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Housing Ministries Network: Sharing and Supporting Christian Community Development Affordable Housing Models.
Housing Ministries Network brings together and works with concerned churches and ministries to bring about housing justice in the United States.
The Jubilee was the favorable year of the Lord expressed through a more equitable redistribution of land. Jesus came to bring Good News to the Poor.  The Early Church lived this message by selling homes and land until there was no poor among them. Obedience to the Gospel includes going against the tide of materialistic values, trusting God for his provision. Churches and Christian community development ministries have historically gone into the heart of broken neighborhoods to embody Christ's love that transform both people and places. Today local churches are recapturing the radical message of the Good News by organizing, advocating and developing housing that is less vulnerable to the whims of the speculative market enabling the all families and households to have access to stability in a decent place they can afford.

We hope this website will help you learn more about how we serve our neighbors through Housing Ministries Network.  
Bartimaeus Community - Bremerton,WA