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HoverX is a multiplayer online hovercraft racing game. It has a custom engine that is fast and compatible with any operating system or hardware. The level editor is designed to be easy enough to use for the community to develop maps. We have a lot to do still but I hope you will join in and give it a shot. Let us know what you think!


01-06-15: open source
While going over my hoverx files I realized the original attempt at a HoverRace clone hasn't been documented at all! It uses the Quake 2 engine/tools. Its a great platform and was a pleasure to work with. Turns out Its designed for many rocket, bullet and sound events. Timing the speed of a rocket(event) over time matters if it hits in 2.0 seconds instead of 2.1 but it does not matter if it 2 minutes 31.7 seconds or if its 2 minutes 32.1 seconds so why calculate and transmit twice the data? Here at HoverX Engine Technologies we care about that kinda shit.



05-19-11: update
The server is down, but I have been looking in to upgrades for ol hoverx. After going over the site I realized there are very few pictures of HoverX. Hench the pictures below:


11-29-10: Build 8 patch
This update fixes quite a few bugs. In other news the server is up and running. Just hit connect in the GUI.

11-21-10: Build 8
Been a while since I updated this site! Despite the rumors I have been working on HoverX... incredibly slowly. This new version includes; much improved netcode and player prediction to smooth out those laggy internet connections; A game! yes its true this game actual is a game now. you can race other people and win or loose; A new map, classic8 is a figure 8 with a big space in the middle where you can crash into other players. Im going to keep the pace up and finish this thing I swear! In the mean time I have posted this version for your testing pleasure. Keep in mind this a beta and read the "read me" so you know how to use it.

12-05-09: Build 6
Made some additions and changes to the user interface for multiplayer. Trying out some new textures for a break from debugging the netcode.

: Build 5
Key Model Complete: Our master model builder and public relations guru Lee Hayes has done a fantastic job on the symbol of hoverx. This was a tricky design to get right.

HX engine: After months of work, a near doubling of the code base, and rewrite of most of the engine. we have implemented the key feature of our online game. Online game play! Besides the new capabilities the rewrite has made the HX engine capable of doing most of what we need it to do to make hoverx a great game!

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