Community Organizing Summit

The vision of a LIFE Neighborhood is to become a Gospel neighbors and stewards in the world, sent as a call to repentance and freedom, by living in community with hope and humility, and loving others with sacrifice, mercy and justice.

Neighbors: Vessels of God’s blessings of the Gospel as salt and light. LIFE Neighborhoods are places where neighbors love their neighbors as themselves as vessels of God’s blessings of the Gospel. They create local and coordinated expressions of God’s healing through the Gospel presence of His people as preserving salt to the world. LIFE Neighborhoods are outwardly-focused Gospel neighboring communities seeking to bring the blessing the light of Jesus to the local area.

Stewards: Tenants working and caring for the restoration of God’s creation through the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods live out the reality that everything is God’s and that His people are part of creation redeemed by the Gospel and tenants of God’s land. They are places to encourage the Gospel enabled work and care of God’s creation. LIFE Neighborhoods actively restore the brokenness of creation through the healing of the Gospel.

In the World: Incarnational and holy people living the wholeness of the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods are a practical way for God’s people to create incarnational ministries inspired by the Gospel by identifying with and meeting the needs of the world embodied in the local community. They create places that challenges and encourages God’s people to live out holy lives in the world but not of the world by the power of the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods are a strategic and focused way for God’s people to live out the peace and shalom wholeness of the Gospel for the world in their everyday lives.

Sent: Missional people proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods embody God’s people to missionally live out the great commission of the Gospel. They foster supportive and cooperative relationships between God’s people and the community to create opportunities to proclaim the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods create places of everyday interaction between God’s people and the neighborhood in order to visibly demonstrate the transforming work of the Gospel.

Repentance: Ingenuous people as call to forgiveness and reconciliation in the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods provide opportunities to call God’s people to their ingenuous need of repentance and God’s grace shown in the Gospel. They create committed and lasting relationships built on and pointing to God’s forgiveness found in the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods are coordinated venues for God’s agents of reconciliation and healing through the Gospel.

Freedom: Unhindered and surrendered to the Gospel by worshiping God alone. LIFE Neighborhoods are tangible expressions of lives unhindered from the idols of the world set free by the Gospel. They gather together a Gospel-indebted community of people surrendered to the Holy Spirit alone. LIFE Neighborhoods lead God’s people to worship God and not money finding their true identity in the Gospel.

In Community: Interdependent fellowship expressing unity in the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods create interdependent communities of supportive and loving Gospel relationships among God’s people. They create tight-knit fellowship communities that foster everyday worship and discipleship among God’s people saved by the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods are an expression of the unity of God’s people under the Gospel in service and love.

Hope: Victorious and encouraged pointing to the ultimate restoration in the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods focus the power of God’s hope for present victorious living through the Gospel. They constantly remind God’s people of the ultimate hope of the Gospel which provides encouragement through the difficult trials of life. LIFE Neighborhoods are designed to be a model of and point to the hope of restoration and wholeness enabled by the Gospel.

Humility: Servants living simply through contentment in the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods become centers of humble sharing and service grounded in contentment in the Gospel. They are a result of choosing simplicity in possession and humble lifestyles finding true identity in the Gospel alone. LIFE Neighborhoods are a tangible way to promote servant lives changed by the Gospel characterized by humility.

Sacrifice: Generous and costly giving showing the selfless love in the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods encourage expressions of Gospel motivated generosity with possessions, time and friendships. They provide practical opportunities to show loving and costly sacrifice for those in the community pointing to God’s sacrifice in the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods create friendships bound together by the Gospel committed to supporting each other through selfless giving and sacrifice.

Mercy: Compassionate people identifying with and helping the poor with the whole Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods focus on creating everyday ways to show grace and compassion to the poor, reflecting the mercy of the Gospel. They are an intentional way to identify with and be with the weak remembering the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods find practical ways to care for orphans, widows and aliens with the wholistic nature of the Gospel.

Justice: Righteous and equitable relationships of the Gospel defending the most vulnerable. LIFE Neighborhoods promote righteous relationships among God’s people empowered by the Gospel. They help to create an equitable distribution of God’s resources and opportunities among His people under the Gospel. LIFE Neighborhoods defend the rights of the most vulnerable which are saved by the Gospel.