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I've gotten requests for me to re-upload SMOD: Damage but as you may or may not have heard it does not feature a chatting system. It makes the game seem almost unplayable when you have no way to communicate with others (unless of course you used steam friends or Xfire). 

For a download link go here.

The site will remain dead so the only REAL useful info is the link provided above. The mod is dead and being re-created by 1/4 Life on the Ep 2 SDK.

And AGAIN, i will clarify that in order to get AI into multiplayer you must FIRST RUN SINGLEPLAYER before you make your server. Understand? If you join a server (if there are any) and there is no AI then the host fucked up, join another one or tell him what he did wrong.

Smod Damage is a modification of the mod "Super Mod" which was released as a modification of Half-Life 2. This mod takes the action, and gameplay from Smod Tactical, and puts it online in the ultimate Team Co-Op, and Deathmatch modes. You will face realistic AI opponents as you fight thru strategic missions online with a couple of your friends, or maybe people you've never even met before!

 Smod Tactical is also a mod for Smod, and it is a must get! Download it here


Basically, Smod Tactical is a game based on reaslim. You must aim with ironsights, as there are no crosshairs in real life, and the weapon sways around the screen as you look, kind of like Red Orchestra. Smod Damage will take this realistic gameplay, and put it's elements online.


For further information go to News or Mod Information on the side navigation bar. The forums are there if you need them, and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions you might have. There's media, which includes a number of pictures and video's for you available to watch as well.

Just in case you didn't know, my username is Houston.