What is a LIFE Neighborhood?

A LIFE Neighborhood is a planned residential neighborhood that is: 

(L)oving Neighbors – (Luke 16)
(I)n Community – (Acts 4)
(F)or the Gospel – (Matt 9)
(E)veryday – (Heb 3)

LIFE Neighborhoods are small neighborhoods of 30-40 homes and a neighborhood clubhouse created by neighbors committed to small group whole life ministry. Important features of LIFE Neighborhoods include pedestrian-friendly neighborhood design, extensive shared facilities, supportive affordable housing, resident participation and leadership, and coordinated community life of outreach and service. The ministry sponsor brings together committed small groups of 10-20 households to move into the LIFE Neighborhood to serve neighbors and the surrounding area. 

(L)oving Neighbors. The LIFE Neighborhood focuses on creating true neighbors that love one another as themselves.  Through Gospel-motivated sharing and sacrifice, LIFE Neighborhood residents reflect God’s love for all people and His blessings to the world.  The Life Neighborhood serves as a base for incarnational ministry within the neighborhood and beyond.
(I)n Community. The LIFE Neighborhood fosters community in order to create healthy Gospel-centered relationships for ministry and mutual support. LIFE Neighborhood residents live in close proximity with one another with the intention of creating a community of long-term life-giving relationships characterized by mercy and justice. LIFE Neighborhood residents value community giving, community work and community life as a way to develop strong supportive relationships. 
(F)or the Gospel. The LIFE Neighborhood creates a place where God’s people can impactfully proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel.  It is a place which seeks to put at the forefront of all aspects of life the good news of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that restores God’s intended relationships among Him, His people, and His creation.  LIFE Neighborhood residents are motivated to live radically Gospel-centered lives based on the biblical principles of God’s kingdom.
(E)veryday. The LIFE Neighborhood and neighborhood clubhouse are designed to facilitate daily interaction and mutual support among the residents. By living in intentional and close-knit community, everyday events such as commuting to work, running errands, shopping for groceries, school drop off and pick up are made easier by the network of supportive relationships and become the substance of true Gospel-motivated community. The neighborhood clubhouse is a focus of the everyday community life - hosting weekly neighborhood-wide dinners, community and special social events, worship gatherings and other supportive services benefiting the all the neighbors.