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Belgian "H" Surnames

Georges Picavet's Waasland Emigrant Database

Surnames H

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Hacault, Hachat, Hacke, Hacke, Haeck, Haegeman, Haelterman, Haenecour, Haerens, Haertjens, Haertjes, Haesaert, Haezebroek, Haezebrouck, Haezebrouk, Haezer, Hagart, Hageman, Hagemans, Hagenduens, Hagenet, Hagheman, Haghemans, Hahq, Hailliez, Hainaut, Hainzelin, Hait, Halbardier, Hall, Hallaux, Hallet, Halloy, Halluin, Hamels, Hamerlinck, Hameryk, Hameye, Hamon, Hanapelle, Hancart, Hanck, Hancn, Hancotte, Hancq, Hand, Handschoewerker, Handzaeme, Hanesso, Haneton, Hannaert, Hannard, Hannaux, Hannes, Hannet, Hannion, Hanno, Hannon, Hanot, Hanoville, Hanoy, Hans, Hansel, Hansen, Hansotte, Hanssens, Hantjens, Haon, Haquet, Haquin, Harcq, Hardas, Hardy, Hareng, Harens, Harneupont, Harpling, Harppignie, Harrang, Harseux, Hartert, Harting, Hartmann, Hartoghs, Hasaert, Hasaerts, Hasenier, Hasmann, Hasoppe, Haspelag, Haubourdin, Haucq, Hauhot, Haumont, Hauret, Haus, Haussin, Hautecom, Hautecour, Hautekiet, Hautekiete, Hauteman, Hautlas, Hauweele, Havaux, Haveaux, Havens, Haverbeke, Haverne, Hawat, Hayet, Hazar, Hazebrouck, He?Imtrum, Hebbelinck, Hebber, Hebberecht, Hecker, Hecq, Hecq, Hecque, Hecquet, Heeckx, Heen, Heene, Heeren, Heerinckx, Heid, Heimebell, Heindrickx, Heintz, Heirband, Heirbaut, Heirman, Heirwegh, Heise, Heldener, Helin, Hellebuvck, Hellemann, Hellemans, Helleput, Hellinck, Hellinckx, Helsens, Helsken, Helspel, Hembrecht, Hemelaere, Hemeryck, Hendrick, Hendricks*, Hendrickx, Hendryckx, Henebots, Henicke, Hennant, Hennau, Hennaut, Henne, Henneaux, Hennequin, Hennernam, Henney, Henniker, Henninckx, Hennuy, Henny, Henquinet, Henrard, Henri, Henricot, Henriet, Henrijean, Henrion, Henriquet, Henrotin, Henrotte, Henry, Hens, Hensenne, Heps, Heraly, Heraut, Herbeaux, Herbimont, Herbois, Hergotte, Hering, Herings, Heris, Herlinveaux, Herman, Hermans, Hermant, Hermogen, Hermoigne, Hernalsteen, Hernaut, Herpelinck, Herrebots, Herrebout, Herrebouts, Herreman, Herring, Herrings, Herroman, Hersent, Herset, Hertoghe, Hertogs, Herzig, Hespeslag, Heuchamps, Heul, Heureux, Heurtekant, Heurter, Heuschen, Heusgens, Heuzer, Hewegodts, Hewey, Heyde, Heyden, Heydens, Heye, Heykens, Heylens, Heyman, Heymans, Heyn, Heyndrickx, Heyrman, Heyttens, Heyvaert, Heze, Hiel, Hiensich, Hiergens, Hierssens, Higuet, Hilke, Hillaert, Hillebrand, Hillegeer, Hillegeert, Hillewaert, Hilton, Himbrecht, Himpe, Hinant, Hinayen, Hinderyckx, Hindrickx, Hiormans, Hirch, Hitber, Hobin, Hochstaedter, Hocquet, Hody, Hoebeke, Hoeck, Hoedebeeck, Hoekens*, Hoekins*, Hoelebrand, Hoenaert, Hoenraad, Hoenraedt, Hoet, Hoeven, Hoeykens, Hofeditz, Hofelsen, Hoffelinck, Hoffman, Hofmann, Hofmeyer, Hohman, Hohorst, Holderbeke, Holemans, Hollander, Hollay, Hollens, Hollevoet, Holman, Holsbeke, Holsteken, Holtenfletz, Holvoet, Homberg, Homblette, Homez, Honart, Hondshoven, Honord, Honoré, Honorez, Honq, Hontoir, Honze, Hoock, Hooft, Hoogewijs, Hoogewys, Hooghe, Hoogzei, Hoornaert, Hoppe, Hoppenbrouwers, Horckmans, Horgiar, Hornez, Hornick, Horplinck, Hosang, Hoskens, Hoslet, Hossd, Hoste, Hots, Hottoir, Houart, Houdain, Hougen, Houlmont, Houlotte, Housen, Houssieaux, Houssiere, Houssioaux, Houtekeer, Houtekeeten, Houtekier, Houthoofd, Houttekier, Houtteman, Houttier, Houyoux, Houze, Houzeau, Houziaux, Howes, Hoyoux, Hoyvaere, Hozio, Huar, Huart, Hubeau, Huberland, Hubert, Hubin, Hubinon, Hublet, Hublou, Hucker, Hue, Huet, Huge, Huggebaert, Hugo, Huidrycks, Huillet, Huisinge, Huisschen, Hukstos, Hulet, Hullebrand, Hullebroeck, Hulstaert, Humbld, Hunebelle, Hunter, Huriau, Hustin, Huts, Hutsebaut, Hutzebaut, Huvaere, Huyard, Huybbrechts, Huybrechts, Huybreghts, Huygaert, Huyge, Huygen, Huygens, Huyghaert, Huyghe, Huyghens, Huys, Huysmans, Huyvaere, Huyvaert, Huywaeve, Huzze, Hymans, Hynen, Hyppolyte, Hyvaert

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