Big British Zombie Survival Shopping List

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As mentioned in a previous thread we Brits are limited in our weapon choices if the dead rise.
So here's my pick of easily available and, best of all, legal weapons.
By easily available I mean they can be bought without a license and not that you can pick them up in Asda.

Section 1: Melee Weapons
Most of these have been chosen with an eye to dual purpose. They're not just for taking out Z-Heads they can also be used when foraging for supplies ie. gaining entry to cars or buildings.

The trusty Pickaxe Handle.
Decent range and plenty of heft. Made of fibreglass for ease of cleaning.$p$&layer=0&size=281,281&layer=1&size=281,281&src=ae235/82365_P

The ever reliable Wrecking Bar
3 feet of solid steel. Heavy but powerful. Handy for opening skulls and doors.$p$&layer=0&size=281,281&layer=1&size=281,281&src=ae235/74752_P

Short Utility Bar
Lightweight but effective. Strong enough to crack a cranium.$p$&layer=0&size=281,281&layer=1&size=281,281&src=ae235/58202_P

8" Prybar
Only really useful as a last ditch defense but still a handy backup.$p$&layer=0&size=281,281&layer=1&size=281,281&src=ae235/37748_P

3 1/2lb Axe
It's a frikkin big axe. You can figure it out.$p$&layer=0&size=281,281&layer=1&size=281,281&src=ae235/58707_P

Short Axe
Small and lightweight if you practice you can learn to throw it.$p$&layer=0&size=281,281&layer=1&size=281,281&src=ae235/74918_P

And last but not least the classic 3lb Lumphammer.
Heavy enough to crush a skull but light enough to swing all day. Powerful enough to smash through a brick wall.$p$&layer=0&size=281,281&layer=1&size=281,281&src=ae235/35739_P

Section 2: Ranged Weapons

Yes here's the bit you didn't expect, killing zombies at a distance.
Our options are limited but not non-existent.

Pistol Crossbows
Legal but low powered these little beauties can still penetrate from medium range.

Full sized Crossbows
Yes you too can emulate Darryl.

And don't forget you'll need LOT'S of ammo.

So there you have it, we're not totally boned after all.

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