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Film Equipment

This is another one of the obviously most of important things you need for a film. Without the right equipment or any equipment at all, you might as well just be making a play. Equipment is important because it's what helps capture the scene of your film. The most important pieces of equipment are a camera, sound recording, support systems to move the camera, lighting, editing software, and keep notes on video formatting. Here's a tip also, it doesn't matter if you have the latest camera or the latest software for the CGI. Every different version of for example a camera has the same use. It just records video and sound. It doesn't matter if it's the best quality or the best HD, or HD sound definition. Even though that would be a good thing to have something like that for the quality. But it doesn't matter at all, its just a camera. It's the ideas that you have that can make the equipment the best thing there is. 

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