Research Group



Daniel Oakley


PhD student (Defended December 2009)
Co-supervised with Mike Benton (University of Bristol)

Fieldwork in Czech Republic

Thesis: Cretaceous angiosperm woods

Arden Bashforth


PhD student (Defended July 2010)
Funded by NSERC and Killam Foundation
Co-supervised with Martin Gibling (Dalhousie University)

Fieldwork in Spain, Czech Republic and Canada

Thesis: Pennsylvanian upland forests: systematics, ecology and evolution

Emiliano Peralta-Medina


PhD student (Defended 2013)
Funded by Contacyt, Mexico
Co-supervised with Margaret Collinson (RHUL)

Thesis: Cretaceous biomes: an analogue for future global warming

David Carpenter


MSc student (Defended 2011)
Co-supervised with Mike Benton (Bristol)

Thesis: A Late Pennsylvanian fish fauna from the Friendsville Mine, Indiana, USA

Oris Rodriquez Reyes


PhD student (Defended 2014)
Funded by Sentacyt, Panama
Co-supervised with Margaret Collinson (RHUL)

Thesis: Miocene woods from the Panama Canal: systematics,ecology and palaeoclimates

David Ford


MSc student (Defended 2010)
Self funded
Co-supervised with Margaret Collinson (RHUL)

Thesis: Distribution of Potoniesporites in the late Mississippian to early Permian sedimentary record

Adam West


Nuffield URB student (2010-2011)
Funded by Nuffield Foundation
Co-supervised with Peter Gasson (Kew)

Project: Wood morphometrics of primitive angiosperms


Oakley, D. & FALCON-LANG, H.J. 2009. Morphometric analysis of Cretaceous (Cenomanian) angiosperm woods from the Czech Republic. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 153: 375-385.

Oakley, D., FALCON-LANG, H.J. & Gasson, P. 2009. Morphometric analysis of some Cretaceous angiosperm woods and modern structural and phylogenetic analogues: implications for systematics. Review of Paleobotany and Palynology 157, 375-390.

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