Artificial Intelligence for Web Development

Over the past few years, IoT and AI are two technologies that have gained much media attention. AI being predominant due to its application in a wide range of industries. There is hardly an industry that does not have an application of AI. 

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing website design and development and very few people are aware of it. Tech-savvy web developers are already using AI to develop attractive and functional websites

Here is how AI is helping in better website design.

User Experience

The biggest impact of AI in website design is providing a new type of user experience to the website visitors. AI is making the user experience of a website more personalized. Developers have known this for years, the best way to engage customers is to provide them with a personalized experience on the website, a design that change according to their choice. 

Now, with AI and machine learning, websites are offering a new type of content that is not static for all users. The content of the website can change according to the preference of individual visitors. Machine learning is still in the early phase, but we have seen the potential it has for website design and development.

Human Talent is still the Focus Point

Although AI is the most celebrated technology these days, it is clear that the human workforce is still the most important investment that companies are making. Automated things of the past are still in the distant future. Today, the majority of the task is accomplished with cleaver employees and you need someone to take charge when something goes wrong with AI. 

Artificial intelligence has many applications, but it is still a technology that is being developed and like all technology, there is always a chance of things going wrong. A human would be required to manage such situations. Replacing the human workforce with AI is still a long way to go.

AI also has limitations that can only be filled by a human. AI is incapable of bringing the human feel to design and content. Hence, humans would always play a key role in website design process; however, the line between man and machine would be fine.

AI for Testing and Quality Assurance

There are certain fields where AI can play a significant role such as eliminating the arduous tasks of testing. As AI learns very fast, they can perform quality assurance and testing on their own.

AI is still a technology that is in the early phase of development. As time passes and more research takes place in the technology, more usage will be discovered. 

As a company involved in web development, you should keep a close watch on the developments of AI, it would make a lot of repetitive task of website design and development automated, saving time and money for the business. 

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