Manual Way to Fix Windows 10 "bad_system_config_info" BSOD

Asked by Customers: Hey guys! Very helpful forum, been reading a lot.

tl;dr - My Hard drive letters changed over the course of the night and now my computer can't boot the OS properly.

So let me start by saying i had issues with Windows 10 since day 1, i made a previous post detailing this about a week ago. (Windows 10 fiasco from hell - Windows 10 Forums)

The problems i had subsided after a reinstall....Until recently. Didn't make any drastic system changes or anything out of the ordinary, just played some games and watched some youtube...Went to bed with my computer still running. woke up, noticed my computer was still on. usually it shuts off after 30 minutes...thought that was a bit weird.

Something happened in that time i left my computer running. It had literally changed everything that was on my "C:" hard drive (The HD my OS is installed on) to a different drive letter. as you can see in the pic below. Now my OS is somewhere completely different rendering my OS and my computer useless.

As you can see - My ORIGINAL C: drive (with my OS) is now labeled G: and now something else is taking its place. and i have no idea what the system reserved drive is. the F: drive is my 2nd HD with all my game data.
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Troubleshooting i've tried so far:


- I tried the chkdsk, found errors, tried doing repairs - HD is write protected. also tried a few other known error checking commands (sfc scan now) and none of them worked. most of them i couldn't even get to start.

- Tried doing an auto fix. computer just restarts over and over trying to fix.

- Tried recovering from restore point - guess what? windows 10, yet again, deleted a restore point i made just a week ago...or it can't access it.

- Tried using the usb i used to re-install windows 10 a week ago. It kept giving me errors over and over telling me to do a startup repair or try the recovery options.

My point is i TRIED all the well known recovery options and ALL of them failed or the recovery options themselves prevent me from doing anything. So the only thing i can possibly think of is windows 10....for whatever reason...decided to change my HD's path.

i'm really hoping someone on here, more technically inclined than me, can show me an easy command prompt fix or a well known solution to this problem would be IMMENSELY appreciated. As of right now, my $1200 computer is trashed.
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2. Follow the steps in the wizard to choose a restore point and restore your computer.

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