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Khoury, Houtaf (b. 1967, Tripoli). Lebanese composer of mostly orchestral,chamber, choral, vocal, and piano works that have been performed in Asia,Europe and the Middle East. Mr. Khoury studied piano privately with Michel Haddad in Tripoli from 1982-85 and composition, harmony and piano with Abdelhaq Masri at the “Iqbal” Academy of Music in Tripoli from 1985-88. He then studied composition with Yuri Ishenko at the National Music Academy of Ukraine in Kyiv from 1988-97,where he earned his MMus with distinction in 1993 and his PhD in 1997. His music has been performed in Belarus, Brazil, Ecuador,Egypt, El- Salvador, Cuba, France, Germany, Austria Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Qatar ,Belgium, Norway ,Spain , the UK, and the USA ..etc. In addition, he has written the books "La Musique au Liban entre 1943-1945 " (1996, National Music Academy of Ukraine) and Les Deux Tendances Stylistiques dans la Musique Symphonique Libanaise (1997, National Music Academy of Ukraine). He taught  composition and orchestration as a professor at the National Conservatory of Music in Beirut & Tripoli from 1997-2000. He collaborate with excellent orchestras , quartets and performers , Among The Bamberger Symphoniker , Ukrainian State Orchestra, The Kharkov Philharmonic orchestra,  Qatar Philharmonic , Mannheim Chamber Orchestra ,Wissam Boustany , Dimitri Ashkenazy , Joan Illuna , Ha - Na Chang , Pierre Dominique Ponnelle ,Volodimir Sirenko , Jacques Mayencourt , Ribal Molaeb , Dante Quartet , Brodsky Quartet , Quartet Alter Ego , Robert Plane , Joachim Kwetzinsky .. Isabel  Villanueva .. without forgotten his Wife Tatiana Primak khoury who involved with all his piano works and played a big role to put his works on stage or recordings . The recordings of his flute concerto and flute sonatas on Nimbus Alliance was highly  praised and received by the critics.

For more details Please contact me at khouryhoutaf@gmail.com

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هل يكون الموسيقي ذلك الناقد بموسيقاه لما يجري من أحداث في التاريخ؟ هتاف خوري كتب لمزمار وبيانو احداث لبنان والشرق الأوسط، وبهاتين الآلتين حكى، والعازفان يعيدان كتابة التاريخ الحديث بأصوات رؤيوية، تذرف ظلمة وهواجس وخوفا. من مأتمية ضاجة من بطن البيانو إلى مزمار يكذب التراجيديا بألليغرو زائف، وصولا إلى رثائية موت طفل، حيث يغدو صفير المزمار حشرجات نزاع ولوعة الجراح ثخينة تنزف من المزمار، فيما الأصابع على الملامس تمضي الهوينا في مواكبة الموت. فنانان التقيا في قشعريرات واحدة  في هذا الاختبار الصعب لسوناتا مكتوبة بذرّات الألم، باهرة في افتعالها معنى المأساة وتوزيعها منمنمات على آلتين، كم تفوّق المزمار السحري والبيانو في اختراق غشاء العتمة والإضاءة على خرابها
مي منسى


 Titre un peu léger et sans doute ironique pour cet opus évoquant les plus lourd cauchemars de la guerre… D’une pesante Marche funèbre au Chant d’amour pour un enfant mort en passant par la Terreur, la  narration de Houtaf Khoury est un sombre tableau sonore de la douleur humaine.


APRES UN REVE, by Houtaf Khoury

Written for me, this new flute 'Sonata' is a very powerful piece, challenging both flutist and pianist emotionally, musically and technically. Written as a testimonial to the catastrophic realities that dominate and overwhelm life in our home country, Lebanon, it challenges the listener to look at the tragedy that defines our lives. I have so far played this piece about six times in the last season and audiences have often singled it out as the most moving work in my recitals. It speaks a language that does not emerge in any other pieces I have encountered, and is conceived on a colossal emotional scale.

Wissam Boustany ( flute player)

"This is an overwhelmingly dark piece, speaking without compromise of the disillusionment that comes after the euphoria of misplaced hopes and dreams, which is the story of Lebabnon as well as many other war-torn countries.....In fact the middle movement lament is titled 'Song for a Dead Child'. No victory could possible compensate for this kind of loss." - W Boustany

For me, one of the highlights of the disc is the opening movement of Houtaf Khoury’s Lebanese-accented Après un Rêve. The piece begins with a dark funeral march which is made all the more atmospheric through the use of extended techniques for both the piano and the flute.

