Inheritance

Monday, April 18th- Parent Teacher Conferences 5:30-7:30, Lorenzo's Oil

Tuesday, April 19th- Lorenzo's Oil

Wednesday, April 20- Parent Teacher Conferences 5:30-7:30, Lorenzo's Oil

Thursday, April 21st- Review Lorenzo's Oil, work on some practice genetics problems

Friday, April 22nd-  Work on Genetics Disorder Presentation

Monday, April 25th- Work on Genetics Disorder Presentation

Tuesday, April 26th- Darwin's Dangerous Idea Video

Wednesday, April 27th- Darwin's Dangerous Idea Video

Thursday, April 28th- Work on Genetics Disorder Presentation

Friday, April 29th- Darwin's Dangerous Idea Video

Monday, May 2nd- Assign reading quiz over all of Ch. 9 for this Friday.  You can use one 1/2 sheet of paper, front and back, to take any notes you would like to use on the quiz for help.   Evolution Notes

Tuesday, May 3rd- Evolution Notes

Wednesday, May 4th- Evolution Notes

Thursday, May 5th- Watch Co-evolution movie, start sexual selection video

Friday, May 6th- finish sexual selection movie

Monday, May 9th- Dogs Movie

Tuesday, May 10th- Dog Activity

Wednesday, May 11th- Finish Dog Activity, work on review, vocab matching practice, The Molecular Connection

Thursday, May 12th- Birds and worms, types of selection, go over review.

Friday, May 13th- Evolution Test

Monday, May 16th- Classifying organisms

Tuesday, May 17th- Start taking notes on Ch. 16 for reading quiz

Wednesday, May 18th-  6 kingdoms hw, 8 systems hw

Thursday, May 19th- systems/diseases vocab

Friday, May 20th- Take Ch. 16 reading quiz

Monday, May 23rd- Daphnia Lab

Tuesday, May 24th-

Wednesday, May 25th- Homeostasis Websites

Thursday, May 26th- Graduation, Test

Friday, May 27th- No School

Monday, May 30th- No School

Tuesday, May 31st-

Wednesday, June 1st-

Thursday, June 2nd- Exams

Friday, June 3rd- Exams

Monday, June 6th- Exams, Interim Meetings

Tuesday, June 7th- Interim

Wednesday, June 8th- Interim

Thursday, June 9th- Interim

Friday, June 10th- Interim


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