Planning a LIFE Neighborhood

The LIFE Neighborhood model is planned by the sponsoring church or small group ministry with support from HM Network and other non-profit/ministry partners.  The planning and visioning process of a LIFE Neighborhood  process, which may take up to one year, is an important part of creating the strong relationships and community expectations that will sustain the LIFE Neighborhood in the long run. HM Network provides facilitation and technical support throughout all phases of the process, which includes community formation and visioning, neighborhood and community design planning, and logistics planning. 

Community Formation and Visioning 
The planning process begins with a church or local ministry with a heart and vision for a LIFE Neighborhood. This heart and vision leads to the commitment to supporting the formation and visioning process of at least 10-12 families or individual households interested in moving into and  living in the completed LIFE Neighborhood. This resident core group is encouraged to meet and pray together for at least a year to vision and craft a plan that expresses the shared values of the community. The process allows for each member of the resident core group to share what God has put in their hearts in terms of the LIFE Neighborhood community. Commitment to each other and to the LIFE Neighborhood vision is critical. 

Neighborhood and Community Design Planning
The planning process continues by forming a separate nonprofit corporation Sponsor to lead the planning team through the initial visioning design and community building. The resident core group should appoint a few individuals to lead the planning team. Once a site has been identified and selected by the resident core group and planning team, the Sponsor purchases an option on the property, further site planning by the resident core group.   The planning team works with the resident core group to create basic design layouts for the individual homes and the neighborhood clubhouse. Participation and process is important to building a strong community among the residents.

Ownership Logistics Planning
The planning process also involves structuring the LIFE Neighborhood real estate as a condominium. As in a standard condominium structure, each home is a separate condominium unit and the land and common space is shared. Other private spaces, such as storage or carports, may be included in the separate condominium units or leased to residents separately as determined by the resident core group. Residents will purchase for-sale homes from the Sponsor once the construction is complete. The Sponsor will own the rental homes and lease to resident renters. LIFE Neighborhood policies and decision making processes are planned and discussed upfront by the resident core group and then established by standard condominium mechanisms.