WSH-500 (Hoverwing 50)

   Mr. Hanno Fischer has started (2009) a co-operation with Wingship Technology Corp. as technical advisor for developing, manufacturing and sales of next scale up models of Hoverwing technology from Hoverwing 40 and above (including Hoverwing 80).

WSH-500 & WSH-1500  
by Korean company Wingship Technology Corp.

WSH-500 sea trials on May 2103



WSH-500 in sucussful sea trials on December 2011

WSH-500 is under 11 days sea trials in Korean waters, at the end of next month will expect to grant a full certification by Lloyd's Register UK and at March next year will start commercial operation in Korean route between ports of Gunsan and Jeju at cruising speed of 180 km/h (maximum speed of 200 km/h).

Mr. Jin H. Park (WST Crop. ) and Mr. DongGyoo Kim (WST Corp. ), Mr. Panagiotis Zagklis and Mr. Jiyoon Jung (from Samsung C&T), Mr. Young Soo Kim (from Samsung C&T business partner of WST Corp.), at El. Venizelos Airport – Athens GREECE (February 12, 2012)
WSH-500 prototype on sea trials at Korean waters (October 2011).

WSH-500 prototype in Korea coastline.

My friend Linus Romey, CEO of Pacific Seaflight (from Alaska US) in front of WSH-500 prototype.

WSH-500 (WIG craft Type A, 47 seats + 3 crew) has launched yesterday (October 11st, 2011) in Korean waters as above photo shows.

WSH-500 (WIG craft Type A, 47 seats + 3 crew) has launched yesterday (October 11st, 2011) 
in Korean waters as above photo shows.

   WSH-500 prototype construction would be completed by the end of this June (2011) at Gunsun building factory of Wingship Heavy Industries. The craft has received a IMO number (9590436) and Lloyd's certification for its building status (91% finished on May 2011).

First photo of Korea WIG craft WSH-500 prototype on May 2011 at Gunsan factory (Wingship Heavy Industries Corp.).
 First photo of Korea WIG craft WSH-500 prototype on May 2011 at Gunsan factory 
             (Wingship Heavy Industries Corp.).

Seems the economy!  The Seoul Economic Daily 

"I'm on the sea 'ship WIG float next month.

 Wingship Techology Corp., Gunsan-Jeju euron the world's first commercial passenger test flight.

I have tremendous speed above the sea 'in the West Sea Monster'


Date: 08/26/2011 17:52:38

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In the late 1960s the Caspian Sea, an hour at a rate of more than 500 ㎞ flying object caught on radar. 100m only the length of the destitution that was not an idea of what the heck the two objects in the camp during the Cold War in west the United States 'Caspian Sea Monster (Caspian sea monster)' was called. Developed in the Soviet Union later this monster 'flying boat' turned out to WIG: next month in Gunsan-Jeju seaway connecting the 'West Sea of Monsters "appeared. Developed a 50-seater passenger WIG WSH-500 this test is going to fly. If successful, the test flight for the first time in the world WIG wingswiptekeunolreojineun to the commercialization phase is altering the company.

Wingship Technology Corp. representative "in April last year, British company Lloyd's classification under the safety inspection and will continue later this month, decimal expression "said" to finish safely test a 50-seat WIG flying a real passenger on the road have one day of that commitment came, "he said. WIG lift the wings closer to sea level (扬力and floating force) per hour with a growing effect of the surface 200 ㎞ is flying to the ship. The sea rises high above the 1 ~ 5m flying around, but could sit down at any time baecheoreom planes and boats are ttigo the middle of the form. In particular, do not nod in the wind speeds of less than 20m high, but the airport, including the stability does not require a large infrastructure of less than 1,000 ㎞ short-sea routes are the best means of transportation. In addition, the amount of fuel needed to carry back one-fifth of two high-speed, small aircraft, is just one-third of the high interest in eco-friendly means of transportation: Korea Ocean Research Institute, and national research institutions for over 30 years old River represents the life I want to change the paradigm of the marine transport based on the enthusiasm of the road and plunged founded in 2007. However, combining two kinds of boats, not even a plane to transport the world's first to commercialize the work was not easy.

WIG ship classification system (surface ship) do not even ship the item deunggibeop Shipping Act and legal systems, and seven had to be modified. In addition, River CEO late last year, a subsidiary founded Ocean Express directly to the shipping company. There's no place that gumaehaeju WIG themselves willingly to the potential project to demonstrate the stand. Ocean Express in February, the world's first Gunsan-Jeju route on the WIG has been granted a conditional license. These efforts lead to fruition last several prehistoric wingswiptekeunolreojineun has received an offer from the WIG dry.


Accordingly, he constructed a factory this year, 4 third annual production will increase up to 20 Spaces. "The business initially committed to a 50-passengers WIG Gunsan-Jeju, Jeju Yeosu-coast routes, such as planting 6 will be, "said" Since 2013, more than 150 inseunggeup 20-ton cargo loading and passenger WIG WIG committed to major ports and coastal cities of China and Japan in Northeast Asia that links I want to build high-speed maritime network, "he said. Meanwhile, the expected future WIG KRW 1 trillion of the world market. Particularly in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean coastal city, and miljipdwae demand to rise rapidly in areas where the company has reported.