The work’s political message deals with the problems in the Middle East.

This is a dramatic and highly engaging recording, which leaves its mark on the listener.

Carla Rees

The anguished notes of Boustany’s flute hovered over the
heavy beat of the raw funeral march struck on the bare bass piano strings by
Andrews’ white-gloved hand as he bent beneath the lid of the open grand piano.
The audience was stunned into absolute silence. I was frozen in my seat at the
front of the hall.

Michael Jansen, The Jordan Times.


Mirror of Eternity is a premier recording, making this a must-have possession for all lovers of recent flute music and of Wissam's great musicality.




the flute concerto Mirror of Eternity is a real discovery... Irrespective of the program , which is in no way vital in appreciating the concerto, the music is quite hauntingly beautiful. It naturally incorporates what must surely be folk melodies from Lebanon and weaves a musical spell...the work is wonderful and gives full rein to the flute s often miraculous capabilities

Steve Arloff, Musicweb-international.com


It is delightful to find a modern composer who is willing to write music that is both approachable and attractive at first hearing....Khoury’s Mirror of Eternity comes very near indeed.” 

Paul Corfield, Godfrey musicweb-international.com


Khoury’s Mirror of Eternity makes a strong, atmospheric impression!... a very interesting and compelling work

Daniel Coombs, audaud.com

J'ai dirigé "Miroir d'Eternité" de Houtaf Koury avec l'Orchestre Philharmonique du Qatar et Wissam Boustany, flûte solo, en juin 2009.C'est une expérience exceptionnelle pour un artiste, et un grand honneur que d'interpréter une telle oeuvre. Par sa portée philosophique, ce langage musical fait tomber toutes les frontières, non seulement entre les humains, mais à l'intérieur de nous-mêmes.

C'est l'opportunité d'explorer et de se réconcilier avec la partie la plus Noble de notre être. Chaque note jouée prend un rôle essentiel dans l'existence de la phrase, et l'intensité du discours n'a d'égal que la beauté du silence...Merci pour ce moment de partage....

Evelyne Aiello

Chef d'Orchestre

Paris, France.

It is a wonderful achievement, a fantastic recording, and Houtaf's Khoury 'Mirror of Eternity"-new work is a masterpiece. What a joy it is to hear a composition that can speak so clearly to the audience-not a single superfluous detail, and every detail, every shade in the texture is crystal clear to the ear. The music has the simplicity of all great art, and a depth of feeling so often missing in music today. Wissam brings so much to the performance with the beautiful clarity of tone the music demands, and develops the music with such subtle colourings.

Dermot Dunne

( Conductor-Ireland)

Houtaf Khoury's Mirror of Etemity, is a
wonderfully evocative piece which I found to be quite moving in places. it is a
work of conviction and beauty, superbly played by Boustany and the Ukrainian
orchestra. this disc is well worth hearing for the characterful performance of the
Khatchaturian and the imaginative sound-world of the Khoury work .

Kenneth Bell – PAN MAGAZINE
MARCH 2006

For me, the most Successful piece performed were those wich a more ethnic
presence .Lebanese composer Houtaf Khoury's Rhpasody involved a dramatic
change of tone colour to achieve the required atmosphere,which Boustany
manage with ease.
Carla Rees,
Pan Flute,september 2002

  • Metamorfrozen for Viola and Piano

Metamorfrozen, variations un peu amères ou, affirme Maestro Mayencourt 'plus on L'ecoute,plus on y découvre de choses".Cette œuvre , deja 100 fois fouée et enregistrée par le duo, pourait servir de fond sonore a un suspense a la Hitchcock: des sonorités nouvelles se terminent en une sorte d'engourdissement.

Astride Fisher,

La Revue du Liban

GARDENS OF LOVE for Clarinet and Strings

In 2011 I had the privilege of meeting the Lebanese composer Houtaf Khoury and playing his beautiful quintet for clarinet and string quartet, "Gardens of Love". The instrumentation brings out each instrument's qualities, and the piece is beautifully crafted and deeply moving.

Dimitri Ashkenazy

"Gardens of love" is a piece that can only be performed with a big commitment. Written for me .What the player imagines is behind the notes is pure beauty and passion. For most of the sections, like the beginning, an atmosphere of beauty and at the same time mistery is created by the strings, as the clarinet plays a beautiful line which is at the same time of great intensity. The clarinet must never play too loud, but intense. The use of vibrato helps the expression and the mood. The rhapsodic episodes evoke a mix of fear and question marks, they must be played with freedom, and must clearly show restelness. The highest intensity point, a sort of choral for the five instruments must arrive to "ff" but without shouting, the strength must come from inside the sound. The last section posses again some question marks with the dissonances of the viola and the clarinet.
Wonderful experience to play it.

