Welcome to the HM Network Website!

Housing Ministries Network: Promoting LIFE Neighborhoods.
Housing Ministries Network (HM Network) serves churches and small group ministries by promoting LIFE Neighborhoods.  We partner with and support churches and local ministries in communities throughout the United States to help them conceptualize and plan neighborhood-based opportunities for service and outreach to local neighborhoods.   
By fostering 
these supportive, inclusive and sustainable neighborhoods, we encourage
 local churches and small group ministries to live out the biblical call of Seeking Wholeness For the Kingdom In Fellowship
A LIFE Neighborhood is a neighborhood that is: 

(L)oving Neighbors - Luke 16
(I)n Community - Acts 2
(F)or the Gospel - Matt 9
(E)veryday - Heb 3

We hope this website will help you learn more about how we serve our neighbors through LIFE neighborhoods.  
Bartimaeus Community - Bremerton,WA