50 passenger class WIG craft completed for service

Wednesday, July, 13, 2011, 15:08:18 Paul Yoon

The world-first 50 passenger class WIG (Wing in Ground Craft) for commercial service has been completely built to launch its service at last.

The WIG craft of 50 passenger class is the excellent achievements of Wing Ship Heavy Industries (WSHI)’s technological production which took two years and 4 months for completion from starting the craft design in April 2009 at its No. Gunsan factory located in Gunjang National Industry Complex, Gunsan, Jeonbuk Province.

8 passenger class WIG crafts have been successfully developed in Germany, Russia, China and others before, but the development of such 50 passenger WIG craft for commercial service is the first case as unprecedented before. The successful building of such a size craft has displayed Korea’s shipbuilding power to the world once again, gaining an upper hand over other countries to lead the world shipbuilding market of such crafts.

The WIG craft of 50 passenger class for commercial service was researched, developed and designed by Wing Ship Technology Corp. (WSTC) based in Daejeon, and built by WSHI at its factory, Gunsan. The model is coded WSH-500 for 50 passenger class WIG craft sailing at a high speed of 180km an hour, which makes one hour and fifty minutes to reach Jeju Island from Gunsan. The craft hull is all light and strong made of aluminum alloy. It uses diesel, the same fuel for ship’s engine. Its hull measures 29m in length, 27m in width as the largest WIG craft for commercial service in the world.

The WIG craft is under verification by Lloyd’s Register of UK for its safety all along from the designing to building and completion. After it goes through all the tests by the factory and sea-trial, it will get the final safety certificate from the class. Following the registration of the craft with the concerned authorities, it will be delivered to Ocean Express as the operator. Ocean Express is the WIG craft service provider, established by Kang Chang-Koo, ceo of WSTC and his working staff directors as a sister company.

Ocean Express has already obtained a provisional license last February for the WIG craft service to run from Bieunghang, Gunsan, to Aewolhang, Jeju Island, targeting to launch the commercial service. The company is gearing up to train the craft operators and arrange the craft operating infrastructure including the craft berths and terminals.

The WIG craft is running at a speed of 180 to 250km per hour, 1 to 5m afloat from sea surface, called “Sea KTX.” It consumes less fuel at 1/
2 or 1/3 compared with the existing jetfoil ferries, with CO2 gas emission fast absorbed by sea water, which is expected to make the craft grow as a new driving force for green growth industry.

Kang, Chang-Gu, ceo of WSTC
, said: “Amid hardships, MKE, MLTM, and local government offices of Jeonbuk Province and Gunsan City have provided their unsparing supports for our project, resulting in fruitful achievements to date. We are constructing at Gunsan a WIG craft industry complex of 30,000 pyeong (equivalent to 90,000 square meter) area for completion at the end of this year so that we can have a production system ready to build various models in large quantities of 150 passenger class WIG crafts including cargo carrier.”

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                May 26, 2011: WST Corp. has signed agreement with Korea Register of Shipping (KRS)
for the launch of fisrt commercial WIG craft in markets. 

WIG craft to cover Wando - Jeju
in 40 minutes from March
   April 18, 2011    19:08 
   Tourists will be able to travel between the mainland of the Korean Peninsula and the Jeju Island in 40 minutes by WIG craft from March next year (2012).

   South Jeolla Province said Monday that a speedy wing-in-ground-effect (WIG) craft will run between Port of Wando in the province and Aewol-eup on the island at 180 kilometers an hour on average. WIG craft means that it cruises just above the water surface. The new craft will fly 4.91 meters above the surface.

   A spokesman of the provincial government said that Hanil Express, the operator, will receive inspection of the craft from Lloyd’s Register, a British ship classification society, after test-run in February next year.

   He said that the craft will be able to run three times a day as it consumes only one third of the fuel other speedy boats spend per passenger. “The craft is also very safe as it can easily land the surface of water in emergency,” he added.


WSH-500 one of two engines is a 1400 HP Propulsion System with custom 10 foot prop for the Wing In Ground craft develops 4,800 lbs thrust. It can be designed for forward, neutral and reverse; variable and fixed prop.


First Name: Chang-Gu

Last Name: KANG



    Current positions and responsibilities

      CEO of WingShip Technology Corp.

Biography (Career)


  • 1977 Seoul National University, Naval Architecture
  • 1979 Seoul National University, Naval Architecture
  • 1988 University of Michigan, Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering

Professional Experience:

  • 1994-1995 Director, Ship Performance Dept., KRISO/KIMM
  • 1999-2001 Director, Maritime Safety & Pollution Control Lab., KRISO/KORDI
  • 2003-2005 Director-General, KRISO/KORDI
  • 2000-2008 Director, UNEP NOWPAP MERRAC
  • 2004-2007 Head, WIG Craft Research Div. KRISO/KORDI
  • 2007-Present CEO, Wing Ship Technology Corp.


  • 1998-2010 Secretary-General, Korea Association of Ocean Science & Technology
  • 2002-2005 Chairman, Committee on Assessment of Ocean Environment Issues (ITTC)
  • 2005-Present Candidate Member, The National Academy of Engineering of Korea
  • 2009-Present President, Korean Society for Marine Environmental Engineering