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At BeyondThePurchase.Org we help people understand the relationship between money and happiness. To learn about what might be influencing how you spend your money, register with Beyond The Purchase and then take a few of our happiness quizzes as well as consumer psychology surveys and personality tests. After each quiz, we will provide you with personalized feedback and happiness tips. Your responses will also help researchers understand the connection between money and happiness.

Miller-McCune (4 November 2009): No pain, no gain applies to happiness too.

Sound Medicine (12 June 2011): Happy memories make happy people. 


Dr. Ryan T. Howell, Assistant Professor of Psychology, SFSU.
The Personality and Well-being Lab focuses on identifying the factors that may best remedy human problems and cultivate thriving. 

We believe Positive Psychology research should aim to better understand the barriers to functioning while simultaneously determining the conditions for meeting higher-order psychological needs. 

Our goal is to communicate to scientists and society about how development, personality, motivation, values, beliefs, forecasts, and community interact with a person's economic conditions and financial decision-making to influence experienced quality of life--from suffering to flourishing.