Joan Enric Lluna

La musique est la respiration et le geste humain qui devenu sonore montre l'âme. Le texte dit les mots, mais les mélodies révèlent l'esprit. Ecouter-entendre la musique de Houtaf Khoury confirme cette perception. La force de sa musique réside dans sa demande de vérité. Sa mu-sique fait ce que disent Ethos et pathos, de l'authenticité et de l'émotion, de la simplicité et de la profondeur . Chaque musique nous laisse toujours sa construction formelle , sa structure sonore et la grammaire de son langage. Mais parfois elle nous laisse, comme nous pouvons je vérifier avec la musique de Houtaf Khoury, quelque chose de plus, une valeur ajoutée plus grande; le témoignage plus personnel et profond de expérience humaine, lié a la réalité nue de la vie réelle, quelque fois agressée, violée, dans des conditions dures et dramatiques. Mais dans certains moments de l'existence, cependant, tendres, amoureux et pleins d'espoir. Passion et courage sont là pour faire face a l'adversité, sans jamais renoncer a être heureux. Ce langage musical nous emmène au delà de toutes les frontières entre les humains et nous réconcilie avec la partie la plus noble de notre être. Chaque note joue un rôle essentiel dans l'existence de la phrase musicale, intensifiant la force expressive et la beauté aussi du silence.Quelle joie d'entendre la musique contemporaine qui parle avec une telle clarté!. Aucun détail superflu, chaque nuance est claire dans la texture.
Il est une musique qui atteint la simplicité et la profondeur de l'art.

Pasqual Pastor Gordero

PIANO SONATA N.3  " Pour un instant perdu..."

I performed Houtaf Khoury's Piano Sonata No. 3 on the 21st of July 2013 at the concert hall at Edvard Grieg's home Troldhaugen in Bergen, Norway,  This pianistically well-written three movement sonata was both engaging to learn and to perform. It is emotional music which has a lot of tension and a metamorphosic way of developing, although the movements are contrasting. From the polyphonically dense first movement, through the sighing second movement till the eruptive third movement, it all feels like one whole. I look forward to letting this music develop inside myself and to perform it more times in the future.

Joachim Kwetzinsky


Si on ouvre le dictionnaire on trouve comme définition du mot «réminiscence» : Retour d’un souvenir...expression dont on se souvient inconsciemment; souvenirs imprécis. (Larousse). La chose aurait été une simple rénumération de choses vécues durant la guerre si Houtaf Khoury n’avait développé ses idées avec autant de discrétion, autant de finesse, autant d’intelligence. Ici et là, un soupçon d’une mélodie orientale, une mesure d’une symphonie quelconque ou peut-être un détail d’un chant religieux, le tout baigné dans un halo harmonique d’une irrépressible nostalgie. Houtaf Khoury y développe une écriture où chant et contre-chant, aux harmonies précieuses, se meuvent sous les coups des timbales, mêlant sans cesse le tragique et l’épique : un jeu de tension et de détente qui met l’auditeur en haleine. Est-ce une marche funèbre ? ou bien le bonheur de revivre des moments oubliés : tout ici donne forme aux émotions les plus diverses, celles où la musique retrouve tous ses droits.

Etienne Kupélian



  • MetamorFrozen. Jacques Mayencourt, viola; Erika Kilcher, piano (arpeggio brioso: ARP 0521, 2004)


  • Land der Schatten (original version). Kamel Salah-Eldin/students of the Orient und Okzident festival (Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland/Bayer, 2004)


  • SONATA N.1 for piano solo . Tatiana Primak Khoury, piano (CD'tecque, 2004)


  • Land der Schatten (second version). Vyacheslav Blinov/Radio Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (Orchestra of Ukrainian Radio and TV) (Commusication [journal with CD], 2004)


  • Flute Concerto Mirror of Eternity. Wissam Boustany, flute; Volodymyr Sirenko/strings of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine


  • SONATA for FLUTE AND PIANO " APRES UN REVE" . Wissam Boustany & Aleksander Szram



  • Rhapsody for Flute & Piano , Nabil Mroue ( Flute) , Tatiana Primak Khoury ( piano)

( Hand To hand)