British independent film Salvage (2009) gets a release date

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Well I've been waiting for this for 2 years now and finally Salvage is getting not just a theatrical release but a DVD release a week later.

For those of you who don't have a clue what I'm talking about here's a quick rundown.

You may have heard of a city in England called Liverpool (it produced a couple of bands that made a few popular songs a while back). Well the city won the right to call itself the “Capital of Culture” in 2008. As part of the festivities they ran a competition called the Digital Departures Initiative in which filmmakers vied for funding to make their movie. 

Well Salvage was one of the three winners and secured £250,000 .

Shooting started at the end of February 2008 and things got very quiet until November 2008 when it premiered at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) in Liverpool.

It was well received at both the London Frightfest and the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2009.

Things went quiet again and I began to lose hope that I would ever get to see it.

Until today when I did a halfhearted search and found out about the forthcoming release.

It hits British cinemas from March 19th and the DVD hits the stores on the 22nd according to, who have it available for pre-order. There's no news yet on an international release I suppose it will depend on how well the British release sells.

Here's the official synopsis from the distribution company Revolver Entertainment

Christmas Eve, and the residents of a quiet British cul-de-sac are suddenly plunged into a world of violence, terror and paranoia when a group of heavily armed military personnel storm their road ordering them at gunpoint to retreat inside their homes. 

Unsure if this is the sign of a terrorist attack, or something much worse, one local mother finds it in herself to desperately fight to save her estranged daughter stranded across the street. However, with growing dread, the residents soon discover that the threat is more monstrous than any of them could possibly imagine, and survival is no longer a guarantee...

This is director Laurence Gough's first feature film but his previous award winning repetoir of short films and his obvious enthusiasm for this project count for a lot.

Writer Colin O'Donnell's previous writing experience comes mainly from the world of soap operas which is appropriate as the film location is a former soap opera set.

Neve McIntosh has a long a varied TV career which includes an appearance in the forthcoming series of Dr Who while co-star Shaun Dooley will probably be more recognisable to horror fans from his role in Eden Lake (2008).

There doesn't seem to be an official trailer avaiable yet but you can see the Edinburgh film festival trailer here.

I doubt that it will be shown at a cinema near me so I'm just going to wait for the DVD, I'll let you know what I think when I finally get to see it.

It's been a long wait and I sincerely hope it was worth it.