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How Do I Get Email
How to get a free email address
only requires you to visit (gmail) (hotmail) (yahoo mail)
These are the most popular
sources for free email accounts.
If you are a windows OS user,
most of you are, they offer 
E Z instructions to access
your email accounts with them
directly in your browser
Outlook email ( has calendar )
Outlook Express email (no calendar)
All other major computer OS are
also supported so 99.9% of present
computer users are covered. 
Along with many other devices
etc. !
They will send you an email 
to welcome you as a new
email account holder.
If you are more advanced and 
attempting to have your
show up online,

Then controlled marketing 
is one way to inform your
existing customer base
that you are now 
on the internet.
All it takes at first
is a few hours of your time
and be sure an include , 
company name,
the type of  business 
you are involved in,
your location,(address)
hours of operation,
methods of contact,
(tel., email, fax)
Do it now and be
ready for the next holiday
season !

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